– [Ann] Hello there, it’s Ann. Today I am going to show you how to use the Creative Minds Journal and 10 creative title themes
you can use for journaling. (cheerful music) So, first off we’re going to start with one of my favorite
themes and that is the galaxy. If this is your first
time painting the galaxy, I recommend for you to
start with a small shape like a circle or a triangle
and paint within that. For my galaxy, I like to use watercolor. So, I’m using the watercolor palette that comes with this journal and I usually like to
use a half and half ratio of water and paint. So, as you can see, I
started with the darker paint and then as I get to the
center, creating my Milky Way, I use lighter colors. I love painting the galaxy because this is when you can experiment with mixing different
kind of colors together and the way I blend the color is that I use a little bit of extra water and then I take my brush and I would make little swivel motions so
that way the color can blend. I also take a little piece of paper towel and smudge the colors together as well. Now, if you get too
much paint on the paper, go ahead and dab that off with a little piece of paper towel. If your paper start to
ripple after the paint dries, it’s probably because you’re using a little bit too much water. Since this is journaling
paper and not watercolor it works differently
so we have to improvise with technique by using paper towel to soak up the water as much as we can. Watercolor tends to dry fairly quick, so after that is all dry up I
then go over with white paint. So, I’m using the Pro White paint for this just ’cause it’s thicker and
it shows on the darker colors. If you can’t find that, you can also use a white gel pen to create your stars. To make sure all that
work doesn’t go to waste, what I usually like to
do is go in with a pencil and write out my title word. For this one it’s manifestation. I want to make sure that
the spacing is right and that I got the spelling down and all the words are placed nicely before I go in with a marker. This is a fun artwork to do
because it’s a mix of watercolor and also doodling. So, the first thing you
wanna do is take your brush and just make a bunch of
watercolor smudges on your paper. Play around with different colors, whatever colors you like. Here I’m just smudging blue and red. I don’t really use this combination often but I’m just going to experiment with it and you wanna kind of make
this into a feathery shape. Just a note, all the artwork title that I’m creating for
you here are a lot bigger than what I would normally
use in my journal. I would make them a lot smaller so that way I could have
more space on my page but this is just for filming purposes. For this title, mind spill,
I want it to look minimal just because there’s a lot
in design for the feathers. So, I’m gonna go in with a thin pen and write out the word mind spill. This is like my handwriting except I made it more spaced apart and more lengthy looking. Now it’s time for the doodling part. I love this part right here. I’m creating a middle line
in the center of the feather and then from the center
I am creating feathery, wispy motions going out. Between these lines I am
making different patterns and you could really have fun and be creative with this part right here. Do whatever makes you happy. You can go in with a pencil if
you’re afraid to mess this up and just play around
with different patterns. Have fun with this. If you’re feeling inspired to travel or if you just love
nature and the outdoors, this is a fun theme to create. What I like to do is
use the tip of my brush and I would make sure that
it’s more on the dry side before I dip it into the colors and this is how I got the
effect of the pine tree branches by using the tip of my brush and dabbing it onto the paper. Add in different shades of colors and also create your
trees at different heights so that way it can give
your painting some depth. I usually like to create this design on the bottom of the page and then above it I would
write a word that inspires me or a topic that I want to write
about right above the trees. This next art is actually
from an improv artwork page in my Creative Minds Journal, but I did something like
this about two years ago for my April spread. The way I create my crystals
is that I would go in with some watercolor. I pick a color that I
like and then I painted it in different shades. So, basically I add in more
water to get the lighter shades and if I use too much water
then I just blot it really quick with some paper towel. And I paint it within the kind
of shape that I want to use for my crystals. Even if I don’t have the
outline of crystals here, I would paint it where I
want to draw my crystals. So, when the color fully dries, I go in and I draw some
lines and jagged shapes, some angles to get that crystal shape. So if you notice so
far, most of the artwork are related to the titles. So, this one is shine bright
and this would be something that I would use for a journal
entry on self-improvement or something that I learned
a take-away for the month. So, I would probably make my
title a little bit smaller that way I have more space above, more negative space to write in. I hope you’re enjoying all
