1 Stamp, 5 Ways: Holiday Seals + Video Hop!

1 Stamp, 5 Ways: Holiday Seals + Video Hop!

– [Jennifer] Hello and welcome back. This is Jennifer McGuire. Today, I’m doing another video
where I take one stamp set and show you five
creative ways of using it. These are five techniques that can be used with
different stamp sets, just looking at ways to
stretch our products. This video is actually part of a video hop with a bunch of different companies from The Stamping Village. And be sure to look below. I’ll have links to the
other YouTube channels. The Stamping Village is a
group of stamp companies that have come together
to help each other grow, and the best part about
The Stamping Village is it keeps growing. More and more companies
are getting involved. Now, part of The Stamping Village is that they’ve come
out with two stamp sets that have a mix of designs
from each of the companies. And the best part is the
profits from these stamp sets are donated to the Dreaming Zebra, which is an organization that
helps bring art to children. Now, as I mentioned, there are two sets. This is the newer one. This is The Stamping
Village Holiday Seals. These are seals that are
perfect for envelopes but as I’m going to show you today, they are perfect for cards too. And there is one seal from
each company included. Each seal has a very different style, so you can mix and match it
with products you already have. Now, as I mentioned,
there was another seal set that came out before this one, and that is a more general theme, so it’s not a holiday theme, but keep in mind, you could
use either of these stamp sets with today’s techniques. And I’ll link to another video
that I did with these seals up here on the top right
and in my description below. Okay, so let’s jump
into five different ways to use these images. The first is to create stickers that you can put on your
holiday card envelopes. This is easy to do and you can
do it with other stamps too. Here, I have a label sheet. It’s a full 8 1/2 by 11 sheet that has permanent
adhesive on the other side. I’ll link to the
particular ones that I use. Now, you could stamp in any
way that you want to on here, and I did a few different things. In this case, I’m stamping
a bunch of them at once with VersaMark Ink, and then I’m using gold embossing powder. This is quick and gives
a nice elegant seal that you can add to your envelope. But I also did some options where I stamped with blank
ink and colored with markers. I found I was even able
to use Copic markers. I just heat set them every once in a while to make sure that the ink didn’t bleed. You can even stamp
these with colored inks, use specialty embossing
powders, anything you want. Now, even though this
is a thin label sheet, I found I was able to get good
stamping results on it too. Another option is to use white cardstock and put a double-sided
adhesive on the backside before you die cut it. So basically, you’re
creating your own sticker. Here’s another thing that you can do. In this case, I white
heat emboss the seals onto to label sheet and then I just applied ink to
them using a blending brush. You could use any ink for this. And this is great because you can make
your seal perfectly match whatever you used on your card. Now, to cut out my seals,
I’m using a circle die from the Hero Arts
Circle Infinity Dies set. The die is about 1 3/4 inches wide and it cuts these seals out perfectly. You could use a punch or
any circle die for this. I also like to use the Lawn
Fawn Stitched Circle Dies. There’s one that’s about two inches wide and it gives that faux stitched edge on the outside of the seal also. So, both options are fun. You’ll see me use both
throughout the video. So I’ll use the dies to cut out my seals and then I’ll have a bunch
of stickers ready to go. Another option is I know
you can get sticker sheets that have two-inch circles on them. You could do that and just stamp the circles
right onto those stickers so that everything’s ready to go. There are lots of options to create these seals
to add to your cards. So here are a few different
ones that I created. Some were inked, some were
colored, some were heat embossed. But now they’re ready to
add to my holiday cards. I wanted to show you what it looks like to have one of these seals on an envelope. This card, I’ll show
you later in this video. But look how this gives a nice finishing touch to your envelope. Okay, my second idea for using a circular
stamped element like this is to create a background
with repeated images. This is easy to do, and in
fact, I made several examples. So I’m placing a piece of cardstock into my MISTI stamping tool. There are some temporary
adhesive on the back to hold it in place. Now I’m taking a bunch of the seals from the stamp set and lining them up. You can do it diagonally, you can do it straight
