100 thoughts on “1 Stamp Set, 4 Designs – Masking, Ink Blending, and Watercolor Markers

  1. If you love this video, please help me out by sharing it! Thanks! I hope to do more videos like this soon. 🙂

  2. I wrote it on Instagram and here again, this collection is fantastic! Love the color combo you choose, your designs and enjoyed every minute of your video. ❤️

  3. I love all your videos I save them all to go back and try them myself I love watercolors can't wait to try them myself thank you for great videos

  4. Fabulous technique video! I love the cute peekaboo animals… i’m Also interested in knowing where you found the fabric basket you keep your Zigs in. thanks!

  5. Kristina, these are gorgeous. I know you covered this but I can’t find it anywhere. What are you storing your Zig’s in? Thanks

  6. Kristina thank you so much for this great video. I love the idea of using a single stamp in so many different but similar ways. Thanks for the water tip on Bristol – I think that may solve one of my issues with water color with markers in Bristol Great great video !!!

  7. Oh my goodness, Kristina – what a GREAT video!!!! (I did have to do it in 2 stages but it was totally worth it!!!) Loved every technique you did! Great instructions for masking and painting!!! Look forward to all your videos!!! xoxox

  8. These cards are beautiful. I love the color scheme. Additionally, I really like how the video goes into design, not just techniques. Personally, I struggle most with design

  9. Thank you, Kristina! I love everything about this video, and these cards and envelopes! Thanks for listing the color and brand of your nail polish, too. I have missed that. 😁 Best of all, this included mail art! I LOVE your mail art! You are so talented, and thanks for sharing your endless creativity with us.

  10. Amazing video Kristina! Loved all the steps of masking, coloring with Oxides & masks, and watercolors. Phenomenal! ♥

  11. Awesome cards & envelopes, Kristina! Love the colors you chose. I think the ink transferring a bit from the mask to the border on the one envelope just helps harmonize the colors a bit more. Adds a bit of a glow, too! Thanks for all the tips, and I didn't think the video was "too" long at all. You kept it packed with content, kept it moving–though not too fast–and didn't waste any time in the least. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  12. Absolutely adorable sets. Please stop worrying that its too long. I loved seeing all the steps and the process. These were WONDERFUL and I imagine a lot of us thought so!

  13. I like the premise of this video – ideas for using one stamp several ways. Also, making our own envelopes with bristol paper is a great idea. Thanks for the in-depth instructions AND the way the video was organized with headers, etc. Lots of work but very worth it.

  14. SO AMAZING!! I love seeing the different uses for the stamp set. Just think how fun it would be to get something like this in the mail!! Thank you Kristina!!❤️

  15. I love this set…can't wait to use it – thanks for such good inspiration! Love the envelopes, too!

  16. wONDERFUL 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration ! What is it with crafters/artists and cats? I`ve got two, too ;)))

  17. Love, Love, Love the variety you show in this video. Love seeing the cards in the preview/display of the video. I never mind a long video. I dont consider This 26 min video to be long. 🤗 I do get scared when you use multiple measurements. Its not something I would ever do since its very time intensive….and very risky that I would still blow it. I usually make 10 swaps at a time for stamp club.

  18. Kristina…these cards are BEAUTIFUL!!! I was a lil mesmerized watching you do them. Great job…as usual.

  19. These cards and envelopes are fabulous Kristina!!! I loved the color combos you used to ink blend also. My mind immediately went to those pop art paintings once you removed the masks from the 4 animal frame card!! I liked them uncolored on those colorful backgrounds too. I have a question about the Bristol paper. I purchased some for use with my watercolor markers, and I later realized that mine is the Strathmore Bristol Smooth Vellum instead of the Smooth Surface. I later bought some of the Smooth Surface, but I haven't got the foggiest idea as to what the difference is….and honestly….I personally get better results on the vellum surface. Just wondered if you happened to know what the difference was? Thanks for this wonderful video!! Big Hugs!!!

  20. Outstanding Kristina! I love the fanciful color on the dog 💚. Each card is a feast for the eyes. And the mouse could almost double as an otter 🙃. Thanks for all of your hard work!!!

  21. sooo awesome!! The hole video (and the lenght was worth it!!) I would never had that idea to take purple for animals, but it looks sooooo great!!! and I love your distress-combinations (I saved all your combo-images on insta) and .. short: I loved everything! 🙂

  22. Love these cards and envelopes. Not sure why I never thought of using Bristol paper for my envelopes! TFS

  23. Regarding your masks, use clear contact or sticky tape to cover the stamped image before cutting it, then the colour will never go through the masking paper. Regards Liz

  24. You are soooo amazing, Kristina, and I can't express enough how much I appreciate your tutorials! Picked up so many helpful tips. Wonderful whimsical design on all 4 projects! Thanks for sharing, Kristina!

