100 thoughts on “1000 Year Old Japanese Bonsai Tree Adventure ★ ONLY in JAPAN

  1. We don't have a FUNDRAISER option in Japan but I'm trying hard to help our YouTube creator community plant 20,000,000 trees around the world and http://teamtrees.com #teamtrees is a great way we can do something good! (You hear that Mr Paul Logan – hehehe) I know not everyone has time to plant a tree which is why for $1 donated to the Arbor Tree Foundation = 1 tree planted! Small steps lead to bigger and bigger ones. Let's keep at it and share your own experiences with me on twitter, instagram and facebook (onlyinjapantv) and we can change the world! -John

  2. I took out visiting the Omiya Bonsai museum the last time I was in Japan. After viewing this video I feel huge regrets. I'm sure to visit this location next time I go to Japan.

  3. What are the litte white bags under the tree for? And what when it freezes, the roots are only in the pot. Do you need to cover the tree in the cold winters?

  4. hey lusten i had my instagram account either?will you guys joining on mine instagram!it be couse my facebook been block i dont have any monney tobuy a card? soooo im finish with my fb….?

  5. Bonsai looks beautiful for our eyes but I feel restricting it's growth, pot won t be sufficient for such a large tree. Just imagine Keeping human in tiny room from childhood to adult for years, is it really keep him good and happy???

  6. John I have seen you ride Bikes all over Japan and i was wondering if there are any mountain bicycles that people can ride ?

  7. I love omiya bonsaï museum
    I practice bonsai art, when I collect a tree from nature I plant others just to be grateful to mother nature

  8. This was pretty bad man. Borderline disrespectful. Learn more about the art of Bonsai and go back when it's nice. Then pay proper respect to the hundreds of years of work spent caring for these magnificent trees.

  9. You should start shooting like travel from your house towards your destination so we can see the beautiful areas too because we are not in japan

  10. wonderful Japan🇯🇵
    CHILI(chiri・地理) means geography in Japanese.

  11. American in japan: THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! ^_^
    Japanese person in america: this blows…
    American in america: this blows…
    Japanese person in japan: THIS IS AWESOME! ^_^

  12. This is the first time I realised that bonsai are just miniatures of large ones. Thank you for revealing such a beautiful place to us. Even if I don't go anywhere else, I HAVE to come all the way to Japan because of you!

  13. どうやって千年も引き継いで来たのか。又、成長を抑えられている木に数える事の出来る年輪と言えるようなものは存在するのだろうか…

  14. YouTubeファンフェスタおめでとう👏🏻🎉✨

  15. Arent we just resctricting the growth of the trees by placing them into a pot?? Seems kinda cruel to display just for "art"

  16. Honestly i like your channel..i from malaysia..i follow up your channel so long time ago..i just came back from tokyo.. can see my vlog in my channel😁it will be nice if someone subsribe my channel.. i just began to be youtuber

  17. Hey dude I have a question, in Japan do you have to always carry your passport and do you have to show it to buy beer in let’s say a 7 eleven?

  18. what I would like to see in Japan:
    *Tokyo Stock Exchange
    *University of construction/real estate
    *Building of Terrace house Tokyo 2019
    *Olympics 2020 karate final show
    *Kawasaki motors
    *Japan game developing team Nioh 2 by team Ninja
    *Sony developers PS5

  19. We are joe family 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 like guys

  20. I love your vids John. They have inspired me to finally get my passport and plan my trip to Japan. Thanks for the quality uploads man, you rock!

  21. Poor goals to only plant 20 million China planted over I billion recently. And in India 1 man planted over 20 million in 10 years it's time to set bigger goals I plant 1 a year not for charity I just do it .

  22. ƯỚC GÌ ĐƯỢC MỘT CÂY TRONG ĐÂY. ĐẸP QUÁ. TUYỆT VỜI !!! Wishing nothing was a tree in here. SO BEAUTIFUL. GREAT !!!

  23. Lovely video presentation! Even more beautiful are the bonsai, especially the Maples, they are my favorite. Can you tell me please, what are the small white bags set on the roots? Are these tea bags? What is their purpose? I notice they were on many of the displays.

  24. mentiras, actualmente no existe ningún, ningún arbolito BONSAI, en el mundo entero que tenga mas de ciento cincuenta años.

  25. I think the season climate does not change in this area of Japan and this would help the roots to live for a long time.
    I Africa where temperature reaches 50 degrees a tree in pot would not survive more that 2 years .

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