these different artwork for the titles. This one is a really fun one to recreate. Very simple and there’s so many variations that you can do with banners. So, I’m going to create my banner in the center of my mind spill page and I want to add some color to this so I’m making a water splash in the center and then once this color is dry, I create my banner over the top. To create the banner I am drawing
a long, rectangular shape, almost with a slight curve. Then for the sides I am
giving it a ribbon look. As you can see, I created a little bend on the inner corner bottom and then to give this a nice pop I created a shadow underneath my ribbon. If you like stars, then
this design is for you. I first started with a sketch so that way I can know where
I want to draw my stars. I wanted to create a
crescent moon-like effect and so I drew stars in different sizes. In the center the stars are larger and as they come out they get smaller. In between the stars,
in the negative spaces, I add some dots so that
way it can add more of a design element into
the overall look of this. In the center of this
moon I am going to write the word dream and create because this is for an
inspirational spread and around this I can
write out all my ideas and inspiration. So, here’s a fun summer
theme where the artwork and the title creates the topic. When you have a bunch of
lemons what do you do with it? Create an artwork, so that’s what we’re going to be doing here. The two pages you see here are actually the mindfulness exercises in
the Creative Minds Journal. So therefore the artwork is
going to be in the center and the great thing about watercolor is that you can write over it so if I do choose to write over this I can write over it and
still enjoy my artwork. So, as you can see I
sketch a bunch of lemons in the background and
then for the title part I took something circular and
trace a circle for the title. Then I went ahead and started
with the lighter color yellow and then with the leaves I started with the lighter color green. After I get in my lighter shades I then go over with darker shades. Right after everything is painted in I am now gonna go over with a pen and this is going to
make all the difference with this artwork. So, I outlined all the
lemons and the leaves and now I’m going to add in little dots for the texture of the lemons. This art was actually just an experiment. I just improvised as
I went along with this and I really ended up loving
how everything turned out and I hope that you are
going to love it too and please give this a try because it is really,
really easy to create. So, if you’re enjoying
these artworks so far, make sure to leave an emoji below that represents the artwork
that you like in today’s video. Alright, so the way I
am creating this cactus is again, I am doing a little sketch of a cactus shape and
you can really have fun with different kind of cactus shape. Dig up some photos online
to see what inspires you and then from there we use
the same painting method with this adding different shades of green or maybe add in a little blue. For the pot I mix in some
orange, brown, and red. A creative way to add in your topic is to make it part of the artwork and here I have a sign
coming out of the pot. It says hug life and
this is going to be about life in general, almost
like a monthly log. Next we are going to create a wreath. This one is a bit leafier
than I had anticipated but overall it’s still very pretty and I love creating wreaths
because you can just experiment with different kind of leaves or flowers and they’re also colorful
and fun to create. So again, go over with a pencil so that way you can play
around with different designs. Whatever you choose to paint for this. I like to start off with
leaves and I recommend for you to start off with leaves if you are new to this
because that’s easier to draw out and color. After that, for each style
leaf you want to select a color and stick with that
throughout your wreath. All you have to do is apply
the same method of painting just like we did in the other artwork. With wreaths, they’re so versatile to use for different kind of topics
and that’s what I love about them because you
can just switch it up with different plants and
almost any other designs. This last one is super, super, super cute. It is inspired from my improv artwork in my Creative Minds Journal. I made one improve page
and I love it so much I want to create another one but this one is gonna be for the theme title and so I drew out different shaped jars and inside is going to be a terrarium. Again, we’re gonna apply
the same paint method, sketch, everything like that, you guys should know all that by now and then above my topic is
going to be about growth. I put grow right here
which is kinda similar, you know, things that I want to work on and develop throughout the year. Thank you all so much for watching. If you enjoyed today’s
video and want to support, give this video a big thumbs up. Share it with the rest of the world and also if you want to get updates on Creative Minds Journal, then go to CreativeMindsJournal.com
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