10 FUNNY PRANKS + PRANK WARS!!! **PHONE IN JELLO** Learn How To Make Funny Easy DIY Food & Candy

10 FUNNY PRANKS + PRANK WARS!!! **PHONE IN JELLO** Learn How To Make Funny Easy DIY Food & Candy

– This looks amazing! (pops)
Oh my gosh! (laughs) New challenge, we have
to do another DIY prank because this one was what,
like, a cake balloon? – Yeah!
– So, right now … – Hey Collins, you want a Whopper? – Yeah, sure, thank you.
You’re welcome. – Ah! – (laughs) – Dude! – It’s a cheese ball Whopper, bro! (gags) – Devin, pull my finger. – Okay? What? – Yeah, we do need that. Okay. Ow, geez, now that’s cheesy (laughs)! – Hah. Alright so here’s how you make it. Now we got our chocolate we’re gonna melt these
down to make the Whoppers so we gotta do it quickly cause
I can feel it, it’s burning. I can smell it, I can
sense it with my senses. Tadah! There we go, boom, nailed it. – Whoa, whoa, whoa! Olive
oil, bro, you forgot! – Oh, right, right,
right! Alright there we go – What? Ow! Dude, how’s it stuck to me? Dude, what is going on? – Eh, eh, eh. – And go!
I gotta break it! I gotta … I gotta just crush it down, crush it down, Come out, come out!
Okay there we go, boom! Tear it on it’s side. Yo, it is like legit burning and roasting right now look at this, look at this! This is how you make a
crumbled chocolate bar. Doesn’t that look delicious
to eat and like a lot of fun? Oh no, dude! – What? Oh, (groans) what did I do? – Your moves are weak! Yo! This is coming together nicely. Okay, here we go just gotta
mix mix mix mix mix mix per usual your elbow is
very close to my face. – Well yeah, I’m right
handed bro, so uh … – Devin, hand me one of the skewers. – There you go. – Here’s how you retrieve
the cheese ball … … you gotta bam!
(bag crinkles) Oh, I got two of them!
– (laughs) Nice! Uh, eh, ooh, ow! (laughs) – Scratched your finger. Ow! Ow. Enough of that, You’re gonna mix in the chocolate on top of your cheese puffs. Now it’s time to empty
out our lil’ cheeseballs or, should we say, disguised Whoppers. Oh man! I made a steamy
amount, like it’s a lot there. That looks really …
– That looks like something – Looks like something to me! – Yeah, pretty much spread
them out one by one, for sure. – That’s for sure! So right
now we’re gonna do that, pop these in the fridge and then do a little taste test. Bam! They’re all done now, and
that is what they look like so right now, Devin, it’s time
for you to do a taste test. I already had my experience. – Alright here we go. Three, two, one. – Wait first! A 5 second
subscribe challenge we want to see if you can
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channels
post notifications in 5 seconds. Are you ready? – Done. Now if you can do
that comment down below “keyper squad” right now and Devin, I wanna see if
your reaction is as extreme as mine was, so go for it. – Alright here we go. Three, two, one. (crunches) (coughs on repeat) Holy cow! – It’s bad right? – Way worse than I expected. How could these two delicious
things taste so bad together? – I don’t know! Alright so right now guys
we are on to the next round. – Hey Collins, want a piece of gum? – No, no, I’ve seen this before if I pull the gum it’ll shock me. – What? No, not at all. Dude trust me. – (screams) Oh my gosh! It didn’t shock me so, you just gave me a piece of gum? – That’s the prank there, bro. – Alright, shocking gum. This is some weird looking gum. (Devin laughs) – What is that!? – It’s PlayDoh, bro! – Now the process to make
this ones a little bit extra! – Oh gosh, I did not know
what you were about to do. – ‘Cause we got Extra bubble gum. This is not enough gum, we’re gonna need Extra! There we go, we got some extra gum get it cause it’s literally Extra gum. This is how you do it, you juggle bro. – Yeah, all right. – Yup. All right lets do this! We got PlayDoh and gum so first
up we gotta remove a piece. – Already done. Dude, what? (laughs) It’s not … – I got two pieces and now we gotta unwrap it with your mouth – What? That’s not safe
dude you should not- bro, what are you doing? Dude your teeth are
turning like silver, bro. – Yeah, for real, you might
want to spit it out. Hah. – So first we’re gonna pop another round and easier way to open it
which is bumbumbumbabumbum. – Really dude? – So basically you gotta
unwrap one of the gum pieces. – Or a ton of them. – How did you do so many? Alright so basically,
you just need the wrapper and then you can get
rid of the gum so, yeet. (sad, slow music) YEET! There is only one thing
that can be done, Devin. – Okay. – A feet! Alright let’s pop open, YEET,
this here, wait Playdoh. Woah, can we get a replay on that? It popped out a very cool way. (banging) – Okay so now we’re gonna take it- splet. – You know what, Collins,
you can have some of mine. – Thank you, man, I appreciate it, so now you just have to roll it out. – That doesn’t look like
you’re rolling it, dude. There ya go! Nice! – You just gotta really get
it kinda flat you can use actually, your PlayDoh roller
– Okay. like this to kinda roll.