  25. So super cute. I need to practice using watercolor markers, you are such an inspiration! Do you prefer copics or watercolor?

  26. I’m in love with this video!!! Everything about it!!! And I love that it’s longer! I like seeing your process! Please do more like this!

  27. Have you tried Faber Castel watercolour pencils? They are like no others I've used before. They melt so beautifully! I thought I didn't like watercolour pencils but realised that it was the brand I tried that that were just not great.
    With the FC you really don't need a lot of water, and can color on the paper. All the pigment melts and doesn't leave marks.

  28. Love, love, love it.
    That little cat looks like my cats Leo and Filou.
    I love these long videos, because you are so awesome 😘
    Greetings from Germany, Steffi

  29. I like the longer video and following along from beginning to end. I like that you explain why you do certain things and i love all the techniques used. Cool to see more ideas worked out.

  30. Hello Kristina 👋! I really super enjoyed today’s video of all the four different designs! The best part was of course using the same stamps and inks to create a themed set of cards and envelopes! I never complain about longer videos especially when they are so filled with so much inspiration and teachable techniques etc! Thank you for all the hard work you put into this video! All of it is greatly appreciated! ~ Katz

  31. Multiple cards from a single set is great, maybe. Now that I see more options the set is more likely to be purchased. 😂

  32. Never worry about the time it takes you to teach us all your wonderful techniques. Your fans don't mind!

  33. Wonderful video, Kristina! Love the matching cards an envelopes and the idea of brushing on the background and then using a stencil over that. Great tips, thank you!

  34. Awesome and stunning cards and envelopes! Loved watching & learning from you. Great techniques, ideas, inking and coloring. 💜⭐️ Superb.

  35. What a wonderful creations of cards and envelopes. Beautiful!! Who wouldn’t want to get those in the mail?

  36. Really love these cards and envelopes, I managed to get my hands on the crazy chicken stamp set from stampin up, I wasn't sure how I was going to use them as it's not really my style but I just had to have the crazy chicken and now I have a few ideas to get me started. Thank you

  37. WOW – such darling cards, Kristina! Anyone, any age, would certainly love receiving these cards! 
    And I certainly enjoyed watching you do all that lovely work!

  38. Thank you for envelopes! To me they are the wrapping paper of the gift of the hand make card! Remember do not put anything below the zip code. The machines read whatever is on the bottom first.

  39. You touched a bit on why Bristol paper is more appropriate for this project, but I would LOVE a video that delves even deeper into different papers (esp. Watercolor & basic white papers) and their appropriate uses, benefits and limitations. For example, finding a simple white card stock that suits my purposes took me FOREVER to figure out. I couldn't understand why I found Neena Solar White so difficult to use when it seemed like everyone used it so easily in the videos I watched until someone told me that it's best for blending Copic markers (which I don't really use) and so it had become a staple for many crafters. Also, I'd like to know WHY Bristol watercolor paper is different from other watercolor paper. Why make a watercolor paper that can't handle much water? I just don't get it. My brain, and thus my crafting, works better when I understand the reasoning behind the intended function of a product. So, some illumination on those finer points helps me tremendously in being more successful in my craft-making (and anything else, for that matter) ;). And I know I'm not alone. Even if you don't know all the answers, just sharing what you do know in a dedicated video would be awesome. Thanks! 😀
    Also, beautiful cards, as always! 💕

  40. I love the stamp set. It's adorable! I really enjoyed watching this video (as I do all of your videos). Thanks for sharing.

  41. This is a wonderful video. The cards and envelopes are beautiful. You have given me so much inspiration. Thank you for sharing. Susan

  42. Your envelope pooch has a blank nosey! These were super sweet and I didnt think this was too long at all. Its nice to learn so many techniques in one video!

  43. Fabulous video! Thanks for the effort behind it. Darling outcomes! Love the techniques, too! 🏆

  44. Watching this one again. Reminded me I wanted to ask ages ago if you get the USPS postage stamp catalog. The artwork for these tiny "canvases" is amazing. Fabulous video packed with info, thank you.

  45. I enjoy your videos very much. I am new to card making, I always see the front of the card being made as if I am seeing one dimension. Is there not a fold in the card where the inside of card viewed and then of course the back of the card
    The way a traditional card is folded? I hope I am making myself coherent. Thank you!

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