across, whatever you want. I ended up with a pattern
that you see here. And you can see how I covered
that entire cardstock piece. I then transferred all of the stamps onto the door of my MISTI. And for this first example, I’m stamping all of the seals
with Simon Says Stamp Fog Ink. This is a super light gray ink and I thought it would be
nice for a subtle background. And before I took all of those stamps out, I did create a bunch of backgrounds, and I’ll show you those in a few minutes. Next, I took a few focal point seals and I stamped them on Kraft cardstock and white cardstock and added coloring. I then cut them out using
the 1 3/4-inch circle die, but you could use a circle
punch if you wanted to. I gave these circles a
finished edge by gluing them onto a two-inch circle
that has faux stitching. I then have my backgrounds that I created that I’ve added on to notecards. I also wanted to have little circles of red glitter paper for
the nose on the reindeer and also for the berries
for the card on the right. Now, I know that is mistletoe and they don’t have red berries, but I thought it’d be fun to do so anyways for some pop of red. So you see that snowflake on the left? That’s from Altenew, and it
creates these little dots that normally you throw away,
but I actually kept those and I’m using those as
accents on these cards. You could also use little gem stones or any kind of liquid glitter, but I really feel like
this gives more sparkle. I also used a White Signo Pen
to create little snowflakes falling on this Kraft circle that I created with the reindeer. Little, white details like
that with a white gel pen are great on the Kraft. Okay, next, I put some glossy accents onto the red glitter paper
berries just for dimension and to make them shine even more. So here’s the finished look at the cards. Now, the background on this was created with all of those
seals that we stamped at once and I stamped that with VersaMark
Ink onto Kraft cardstock which gives that tone-on-tone look. Here’s a closer look at
the seal that we created by coloring with colored pencils, and the red glitter nose that I created by die cutting a tiny little
dot from red glitter cardstock. Here’s the one that we created by stamping with the
Simon Says Stamp Fog Ink onto white cardstock. Then we have that one seal that’s popped up as a focal
point there in the center, and we have our red glitter berries. Another option for this design would be to keep it a one layer card and just color in one of the seals, but I like having a bit of dimension behind that focal point just
to make it stand out more. This one was very quick to create. I gold heat embossed all of
the seals onto red cardstock and then I put a simple Merry Christmas
sentiment strip sentiment at the center. So, think about it. Any image that you have, you can stamp repeatedly
to cover a background or you can take a bunch
of different images, put them together into a stamping tool, and stamp them all at once
to create your background. By the way, the Merry Christmas came from this Lawn Fawn
Offset Sayings Stamp Set. This is fun because there’s the
solid images and the outline that you can layer
together or use separately. I have one more example using
the seals for the background. In this case, I white heat
embossed onto a pool cardstock but wanted to add something
fun behind our seal. I’m using the Hero Arts Paper
Layering Poinsettia Dies set. I’ve used this in a video
before and I’ll link to it here. But I created a poinsettia
flower using those dies and then I put the seal at the center. In the other examples, I
just kept the seal simple but you could always
layer a flower like this or maybe snowflakes
behind it if you wanted. I also put some Studio
Katia gold glitter gems at the center of that flower. So although all of those card examples have the same background
or the same images, they all have a very different look. Okay, let’s move on to our
third technique for today, and this is to create an area of faux watercolor on your cards. This is super quick and a great way to create a focal point
for your stamped image. I’m using Karin Brushmarkers today. I’ve been using these
a lot lately offscreen and they’re really fun to use
and I love the bright colors. I’ll link to them below. But you could use any
water-based marker here. You could even use Distress Inks. You can use Tombow markers. Just try what you have. I have a circle acrylic block
here from Gina K Designs. I’m applying a rainbow of
color around the circle block. You could also use a square acrylic block, a rectangle, whatever you have. And I’ll link to a video where I did a bunch of
examples with this technique. So, after I’ve gone around and
put this color onto my block, I’m going to spray it quite
