10 Hot Glue Gun Life Hacks for Mixed Media, Cards, Art journaling and Crafts.-DIY Must-try Hacks

10 Hot Glue Gun Life Hacks for Mixed Media, Cards, Art journaling and Crafts.-DIY Must-try Hacks

hi everyone its Keren here and welcome
back to my channel today I have a new video tutorial with ten art acts or
craft hacks that you can do using a glue gun so sit down and joy and I’ve listed
all the products below in the description area the first hacks quite a
simple one is making your own gemstones or pearls so you can create pearl like
gemstones on your projects whether it’s a card art journal or any type of
project by just squeezing some glue on a piece of paper or basically on any type
of surface you can make these pearls any size you want and then you can decorate
them all you have to do is just squeeze the glue and then move it in a circular
motion to make sure that no residue stays on your paper that way they become
quite circular if you want to be able to use these as an embellishment and
actually not as texture all you have to do is just do them on a nonstick surface
and that way you can remove them and actually create real pearls however for
this example I did them on a piece of paper and I’m covering them with black
gesso just so I can show you how well they look this precision glue gun is
perfect to create this type of pearls because it has a really thin spout and
you can easily create beautiful pearls with it to show you how shiny they are I
am using some prima fin Abair rose gold wax just to show you how nicely the
pearls come out you could of course color them and white or in any type of
paint you could basically do anything you want with them the sky’s the limit
the only thing you have to remember like with all the examples coming up is that
you cannot heat set the paint above the glue gun texture you have to let it air
dry because if you heat set the paint on top of the glue it will soften to glue
and will melt it the second art hack with a glue gun is creating texture and
I actually took a small canvas this is a 4 by 4 canvas and I started moving my
glue gun around creating this really fun texture on the background you could do
this on any type of surface it doesn’t really matter
all you have to do is just move and create any type of texture it could be
lines it could be squiggles it could be just dots so basically you
can create any texture to use on your project and as I said before when you’re
adding any type of paint or gesso on top just make sure you don’t heat set it and
let it all air dry so what I did here is I took white gesso
and I give it a really nice cover I want to use the canvas for a different
project so all I did is I gave the canvas a nice coat of white gesso
because I wanted to add some nice sprays on top of it you could also add paints
or paste or any type of product that will just let the texture show on the
surface my third art hack with the glue gun is creating paint drips so all you
have to do is basically create a blob at the top and then let it run down and it
creates these beautiful paint like paint drips so I have my precision glue gun
and I also have a glue gun from the dollar store and I just wanted to show
you that that you can use either one to create this I do prefer my precision
glue gun just because it’s so accurate and it’s so easy to use and it also
stands on its own without having any drips going anywhere for my fourth hack
is actually creating your own designs and for this one I actually used the
same precision glue gun and just created a really fun background on a piece of
paper of course you could do this on any type of surface and all I did is create
a heart with my glue gun and then some lines going from it it’s a really good
way of creating your own backgrounds or any other type of design that you want
for your projects of course this also can create texture like I said in the
other hack but it’s mainly creating your own designs with the glue gun to be able
to see the design and the texture on each of these hacks you really need to
add some kind of paint or gesso or some color to be able to see the designs well
so the same way with the canvas texture I’m adding white
gesso to the one with the heart and the lines the one with the drips I left lane
because I wanted to add watercolors on it so for the one with the hearts all I
did is take some color boom sprays and you can use any type of spray and I just
went ahead and sprayed it all over just to show you that you can really see the
design you could also paint this with some kind of acrylic paint or gelato or
anything at all and I did the same thing for the actual canvas because I really
wanted to show how nicely the texture looks once you add this praise the
colors really make a difference and make it look really cool the only thing with
this is that I have to patiently let it dry because I cannot heat set it as it
will melt the glue underneath so I use wipes to just wipe off a little bit of
the excess so you can really see the deep color underneath and you can see
the texture on top as highlights my fifth hack has to do with watercolor
resist technique and for this one I’m going to use the paint drip background
so all I did is took some of the watercolor confections from Prima which
are beautiful watercolors and all I’m doing is adding it to my background my
paint drip background I’m also spraying on it to show you that you can also use
sprays as well as watercolors then all you do is you take a wipe and you wipe
off the excess on the actual drips the glue resists the ink and the watercolor
and the color only shows on the sides of the glued area my 6 hack is one of my
favorite ones and that is that you can create your own stencils using your glue
gun I’m designing the stencil on top of my 12 by 12 Tonique Studios tempered
glass mat you can also use a nonstick mat to create the stencils all you have
to do is just create at any design you want in this case I’m designing circular
stencil by making circles and making sure they’re attached to each other
I made random stir in different sizes until I was happy
with the design I guess it would have been good to use a plain background
because you can’t really see the stencils but when I use them later on in
the video you are going to see how cool they are
the second stencil I created was just making three hearts that are attached to
each other I could have created more hearts or any