– We need a roller! So we just had an idea, basically if you take a real pice of gum, then you’re gonna lay it on top like this and then you’re gonna trace the outline yo this stuff cuts like
PlayDoh! (whoa sound) – And you just gotta give it
a good ol’ sleecity slice. – Now it’s time for the big reveal of what the gum looks like. Ready? – Three, two, one, tadah! – So now you’re gonna place it inside of the wrapper very carefully and now you’re gonna
actually hide it back inside of your gum container, just like this so now you can pull out your piece of gum and then when you go to offer a friend they’re gonna eat some
PlayDoh, which is disgusting. So right now we are on to the next one. So Devan I wanna start
this off on the right foot so I brought you some cookies. – Oh, awesome! Thanks! – Yeah. They’re home made
so tell me what you think. (coughs) – Yeah well I- are you insulting my cookie!? (laughs) – No, they’re actually made out of mashed potatoes and black beans. – Oh! – So for this, we’re gonna need some water and some butter, so woohoo! – Oh, dude! You almost messed me up! (banging) That’ doesn’t look …
(trilling sound) – Whoa! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! – Bro. What are you doing? Great now we just let
that heat up and boil and – Next up we add the mashed potatoes so Collins I’m gonna
let you do the honors. – Alright we got this here …
Okay. – Ow!
(laughs) Dude you okay? Okay maybe you can’t. – Oh dude, you’re getting
it everywhere, Devin! – Do you see this? This
is not coming out, bro. Tada! Whoa, dude, your elbow. – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. What? That’s more than two cups. – It says two cups, look at it, two cups. – No, that’s way more than two cups! – Oh wait yeah, that’s a little bit more. It’s like two and blahblahblah.
Alright here we go. Alright let’s see how this goes, now we’re just gonna mix it up in there. Oh, you that’s actually
kinda satisfiying. Smoky. – Whoa, it smells like mac and cheese. – Yo, it smells like it’s burn- (screams) – Oh. Dude you okay? – It looks like it’s burning. – Alright so I’m gonna turn it off here. – Okay, okay, okay, yo, all right. No, no, no! No, no!
(yelling) – Boom! Now it’s done, oh
my god that’s pretty hot! So now we got the mashed
potatoes which are steaming and this is gonna act as the cookie dough so now it’s actually time
to make the chocolate chips which we’re gonna use black beans for this so now we gotta pop it open.
– All right. So now we’re gonna pop it on here, I’ve learned from my mistakes,
– Be careful this time. All right here we go (sings).
