10 Easy Beauty Hacks For Smart Girls, MakeUp Tricks and More!

10 Easy Beauty Hacks For Smart Girls, MakeUp Tricks and More!

The girls are getting ready for a big party. But Emily still doesn’t know what to wear. Yellow isn’t really her thing… What’s that, Emma? A red sweater? Hmm… you sure? Maybe not this time… Girls, we really should be going soon… But then again, what about Emily’s hair?! What about it? Just put a cup on it! That’s what it’s about… *chuckle* Girl, what are you doing? Wait… Madison, a joke might not be as silly as you think. After all, who said
cups are good just for drinking? All she needs is a little twist! Put the cup on
top of your head and take one thick strand of hair. Wrap it around the cup
and secure it with a bobby pin. There’s no such thing as too many bobby pins! Now take a strand of hair from the opposite side and wrap it the opposite way. Repeat
that with the rest of your hair. Spray your hair with a little bit of water
then dry with a hair dryer. 3… 2… 1! Are you ready? Ta-da! Luscious curls straight out of a hairdressers catalog! Sometimes, all you
need is to see things from a different perspective. OMG… Who would have known you could do this with a simple paper cup! Group hug! Ladies, it’s time to head out! Madison needs to look extra special tonight and
what’s a good style without a proper manicure? Ah! Darn it! The orange bottle is stuck! And how about the red one? Well, although it opens, it’s completely dry… So she only has a transparent one left… Isn’t that a bit boring? But just a second. Remember that blue eye shadow you broke? How about we do something about it? Let the magic happen! Lay down a piece of
paper and spill the leftover eye shadow. Take a little spatula or a brush and tap
it to make sure there are no lumps. Now fold the paper in two. Pour the eye
shadow into the transparent bottle. See, it’s already looking neat! Now just mix it up using a toothpick or a straw and check out that new nail polish. What is even better it not only looks great, it matches your eye shadow, Madison! Just like straight out of a shop! Quick! Now you gotta take a selfie! Say cheese!~ Tired and sleepy, Anna wishes that her makeup would just magically drop off her face. That’s quite a troublesome task to do especially before bedtime. She’d rather let her mind float around just like one of these amazing bubloons! That looks way easier than her evening routine. It would be nice if she could just skip all of that and jump straight on a cloud of sweet dreams. Put a bit of micellar water on a cosmetic cotton pad. Blow right through it, just like a
balloon! See the foam forming up? Perfect! Now, gently rub the homemade bubbly foam
throughout your face. Lastly, massage your face with a piece of
cloth and… the makeup is off! Remember you can always infuse your daily routine
with some magic bubbles! And take better care of your skin. Lights out! Sweet dreams! Emily feels like she could use one last
touch for her make up. Something funky to sparkle up the mood! Seems like this yellow eyeliner doesn’t give out any color that Emily is craving. Not even a glimpse of sunlight… Maybe at least sky blue…? Come on! This too?! Emily looks at the
plain black eyeliner with disgust. Not today. It would be nice if she could
contour her eyes with a rainbow… Actually, Emily’s wish may be granted with a
simple and easy trick! Let’s use some magic on those pencils now! Take a glass of warm water – rainbows won’t appear without rain. Dip those pencils in the water and leave them for a couple of minutes. Now check out this
radiant red test line on Emily’s hands. Time to take that pencil and use it the
same way as you would a simple eyeliner. Don’t be afraid to mix up the whole
color palette! That’s more like it! Rainbow is definitely your color, Emily! As bright as the sun itself, Emily’s ready to fly high! Oh my gosh… Everyone is going to have their eyes on you, girl! Those scores are going up like
crazy! Despite that, don’t forget to sleep at
least a bit, okay, Jacob? Never mind… I don’t think that he realized that it’s
morning already… Emily shows up fresh and ready to go on
the trip they’ve planned. The boy jumps up ready to do some
traveling! Oh no, mister! Not with that face! You didn’t see that one coming, huh, Jacob? With such eye bags the only journey
you’re gonna have today is a trip to bed. But Emily knows that coffee is a
solution to all the world’s problems! Grab a cotton pad and cut it in half. Soak the pieces into your black coffee. And now, Jacob, put these under your eyes. Good! Keep them on for at least five minutes. Take a look at your face now, handsome! There’s no way this trick masked his tiredness so fast! No! Fortunately, it did! You may look refreshed now but you’re still gonna need a coffee or two to survive the day, Jacob. Jessica is about to go out to a party with her friends. Although she’s done putting on her colorful makeup, these things do get messed up during an active night… And not everything can fit inside tiny and cute
looking purses… How about we grab the essential colors instead? We’ll need several cotton swabs. Just scoop up the desired eyeshadow colors. Find yourself a sturdy mid case and stack all of them inside. You’ll probably find a dozen
other small makeup accessories already inside. *chuckle* Well, what do you know? No need for a whole paintbrush palette! Once on the dance floor there is a chance that you or someone else will mess up your makeup. And sometimes smudge
makeup is even worse than not having any on. Feel free to take out your color pack
cotton swabs to refill those damaged corners. They are already prepared! And it
only takes a minute to fix your eye shadow. Just like that get back out on
the dance floor, girl! Jessica is almost done with her makeup. Just one more step –
fill in the eyebrows. Whoops! It looks like our pencil is finished! And we don’t have a spare one lying around… If only there was a quicker solution… Jess is going out and time is of the essence right now. We just ran out of eyebrow
pencil and there is no sharpener to be found… Not sure if Jess is in the mood
for an almond. But a hack sure would put a smile on her face! Well apparently the almond can be burned using a candle or a lighter and turned
into the perfect substance for shading in our eyebrows. Best part – it’s neat and
comfortable to hold in your hand just like a pencil! After a couple of minutes
in Jessica has managed to finish her makeup session. That looks exactly like
the real deal! You’re all set to go out, Jess! This cold weather is definitely not
helping out Emily’s lips! Yikes! They are beyond chapped! Where is the lip balm thing when you need it the most? Nope, it’s not there… Wait, I think we took it to class the other day! Oh yeah! Here
it is! No, no, no… Darn it! It’s all ruined… What now? Hmm… The see-through pendant
never got the picture it deserved. But maybe that’s a good thing? First off, let’s remove the dirty bits. Grab a small sauce bowl and cut down the
top of the lip balm. Use a microwave for no longer than 30 seconds to melt it. Grab the smallest spoon you can find and drop a dollop into the pendant. Lastly, close the top and give it a minute to freeze. That’s it! Feel free to hang it around your neck. In this case, the lovely pink color of lip
balm will give a magical feel to the pendant. Not only it looks nice but it will prevent your lips from getting chapped again, Emily! Brilliant! I love it! Emma continues to step up her makeup routine. At the moment the eyeshadow step is a bit of a challenge for her shaky hand. Nope! It doesn’t look like anything in the picture we found online. Hmm… I think
we’ll have to improvise… This eraser is just what we need! Firstly use a craft knife to slice the very end of the eraser. We’ll need just a tiny cheese piece. Take out your glue gun for a single drop of
hot glue. And squeeze this cheesecake with an empty pen in order to attach it That’s about it! Now, feel free to dip the tool inside your
eyeshadow and stamp the corner of your eye… with the cheesy piece! Fill in the
rest with a brush and you’re done! Wow! That’s an amazing final result you
got there, Emma! Hey, Gorgeous Pandas! I hope you enjoyed
these beauty hacks! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next in the comments down below! If you want to learn more feel free to check out our older videos. Hit the subscribe button and bring that bell to stay tuned for more!

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