29 thoughts on “1 Stamp Set, 10 Card Sketches! Hero Art STAMPtember collaboration stamps!

  1. Bonjour kristina , j'ai aussi un carnet ou je pense à mes projets c'est très pratique et cela permet de bien visualiser le projet 😁 merci pour cette vidéo 😘

  2. This is so amazingly helpful. To watch the process and see how much thought you put into it is inspiring. I love how one idea leads to another and the way you allow your thoughts to flow naturally is interesting to me. I tend to have difficulty with that particular aspect of creatively so thank you for letting me see that!!

  3. Wonderful ideas! Thanks so much for this video showing us your creative process!! Can’t wait to see which design you choose. And I’m heading over to SSS to purchase this lovely set right now!!❤️😊❤️

  4. Great ideas! Truly makes you stretch your stamps. Would love to do this with all my stamps [if I only had the time..lol]… It definitely will go on my bucket scrap list

  5. SO many great ideas. BIG thank you!!! <3 You inspired me to an eleventh ideas actually. Stamp a full background chromatic (?) color (like green ink on green cardstock) using all the stamps except for one. The one you leave out can instead be embossed, so it's a vokal point. and then add a greeting on a strip. A one layer card. 🙂 If you want to, add some bling. You can never go wrong with some sparkle. 😉

  6. I'm surprised you didn't sketch a shaker card. The leaves embossed in white with shaker pieces being little flowers. A beautiful sunset backdrop and the tall floral leaves embossed in white on the inside of the shaker with the tall flower with its head drooping done in mirror form on the outside.
    Just thought I'd throw those out there.
    God bless you Kristina ❤ XOXO

  7. Now that was so awesome and helpfull! I admire your creative mind, coming up so easily with all these ideas! Now off to the SSS channel to see which one you’ve turned into an actual card. Thanks for sharing, Kristina!

  8. When you did the round sketch, it hit me-that tuft of grass could be used upside down to make a curtain of weeping willow boughs!

  9. I never thought to sketch card designs for a stamp set. Wow! What a brilliant way to see various uses for one set. Thanks so much!

  10. OMG you actually plan. I never plan. I hate this so much lol.

    I heard some youtuber the loves this stamp.

    Great video. Thans you for sharing!!

  11. I’ve never done this with a specific set in mind, so must give it a try! I usually keep a little notebook hand and create card sketches or other ideas as they hit me or when I’m killing time waiting for an appointment or whatever. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I'm pretty impressed. Can't believe you came up with ten ideas for what to me looked like a pretty unimpressive stamp set. It was fun watching the thought process. I've never done card sketches before but can see how putting the thought in ahead of time would make the actual creation process easier. BTW the card you created is really beautiful.

  13. Thanks you Kristen for sharing your talent. As one of your subscribers I appreciate the time you invest in demonstrating how to do different techniques. Oh and your mail art is the BOMB!

  14. Hi Kristina 🙂 It was very, very helpful to hear your designing thoughts as you sketched! I hope we're going to see some sketch-come-to-life videos from what you've done today along with the STAMPtember one! It would be good to see the actual sketch and then see how you bring it to fruition! What percentage of your sketches do you actually go back to and create? I may start this practice myself with my own stamp sets. Thanks 🙂

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