– Oh, nice. So now all we need is something
to strain the beans with. Uh, oh, where did that come from? – (laughs) You need to work
on your magical skills, brah. – Oh, yeah, yeah. Unless you want me to, BAM! Devan, Devan! So we got the beans and we
dump it out in- (screams) Alright Devan, what is going on!? Yo, I did I clap wrong or something? Maybe it’s like- (claps) – Collins, help! – Hold it up, hold it up, hold it up! (grunts) – Boom. Oh my gosh, okay. Now we’re gonna add the
beans which will look like the chocolate chips,
into the mashed potatoes. Boom, and now, time to mix it all around. – Next up we add dollops of this. – There’s an extra step to it, you gotta mush it together. Oh, oh, oh. – Dude, what is the point of that? – Heres a better way you can
roll it in your hands first and then I call this one Whoop-dee-doo!
– Missed it. Whoop-dee- missed again. Whoop-dee-doo! That was a great technique! So right now we’re gonna
put all these on here and then pop them in
the oven and bake them just like some cookies. – Whoop-dee-doo! – He-hey! – Whoa!
(slam) – So you’re going to go eat a nice chocolate chip cookie and- like it’s all dry and crusty – What? Alright guys! Next round, lets go. – Collins, have you seen my phone? – No, why? Have you tried calling it? – Uh, no, let me try. (phone chimes) Oh wait! You found it? – Yeah, yeah, yeah I think
it’s in here, I hear it. – No! Bro! What did you do!? That’s my phone! That’s not a joke! – Well I may have gone a little too far. – Whoa, why!? – Well, here, try calling it,
make sure it’s the right one. – (laughs) That’s my
phone! Which one is this? – I’ll show you guys how
to do this prank right now because you can break a phone
like that so here’s how you do it the safe way, where
you don’t break the phone. – My heart is going so fast.
– You’re gonna go, Yo it’s jello time! We got this here for the jello Peanut Butter Jello Time! – Yeah. First up we gotta add the water. I’ve got double whisks ’cause
I’m a double whisk action. – Whoa, be careful, be careful. Oh my God that was
close. Great job, Devan! Next up we’re gonna add the
jello in and then just kinda – This smell never gets old.
Every time. – Just add a little bit more jello Alright, all of it in, done, all right, mix, mix, mix, whisk, whisk, whisk, whisk, whisk, whisk. whisk, whisk. (spits) Time to get some food coloring so we’re gonna want to go for,
of course, red for this one. – Oooh.
– Whoa. now that we’ve made the jello,
kinda put this to the side – Ugh.
– Smells disgusting! Now the DIY really begins so Devan I want you to take this I want you to cut out the phone. We have some dental floss and
we’re gonna need some tape. Where is the- where’s the tape? Boom, there we go. – Why’d you stop? – Nothing. So now I get to
take all the dental floss. We’re gonna go like this and guys, the reason we’re cutting
out the phone right here is because of the fact that
we don’t want to put a real phone in jello, otherwise it’ll break it. Actually wait, hold on one second. All right, there we go. – What!? – Just plucked it
straight out of thin air. – Yo, how did he do that, dude? – You’re gonna put the
tape right here on the side and I literally have to create basically a hammock for the iPhone. So we’re gonna take off some dental floss we’re gonna lay it over the top like this. – There you go, it is all cut out now you put it into the phone case. – Okay, is it too big? (laughs on repeat) – Bro, you didn’t print
it out on the right side – Well eh- blalalalalala Okay, thanks! – And next up you put the case
right on the dental floss. – Yup, and now you’re
gonna pour in the jello and because it’s
suspended it will not sink all the way to the bottom it will literally be stuck in the middle. – No! Bro, you remember what
happened last time right? – Oh!
– Oh, no, no, no, no … – It was an accident though. – What? Was it? – I’m nervous this time,
this is a pranks video so you cannot spill this on
me, that’s not a prank, Devan. No!
– All right. – Dude, ow, ow, ow.
– Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! – And, okay, I think with that. – Hold up, hold up, holll … – Save some, save some,
’cause we’re actually doing an extra prank we’re gonna be
doing with the left over jello but right now, lets
submerge the iPhone. Do, do! All right and now we’re
gonna stick it in the fridge and then the prank is ready to go. This looks absolutely insane so this next part here is the most fun so we gotta remove the tape first. – This tape is rather
… adhered. I got it! – Alright so here we go
time to flip it over. – The best part! – Oooooh! – That looks so cool! Alright next up is Devan’s
gonna remove the dental floss so pull it. – Oooooh. – This is so satisfying. The dental floss is literally
just running through the jello this looks amazing I think at the end of
this video we should take a bite of that jello cause
that looks delicious. – Ah! Dude, really!? – All right so how do you do this prank? – So first you blow up a balloon. – Okay. (air inflating against balloons) – Think that’s good? – Next up you tie the balloon – Done. – Oh, all right. – Yay! – Ah, got ’em! – I thought it was gonna pop. I’m really not liking the- (balloon banging) – Next up we frost it. – Frost it! So I’m gonna take out some
of this frosting. All right. This is the way to go. – Ugh, it’s way messier though bro. – Dude, that feels super weird! – Oh no! (laughing) – It got stuck to all the balloons. – No! – Okay, yo, this is actually working out way better than I thought it would. Wow! Now it’s time for some pink stuff it’s looking like a
strawberry swirl of sorts – Oh, that looks so good! – Oh my gosh! I wanna eat it so bad. – Like look at this bro, I just leave it alone for a second, and it- – It’s because it’s top heavy!
– Look at that! – I think what I want to do
with mine is I’m just gonna like get all the edges except for
the bottom, chochochocho. No one would ever think twice that this is actually a balloon because it looks like delicious
cake, it smells like one it’s gonna taste like one at first and then all of a sudden, pow! – You know what’s better- – Oh no! – I got it on my key! Not happy! Oh my gosh, it’s just not staying still. – Oh! We’re gonna get this rolls,
okay here we go, squeeze it out get it all over the top here and the final step, time
to add some sprinkles. That looks amazing! Oh my gosh! This looks like a legitimate cake! – Dude! – That looks delicious. – Whoa! – Now it’s very important
to not pop this before you get to the person
you’re trying to prank because when they try
to go and slice a piece it’s gonna pop all over them, as you saw so right now guys we are
on to the next round. So for this one here all you’re gonna need
is the left over jello, some whipping creme, and
some green food coloring ’cause that’ll actually change
the red look of the jello into the kinda like, murky brown color and this is awesome. So
what you’re gonna do. Pull out a straw, Devan.
– Ooh. – And then look at this. I want
you to pinch the end of it, it’s gonna push it
forward like this. Okay? – That looks so gross! – Ugh, that is so disgusting. And this is how you can
make edible earth worms and really freak people out so I’m gonna grab a whole
bunch of them at once here we go, that’s
really gross, oh my gosh! Literally, look at all these, bro! – They actually feel like worms. – I know and they look
like it too man, ugh! I guess we’re just
gonna give these a shot. So here we go, Devan, pick up a worm. – No, we have to eat them? – Ready, three, two, one Wait, first, three second like challenge, we want to see if you
can like this video in three seconds, all right here we go, – three, two, one, done. – All right so right now I gotta
get a new one so here we go – Three, two, one. – Wow
– Yeah, they’re delicious. – Yeah, now you can prank
people and they will think that you are literally
eating an earth worm which of course, is just jello now’s the fun part,
time to pull this phone out of the jello so here we go, three, two, one. – Oh, mine actually went in! – Mine went in a little bit too. Okay we’re gonna try it again, three, two, one. Ow! Oh it feels so weird. – Oooh! Aaaaah! – The phone is just like
perfectly sitting in there it made like a perfect
impression of the phone so now the fun part,
we’re just gonna take it and just kinda give it a tear in half you take that side, I’ll
take this side, ready. – Three, two, one. – Holy cow this feels crazy! If you want to see another
video click right over here and right, you have
five seconds here we go. – five, four, three, two, one, done. – Love you guys so much
– Bye! – Yo, these are very I-
you have to be careful with these so I’m gonna put
a bean thing on top of them – That’s not the-
– They’re gone and … ! – All right, I’m time! Or, I’m time – I am father time.

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