generously with water. You want to create droplets of color when you spray it with water. So, you can see me do it here. Now, I have a piece of watercolor paper. I like to use Tim Holtz Watercolor Paper because it’s bright white. I’m going to flip this color, set it down, smoosh it a little bit until
you see all the color move and then walk away. This is the hardest part. I walk away for a few
minutes and let it sit there. That allows some of the color to absorb. And then I come back, lift it
off, I can dab off the excess, and look at that beautiful rainbow circle. Now, you could do this with
any colors that you want, blues and greens, blues and purples. I thought a rainbow would be
fun for a unique holiday card. After I was sure that was completely dry, I use my anti-static powder tool, and then I stamped one of
the seals with VersaMark Ink and added Hero Arts
white embossing powder. I’ll then heat set that. I love that bright white image
against all of the color. I trim that down and added it to a Gina K
Silver Metallic notecard, so I made that from the
Silver Metallic Cardstock and it’s 4 1/4 by 5 1/2. I then added shimmer pen to the little lights on our image here and then a dot of glossy accents. A little shimmer and shine makes a big difference on a
simple card like this one. So you can do this technique
of using an acrylic block and any kind of
water-based markers or inks to create blocks of
color like you see here. And again, check out
that video that I did. I have lots of examples, and I’m hoping that you’ll give it a try. Okay, my next example is to create what looks like
an engraved metal accent. This is something that I’m going to share more
about on a future video, but I wanted to give you a
peek of the technique here. Now in this case, I’m starting with some
brushed silver cardstock. I’ve had this in my stash for a while, but I’ll link to a similar one below. Any kind of shiny, metallic
cardstock would work here, mirror cardstock, whatever you have. I stamped with VersaMark Ink, and now I’m adding clear embossing powder. And what’s cool is when you heat set this, it almost looks like that
image is engraved in the paper. It’s cool, I don’t know how to explain it, but it gives this shiny look
wherever you heat emboss and it creates a really
cool engraved look. Okay, so I cut that out with the circle dies I’ve
done on the other examples, and now it’s time to create our notecard. I use the Waffle Flower
Ticket Frame Dies set, and that’s what you see
over there on the left. I die cut the large die three times from this beautiful Serenity
Cardstock from Bazzill. It’s such a gorgeous color. I glued them all on top of each other and then I added them to a notecard. And watch, I’m lining up the top of my die cuts
with the folded line. So, I will just trim off the excess and what I end up with is a shaped card. And the outside edge is
stacked with dimension, so it makes it stand out even more. I think it’s fun to create
shaped cards now and then because it’s unexpected and unique. Now in the center of this,
I have a large circle that I die cut from Platinum Vellum. It was a scrap and I just thought it’d
be a nice, soft shine. I also used the Hero Arts
Snowflake Cluster Die and I created the two pieces you see here. These have three die
cuts stacked together, so there’s lots of dimension,
and I cut them in half to stretch them across the card better. I have my seal in the center there that I created on the metallic cardstock. Once I have everything laid in place here, so these are not glued down, I’m just positioning everything, I’ll take a piece of Glad
Press’n Seal and lay it across. When you press this down, it sticks, and it will pick up all
of these pieces at once. You could also use masking
tape or masking paper for this. Now I can flip that over and put adhesive on the back of all of
the pieces at one time. I put foam tape behind the
center and then liquid adhesive behind all of those stacked die cuts. Once it’s covered with adhesive, I can pick it all up and
put it back onto our card making sure the position is
right before I press it down. I then compress all of that
Press’n Seal down once again and that will hold it
in place while it dries. Once it’s dry, I can peel
off that Press’n Seal and reuse it on another project. Again, if you don’t have Press’n Seal, you can use masking tape. To finish it off, I
added a few silver gems and some iridescent gems. You can see how fun the shaped card is. And a closer look at that circle element, it’s kind of hard to see in the video, but it has this engraved look to it, so it looks like a metal engraved accent. This technique of clear heat embossing on metallic cardstock is
great for backgrounds too. And again, I’ll show you a video with more of this in the future. So this is another way to
kind of stretch your stamps and create something
special for your card. Okay, another technique that works great with simple circular element
such as this is a spinner card. I’ll link to a video