type of design but I just wanted to show you the idea the nice thing about the
glue from a glue gun is that it dries really quickly and when it’s done on
glass because the glass is cold it actually dries even quicker so it’s such
a quick way to create this type of stencils and designs and once it’s dry
you just peel it off and it’s so easy to just remove I just have to be very
careful to make sure that I don’t rip the glue and the circles but it removes
quite easily from the mat and it’s an amazing design stencil that I just
created in like basically a minute I realized after by pure coincidence that
in order to remove this much easier from my glass mat all I had to do was spray
it with a little bit of alcohol and it actually came off so easily and you’ll
see later and another example that I have make now I’m going to just use the
stencils with some sprays and all I did is just place them on a piece of paper
and then just spray with a couple colors of Colin bloom spray and locale amazing
these designs came out and all you have to do is just clean the stencil again
and you can reuse it as many times as you want
you can also use this as an embellishment or to create texture on a
project so you could go ahead and glue this on a project as well for my seventh
hack I actually used my glue gun to create my own embellishments and there’s
a different ways that you can do this you can do this as a stencil that I
already did or you could use it using stamps or some kind of image for this
example I’m going to stamp a happy word or sentiment onto my glass mat and then
I’m going to use my glue gun to fill in the letters you could also use any type
of shade or any type of stamp like a flower or a
leaf or circle and just create your own embellishments so the same way I did
before I am doing it on my glass mat and you can also do it on a nonstick surface
so all I’m doing is filling in the lettering and letting it dry so I could
remove it another way you can do it is printing an image from the internet on a
piece of paper and then using some kind of clear glass to put on top and then
creating your own embellishment as I said before it’s much easier if you add
a little bit of alcohol and wet the area where you’re in you’re removing the
embellishment that way it comes off quite easily from the mat here I have
the finished embellished ward that I can use on any project and the same way that
I created this word I can also create any type of embellishment to color in
the embellishment I covered it in black gesso and then I went ahead and added
some wax on it again of course the gesso wasn’t dry because
as you know I cannot dry and heat set it so I should have waited a little bit
more patiently for the gesso to dry so it kind of mixed a little bit with the
wax and as you can see it got all over my mat so I did sit and let it dry for a
little bit longer and cleaned up my area and then I went back and added a little
bit more wax that way it really took on the color my ate art hack is using molds
to create embellishments I’ve already use this hack on another
video where I show how to use molds in five different ways one of the ways was
to use a glue gun to fill in the mold and create the shaped embellishment so
in this case I filled out these two roses inside my silicone mold and once
it was dry all I had to do was pop them out and a have a beautiful shaped
embellishment for my project you can use these for a card or for journal or even
a mixed-media project it’s a very cheap and inexpensive way
use inside the mold and the shape comes out perfectly
my ninth art hack happened just by accident while I was leaving the glue
gun to sit on my table some of it would drip down onto my mat and would dry in a
round form almost like a little pebble or stone so I started collecting them as
they were falling because the glue gun was sitting on my table for a while and
I thought that that would be an amazing hack even if you create your own texture
balls that you can use them in your projects instead of mini art stones my
tenth art act is actually one that is very useful especially for mixed-media
collage here is an old project where I use this technique and just want to show
you how well it held over the years what I do is I use a glue gun as a reinforcer
for the heavy gel or for the soft gel so basically any gel media the way I do it
is that I know that the glue gun will glue the embellishments and will dry
really quickly which is really easy because that way I can hold the
embellishments in place however the glue from the glue gun has a shelf life
meaning that after a while it doesn’t hold its own and things get detached
from what they were glued on so a good way to use the glue gun is to actually
combine it with the gel medium so you’re just using the quick drying glue from
the glue gun to actually hold the embellishment in place but the gel
medium which takes 24 hours or longer to dry will actually permanently glue the
embellishment so when combined together the glue gun
holds it temporarily but the gel medium actually hold it permanently so I hope
you liked my 10 glue gun art hats if you have any other art ideas that you
can do with a glue gun feel free to leave me a comment about them I’m sure
there’s many other ideas if I have enough of them I will probably make a
second video with more ideas with the glue gun there is so many ideas out
there that is just unbelievable just wanted to show you one more time all the
project although some of them haven’t dried especially the ones with the
sprays I really love how they all turned out and what I like about it is that
they’re so versatile you can use them in any type of project thank you so much
for watching for more inspiration subscribe to my
channel and visit me on my website bye

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  2. I have the exact same glue gun and love it! For the molds though, I find it a bit easier to use $1 silicone from the dollar tree. It takes color very well for me without gesso but i do still use my glue gun for them too.

  3. Such a great hack to put down something that needs to be perm. with the hot glue as you are waiting for the medium to dry. Sure hope I can remember that for the next time I am doing something like that.

  4. TFS these lovely hot glue gun embellishing hacks. I like the stencils, texture surface and pearls.

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