10 Puzzles That Look Hard But Are Actually Easy!

10 Puzzles That Look Hard But Are Actually Easy!

The puzzle is to arrange four pieces into the letter T I’m close aren’t I? -*sigh* not really Really? -Yeah There it’s- it’s a T no it’s not -*laughing* Theme song plays What’s up guys, welcome to Dope or Nope Today I’m your host, Matthias AND I’m bringing you… Ten puzzle….zzz that look hard but are actually easy I forgot the name of the title, it’s right in front of me it’s literally in size 80 font if you’re new to dope or nope though, the whole point of this channel is that we look at absurd, crazy, fun products and we just have a blast doing it! You’re along for the ride, I’m along for the ride My buddy here Tanner behind the camera is along here for the ride -Chicka chicka chicka wassup Slim Shady *laughter* Here’s what’s up These puzzles are all like all under level 5 They are relatively easy Now, relative is a relative term which means it might not be easy for me ’cause I’m a doofus so calm down if your like a puzzle master G you know I can’t just be a puzzle expert and a expert of everything else… just give me some slack First product! So we’re over here at Mr. Puzzle Australia Almost all these puzzles we got from Australia So shoutout to my Auzzie’s out there Haha, wut wut how many of you like sleep in a kangaroo pouch? -*laughter* bet that’s common Bunch of Joey’s over there Bunch of Joey’s over there everyone’s just like “auuuggggh” -moans go off in the comments we got a Chinese secret opening box good fortune so if you’re able to open this you get good fortune for the rest of the time or at least how long it’s open, once you shut it good fourtunes gone, obviously. “good fortune will certainly be shining on you when you manage to crack open this Chinese puzzle box” See I told you “The object is to open the Chinese puzzle box to reveal the space inside” Nooo… “once you understand how you can hide something inside to keep it safe” “once you understand how you can hide something inside to keep it safe” Does that make sense? Okay, those Auzzies write weird -They write upside down Difficulty level 1 Manufactiuror “miToys” Designer, no one wants to take credit for this how about just all of the chinese -Just all of the Chinese this is a chinese puzzle box, they gotta be responsible ADD TO CART okay, you see this? nondescript package, about to get some good fortune oh wait, I don’t wanna know how to solve it I’m gonna put this aside I’m gonna try to solve this myself. This is level one I don’t understand how am I supposed to not break it? *Gasp* OHHH okay… okay… there’s this little thing here if I pull this up I can push this back What do you mean I couldn’t get that? -You looked at it like you’ve never seen anything like it I’m gonna be honest with you I don’t really know exactly what I did I just kind of jiggled it ’till it happened… So lets. lets deconstruct this a little bit better okay? so the idea is you can’t move it back and forth or side to side but there’s this piece here that pops out if you could take a look at this you could see that once you pop it out there’s like these little knobs on the side right? and you could spin this and maybe that gives you a little space to move up and over that’s it and then inside, These are Auzzie delicacies No i’m just kidding i think the Dope or Nope team put that in there -We did So that they wouldn’t be all like underwhelmed when I solved it so this is how you solve a fruit roll-up, you just rip and then put it in the mouth I rate that a Dope very good for small kids

100 thoughts on “10 Puzzles That Look Hard But Are Actually Easy!

  1. 11:45 If I was on the Dope or Nope team, thus not knowing what was coming my way: Wow, is that a Lament Configuration? FYI, its mine now.

  2. Btw no one is called Joey and I live in Australia and have only seen a kangaroo once in my life….but it was still funny to hear what u thought 🙂

  3. What took you so long to solve the 2nd puzzle? I got the solution it immediately when I saw it, and plus I'm 10 years old and have better grammar than some 20 year-olds out there.

  4. When ever he said, " Am I Close?" my mind would jump to markiplier saying," YOU CLOSE?! HUH? HUH?! YOU CLOSE?! YOU CLOSE?!?!?"

  5. 5:00 My mom bought me that awhile ago for a joke gift and I just slammed it on the table and it technically opened sooooo I solved it 😂
    (And no, I'm not an ungrateful kid, it was part of the joke)

  6. i knew how to open the crate because i watched a puzzle master open it in like 10 minutes but you 10 seconds

  7. 19:46

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