100 thoughts on “$1000 LUXURY COLOR PENCILS VS $1 CRAYOLA: Which Is Better?

  1. I mean considering it's Louis Vuitton, the case itself is probably like $980 and the left over $20 is the colored pencils😂😂 so it's not really fair to compare. I'm kind of surprised the LV pencils even looked that good

  2. And this is where you reflect your 1000 purchase, that you could have gotten all of FC pencils instead of a leather piece accompanied w dozens of low quality pencils (for the rich ppl).

  3. I can't even buy prismacolor😭

    Well last friday i have the chance to buy faber castell CLASSIC but someone stole my money😑
    I need to save money again😧 and its really hard for me because im just a poor 14 years old girl

    A kawaii 14 years old girl😉

  4. “It’s so bourgeois. It’s so ridiculous”
    “Wow, it’s so detailed and beautiful”
    It’s a love-hate thing. I totally get it!!

  5. I learned…. FC is great. If ur a serious artist. My 8 yo —> Crayola rocks
    Art project (him or I) —> FC all the way!!

  6. Ok…4 commercials! 😏🤔 No offense, well maybe a little, but some of these youtubers are getting out of hand with their "yellow squares"

  7. Did anybody notice that the Louis Vuitton were actually watercolor pencils?….. It was supposed to go well with water …. The colour and blending didn't show up well cause it's watercolor pencils… I use watercolor pencils so I know them when I see them…..

  8. LV's are watercolors though… I think it's not fair like to campare cause they are actually watercolors… But in the same time I am sooo freaking shocked.. thanks girl 🤗❤

  9. Cute video. I do however need to point out that the Louis Vuitton pencils are water-soluble pencils. Does that help beef up the value?? Maybe they should have been compared to other water-soluble pencils? Maybe then they would be worth $25 a pencil!

  10. When I was in middle school, my mom worked at our town's recycling department. There was a lot of rich people in my town, and it wasn't uncommon for luxury items (that weren't recyclable btw) to end up there. There was an instance where an angry rich guy dumped all his cheating ex's handbags and clothes there. My mom found a Louis Vuitton carrying case and she gave it to me to use as a bag to hold my lunch. I ended up getting food poisoning from a rogue cafeteria cold cut sub that day. While waiting in the office to call my mom, I puked my brains out in that bag. My mom freaked when I told her, but she didn't get mad or blame me. I didn't know what Louis Vuitton even was back then… but I can't believe I puked in something probably worth a fortune.. I don't know what happened to the bag after that, I never saw it again though.

  11. Ok but it is…$1 crayola pencil each $20 FC pencil each and then $25 LV pencil EACH not counting the pouch. It isn't $1000 per pencil.

  12. U keep on hating on the 1,000 color pencils which u know are better but u don’t want to sale their better so u keep saying their bad u just acting like a little butch for that

  13. 😒 The color button for the gold pencil isn't actually 24k gold?! 😖 Unacceptable. 😌 Send them back.

    😂 (How snobbish can one be? That's how much!) 🤣

    crayola is good too
    Louis Vuitton is not bad, but FC and crayola is a bit better, heres what i rate them:

    1. Faber Castell
    2. Louis Vuitton
    3. Crayola

    Crayola is almost like Louis Vuitton….. WhAt??!!

    Baiu end of comment!

  15. If there's one thing I can like about myself, it's that I have absolutely no impulse to buy something just because it has someone's name on it

  16. What you’re actually paying for (tHe ReAlIsTiC tRuTh)
    $690= name/brand
    $245= the leather case and materials
    $15= the logo on the pencils
    $5= the pencils themselves
    $45= TAX they had to get you there
    Altogether= $1000

  17. Where do you live where rent is cheaper than this pencil set? We pay over $1200 a month – and we’re not expensive for our area.

    Still too much for color pencils, though.

  18. I don't know why people buy lv anyway. It's just horse leather from Chicago. We sell our old dying horses to the rangers in Chicago whom then sell to bougie and bespoke makers. You aren't buying anything but a name.

  19. Thanks for the tutorial. 😍 Love the carrier (tres chic! 💼👢), but at that price, well, they should draw all by themselves. 😱 And I love my Crayola Pencils now more than ever. 😗 😗 😗 As always, love your videos. 😚😚😚

  20. Since we can be pretty much certain that LV doesn't have a facility and formula for colored pencils (they just allow their name put on them and do the packaging), there has to be a company who knows what they are doing making them. Since it is expensive and high end, I'm assuming LV wouldn't want some little guy like Crayola or Cra-Z-art making them. Since they are so similar to Polychromos, maybe they are the ones (or someone similar) making the actual pencils and cores. Idk, it's possible. Although nobody buys these things because they want a real, artist grade pencil. They just want to own one more thing with an expensive designer label on them, lol. Personally, I just finally bit the bullet and dropped 320.00 (plus custom fees I'm sure) for the whole set of Holbeins. THAT's the kind of "designer" label I like to see haha~

  21. Rae: (take five hours to start using the expensive one
    Rae: (takes another five hours)

  22. Could you just imagine a kid using an expensive color pencil like this?"
    Me: Im probably gonna trick the kid to trading it to a Box of lollipops..

  23. It doesn't fit in my opinion to compare with polychromos since polychromos are not "fully" usual colored pencils. The normal faber castell colored pencils would have been an equally similar comparison (and are in my opinion much better than polychromos when it comes to quality)

  24. What does" bougie"( not sure how to spell it) mean..she says it over and over..and yes they are water colour pencils. Crazy price and I prefer my Polychromos or Derwents lightfast pencils..but fun to look at .. oh ok the anglicized version of “bourgeois “. … I am Canadian so finally saw where “ boujee” came from . Lol wow

  25. Faber castel or Crayola does not match the Louis Vuitton…. The Louis Vuitton is more professional looking and maybe the the shades look different on camera. I prefer the Louis Vuitton…..

  26. I mean the Luis Vuitton are 25 dollars a piece which is only 5 dollars more a piece than faber castel. They're still more expensive and worse preforming but when you look at it it's really not as bad as portrayed

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