10 DIY Making The Smallest Slime In The World / Clever Barbie Hacks And Crafts

10 DIY Making The Smallest Slime In The World / Clever Barbie Hacks And Crafts

Barbie having a slime bath,
drinking a slime cocktail, eating slime ice cream,
and covering toast with slime jam! Check out interesting mini Barbie slime ideas
in our new video! Jessica loves slimes. And her friend Dolly collects Barbies! How should the girls combine these two passions? Easy! Dolls like slimes too! So we can come up with plenty
of slime ideas for Barbie! For example, we can make a tiny green cactus! Add green coloring to stationery glue.
Stir it. And add a few drops of borax to the mixture. Mix thick green slime. Rub a plastic thimble with sandpaper
so that its bottom is flat. That’ll be a flower pot. Shape the slime into a cactus. Put it into the mini flower pot. Shape a sprout. Glue a flower shaped sequin to a pin. And stick it into the cactus. Use a toothpick to make
the surface of the cactus textured. This slime cactus will look great
as a part of the doll’s living room interior. And it’s not prickly at all. It seems Barbie loves this unusual slime! Well, let’s keep experimenting
with slime for dolls! Barbie is taking a bath with blue slime! Now that’s what we call stress relief! Cut off the bottom part of
a big laundry detergent bottle at an angle. Shape it like a bathtub. Coat it with acrylic paint. Prick a piece of foil cardboard
with a hole puncher. Bend it and hot glue it
to the side of the bathtub. Stick a cocktail straw into the hole. Hot glue a button, a sieve,
and a snap fastener together. Attach the piece into the straw.
Make a shower. Stick pins into red and blue beads. Cut off the excess with pliers. And glue them to the sides of the cardboard piece. Make it look like hot and cold water handles. Mix slime glue and coloring. Add gel laundry detergent. And baking soda solution. Mix blue slime. Add blue glitter. Put slime into the bathtub. Barbie turns up the music
and enjoys her slime bath! Some dolls like to relax
after a hard day in a toy world! There’s even clear glittering slime
coming out of the tap! Meanwhile Ken comes to visit Barbie! The door is closed! Barbie turned up the music so loud
that she doesn’t hear her guest knocking. There are soap bubbles in her ears. Then Ken will have to leave his gift near the door! It’s an unusual fruit basket! Mix stationery glue and lens solution. And put in some baking soda. Mix slime. Put it into a pot and let it sit for one day
so that the bubbles dissolve and the slime is totally clear. Add fruit nail decor to the slime. Put it into a little paint pot. Decorate the cap with the same fruits. Ken goes away after leaving a gift
and a date invitation near the door! At last, Barbie is done with her bath. How could she possibly have missed her guest? But she won’t miss her date with Ken for sure! What a wonderful present! A fruit stress reliever is exactly
what she needs after a relaxing bath! Ken invited Barbie to a picnic. How cute is that! They’re relaxing in the park. Barbie took some toast along to have a snack. Cut a piece of toast out of a beige makeup sponge. Color the crust with acrylic paint. And paint a cute face. Berry jam perfectly matches the toast. Ken brought it along to the picnic! Mix stationery glue, red coloring,
and a few drops of gel laundry detergent. And mix pink slime. Add tiny beads to it. Cut off a little paint pot. Put the slime inside. Attach a piece of self-adhesive checkered paper
to the cap. Decorate it with a rope bow. Sign the pot with a permanent marker. Barbie makes toast with jam. Watching the jam stretch is so funny. Barbie gives Ken some toast. What a wonderful date! Jam-flavored romance! The girls are so happy for their dolls! This itsy bitsy toast and mini slime jam
are appealing to everyone! Dolly is looking for her Barbie.
Where did she go? Dolly finally finds her Barbie
but she’s all covered in slime! How sad! It’s a slime tragedy! Keep calm!
Jessica knows a quick way to save Barbie! In order to remove slime from hair, clothes,
or body, dip your Barbie into warm water. Leave it for half a minute. Then easily remove the slime. Brush through the hair. And blowdry it. A few minutes and Barbie is saved. She ran away from slime captivity safe and sound.
Dolly is happy! There is not even a trace of slime
on her Barbie doll! Barbie meets her friend
and they decide to go to a cafe. Barbie is telling her all
about her amazing date! The time she spent with Ken was marvelous! Meanwhile, the waiter comes up to them! What a surprise! It’s her boyfriend Ken! Wow, small world! Barbie orders a cocktail. Cut off the tip of a clear confectionery syringe nozzle. Polish the cut with sandpaper. Coat parchment paper with Vaseline. Apply a layer of hot glue and attach the tip. Wait for glue to dry
and remove the parchment paper. Cut off the excess glue. Attach a little printed Starbucks logo. Add glitter to pre-made slime. And glittery stars. Fill the cup with slime. Heat a piece of clear plastic
over a candle for the cap. Quickly cover a big bead with the heated plastic. And press it with a semi sphere of the same size. Cut out a cap. Make a hole in the center with a heated awl. Stick in a thin wire as a straw. It’s more than just a regular cocktail. It stretches out of the cup like glittering slime. This slime drink is amazing! Barbie’s friend orders some ice cream. She wonders if it’s as fun and stretchy as the drink!
Let’s try it out! Attach self-adhesive paper
with a waffle pattern to a piece of plastic. Wrap a cone. Cover the bottom with a drop of hot glue. For slime, mix some white glue and borax. Add a few drops of baking soda solution. Mix white elastic slime. Roll it to make a ball
and put it into the cone. Decorate it with glitter sprinkles on top. Wow! The way the ice cream stretches
out of the cone is so cool! The girls don’t get to play
with teeny slimes like these very often. Because it’s the perfect size for dolls! Barbie decides to take a break and watch TV! While she’s at it she will enjoy some Skittles! Pour stationery glue into a few little containers. And mix it with three different colorings. Add lens solution. Stir them. And put in some baking soda. Make three bright slimes. Cover a little printed Skittles package
with clear tape. Fasten the package with double sided tape. Shape slimes into three rolls. And join them to make a three colored strip. Put it into the package. All of a sudden Skittles candies
turn into rainbow slime! This slime is awesome! And this game is so much fun!
We can turn everything we want into slime! Jessica is creating a cozy atmosphere for dolls. She needs some decoration here! Oh, this stylish pineapple will be perfect! Cut a plastic Kinder Surprise container. Cut a glittering self-adhesive foam rubber sheet
into half-inch squares. Attach them to the container. Make it look like a pineapple. Make long leaves out of a green soft foam sheet. Attach them on top. Cut the pineapple along the joining line. Mix white glue and yellow acrylic paint. Add borax solution. Mix slime. And put it into the pineapple. Jessica puts the pineapple on the table. But Dolly’s suspicious! She has a nose for slimes! Jessica reveals the secret! There is yellow slime hidden in the pineapple! The girls get a fun slime to play with! And the dolls get a beautiful sculpture
for decoration! Did you like our Barbie slime ideas? Then write in the comments
which unusual slime you will make for your toys! And don’t forget to give this video a thumbs-up, subscribe to our channel, and click the bell so that you don’t miss new slime ideas on Troom Troom!

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