whoa oh yeah what’s going on Sharers
welcome to the vlog today we blew up a pool because we’re gonna do silly string
pool challenge. that’s right I’m wearing my white merch
because anytime you wear white merch you know it’s gonna be colorful and messy
and to help with the vol today we have Carter and Liz hey Carter what’s going
on hey started oh yeah I’m so excited I still have you anyway we’re gonna make
all this huge mess this could be really messy right well hang on so we got the
pool right yeah but we need one more thing
wait what else we need check this out oh is that box filled with silly string
there’s also a string that’s like box filled with boxes boxes of boxes see how
much silly string I ordered only one box seat yeah we have a water sewage drink
so uh to do this just bring the pool over into the grass
let’s get this moisture working you think it’s gonna work I don’t know give
it up this silly string has 33% more and we have a giant box of it so let’s do a
little test ready here we go squishy Oh so a string ball it’s like slime cut oh
this is so cool okay this is gonna be a huge best we
gotta we gotta go take this out to the yard now take us to the yard Oh a big
pool coming through yeah got the pool set up let’s grab this so strange Oh ready this is how you ready sure you
silly string in your pockets and you going pop them out you flip with uh me
pop the caps off pop this cap off and you’re good to go yeah this is some
really good okay we got to get it though going into the pool house we do it well
it closed this way open oh my square from here let’s go join us
this thing at Cannon Street Danny three two one go I got orange cloud yeah ready yeah here
we go in three two one go now it’s time for the silly string
bazooka oh let’s do it here we go three two one fire okay seem you should jump in oh my gosh
look at this there’s so much soy stirring here already we need more slicer let’s go we have so
many cans laughs we got a rapid fire yeah there’s so many fancy I think you
should jump in the pool Steve it will cover you in so much in here already oh
it’s freezing quo this is like spaghetti you ready cover
me in silly-string are you sure you want to do this Steve
yeah let’s do it sunny stream lets me start over it in silly string let’s do
it do it cover me is it stickier than sliding it looks
like it’s ticking I feel like I’m wearing a Oh 360 create a silly-string wig cool hairdo I don’t know what color hair sweetie maybe
should be yellow so string hairdo oh my god oh yeah how do I look shares
my new silly-string makeover I don’t even know what I look like
you look really good I look like a new person
oh it’s melting oh boy I feel like it’s falling he’s actually getting a heavy on my head part I can’t see now whoa okay this is
getting heavy I’m gonna lay down in the pool
laying down in the pool oh my gosh how does it feel like to be covered in
selling a head interpreter I’m kind of like leaning back on a hill you know
what let’s push this together let’s make like a weight stand up I want to see
what happens if you stand up yeah let’s see if it all falls off oh it’s crunchy
oh wait don’t take your hat off no way I’ll leave the Hat
wait Steve whoops push it all up this is so cool
it actually came off really easy oh my gosh this is so much yeah it’s kind of
like a it’s like it’s a pretty easy cleanup so it kind of just like Falls oh
my gosh see that’s like the biggest silly string bolander it’s so crazy
oh look at the colors on that oh wait that looks like it’s much yeah what’s on
my back oh wait this one duck but it doesn’t come on to really stuck Wow okay
well start shaping that Liz ready let’s make it into something make the biggest
silly string ball ever squish it, you ready? yeah gonna crush it see
work oh there’s still a lot more like whoa dude your hair is getting changed
color is my hair changing no I don’t know it looks like pretty silly
stringing a loser smash that like button right now if you would want to get
covered in silly string just like Stevens’s so that was pretty crazy I
don’t know I’ve never been covered in silly strings like with that much so
what’d you guys do it smash that like button if you guys would do it check out
this ball this toy string ball is it working squish it there water in sillies drinks
like a lot of water should come out maybe it’s dried out already
whoa wait this is not even holding together for some reason this is
actually this looks like a bunch of rubber bands like 10000 or ever bigger
rubber band ball like spaghetti oh my gosh look at this it literally looks
like rubber bands versus colored sweet Oh colored spaghetti
yeah ready throw this out I want to see if this is gonna fall apart or not
what’s gonna happen TV thing’s gonna happen I bet it’s gonna fall apart
who the it’s gonna fall apart and one of those could change the color of your
shirt all right throw that deep there we go
you ready giant silly string ball oh my dude how much is this way come on wait I
got it ready it’s gonna rain silly string a damn bag lid yeah that looks
like a crazy love right again yeah yeah that’s crazy thank you for colorful
oh my gosh this is so cool Oh see that looks so cool so much fun yes
Strega super awesome see this is so crazy what should we do with this yes
just come here crazy awesome still issuing ideas down below
it still is people chomp is so much fun well see you in the next vlog yeah share
that is so next time whoa check this out see these are all the caps I’ve been
collecting I’ll pick up the trash this is how many cans of silly string reviews
this is so many how do you think that is 30:38 I guess 38 let’s how much did you
guess I guess 40 I guessed 50 what’s the answer see you
how many is the answer is 45!

100 thoughts on “10,000 CANS OF SILLY STRING VS POOL!!

  1. do a silly string war in the garden so basically you take two cans of silly sting each then you each go out into different corners of the house and the you put silly string around the house and garden then you guys go out and fight if you get hit by any silly string your out so that was just a suggestion so hope you use it i think its a cool idea so bye try it out and do a vlog about it its a fun idea to me i would love to see that

  2. Do you something Epica color pick a color between purple and yellow which color would it be make one of your merges one of the colors in between the colors are purple pink blue green red and yellow

  3. For some reason every time I look at Stephen I keep thinking he’s Malfoy from Harry Potter XD like if u agree

  4. fill yours and stephens and lizzys bedroom whith silly string and millie and otters dog cage with silly string and fill stephens house your house and lizzys house with silly string and fill every single room in your houses oh and fill yours stephens and lizzys back yard with silly string and the pond and carters pool and hot tub with silly string

  5. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddďdddddddddd

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