where I show lots of ideas for creating a spinner card, but I’ll also show you
how to create one here. I die cut some white cardstock from the Lawn Fawn Portrait Snowfall Die and that creates the background that you see here with
the tiny, little holes. I then have a circle die that I’m cutting to create a window. And the circle die is slightly bigger than the seals that I created that you can see there
at the top of the screen. I also have a light pool
colored cardstock notecard. This is Hero Arts Arctic cardstock and it’s 4 1/4 by 5 1/2. I’m laying my white piece on top and tracing the circle
opening onto the notecard. I’ll line up that same die
with that pencil circle, and I’ll run this through
my die cut machine also. This will create a window in
the front of our notecard. Offscreen, I created two circle seals that I stamped, colored, and die cut, and these will be the spinner element. I need to put a piece of thread right down the center of one of these. So to make sure I get it
right down the center, I have a piece of double-sided tape that I’m putting on the
back of one of the circles, making sure it’s centered straight. I then can flip it over
and trim off the excess. Now I put my thread right
along this piece of tape. I know that it is centered. So I remove that release
paper, and you can see I also have some tape
already on the back of this. I’m taking a piece of thread and lining it up right along that strip that I put down the center. Then we can take our other
seal and put it on this side, and that sandwiches the
thread between them. I normally use clear thread for this, but in this video, I’m using white thread so you can actually see it. Now I’m taking the
front panel of our card, that white one, and on the backside of it, I’m going to stretch our
little spinner element. So I’m holding the spinner element right at the center of that window and putting a piece of temporary tape to stretch the thread up to
the top and down to the bottom. By putting the tape there, it will hold it in place
as we add more adhesive and we can make sure we don’t
get any slack in our thread. Now I’m coming in with some
strong double-sided tape and putting a piece right at the top and the bottom of that window opening to hold the thread in place. Then we can remove our tape. Now, this is a little
thing that I like to do to make sure my thread
doesn’t come undone. I remove the release paper and fold the thread back over
it and trim off the excess. By folding it back over, I can be sure that it doesn’t slip out when we put our card together. I don’t know that you
really need to do this but I like to be sure. Now we’ll put liquid adhesive on the back of this entire panel and add it onto our notecard. So you can create a spinner card by having a circle die cut like this and you can stamp anything
on it that you want. It just happens that these
circle seals fit perfectly on it. I also wanted to create a
finished-looking frame there, so I’m using one of the large
faux stitched circle dies that I showed you earlier
and a regular circle die. To that, fit into each other nicely, running them through my
die cut machine together from white cardstock, and I create that circle
frame with the faux stitching. And I just glued that around our window just for a finished look. So, what you do is you
kind of spin the pieces so that when you open them
up, they’ll spin like crazy. So watch, I’m going to just
kind of rotate this around a bunch of times with my finger and then when I put it into my envelope, it will be nice and tight so that when the person opens
it, it will spin like crazy. Now, I will say I wish I
would have made this card so it opened up to the
side instead of upwards. When you have a card like this
and then you open it upward, when the card’s open, those little images that are
spinning are upside down. So, if you were to make this, I recommend making it
so it opens to the side because then when it spins and you open up the card, the
images won’t be upside down. So, that’s just something to keep in mind. I usually do it that way
but I forgot to this time. So, I just wanted to mention that. But it’s fun to be able to
have two different elements on the two sides, so they get a little
surprise when they open it. Okay, there you have five fun ways to use this Holiday Seal Stamp Set from The Stamping Village. However, you can use these techniques with any small stamp images. You just need to die cut
them into a circle shape. If you’re interested
in the supplies I used, they are linked below, along with the other
stops on this video hop, so be sure to check them out. In the middle are a couple other videos that I mentioned throughout this video. Thanks for spending
your time with me today, I really appreciate it, and
we’ll see you again very soon.

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