#1 Rascals (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

#1 Rascals (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create the new card, Rascals from Clash Royale. A new card was released today in the game Clash Royale, the card Rascals. A team of three, one boy and two rascal girls and I immediately got so many requests to create this card, I read it in the comments and I was fascinated by the artwork, so I was really happy to create the Rascals, although, this may be one of the most difficult creations from Clash Royale because of this posture where the boy is lifting one of his legs. But let’s get started! We will create the Rascals. This will be part 1. I will show you, how to create the boy and this will be a lot of work and after that I think I will upload the two girls next week. There will be a Fortnite tutorial in-between, but for now let’s create the Rascal boy. This is a tank in the game so he is fighting with his wooden sword and the two girls have range they can shoot with bubblegum and this is one of the details I laughed about this character. I started first with aluminum wire, because this posture with a lifted leg is pretty difficult. After that some coating with aluminum foil. You can still see it because it is lightweight and now we are coating with pink clay in order to get the skin nice and very thick, because this boy well he is a bit thicker compared to the girls at least. This will be the leg standing on the ground standing on the grass. And now we can start working on the feet, and after that, also on the hands. This is how I prepare the feet. And now we can place it right onto the legs. Also the lifted one as well and after that, well I’m using, my knife as a stand and now, we can start cutting with the scalpel and working on the toes. Some detail work. Yeah I have seen some gameplay of this guy and currently there’s the Rascal challenge in Clash Royale, which I haven’t started yet, but I definitely will play it this weekend. And the latest cards, well I didn’t really like the latest cards very much, but the Rascals I think are pretty interesting. Just cutting the fingers shortening them. They are very Interesting to play I think because you have one tank and two range characters behind. And normally, while I’m playing the Ice Golem for example as a tank at the front and I would place my wizard or any wizard or any card with range behind. And this is a very strong combo, and what I really love about the Rascals is that it comes all in one card. Yeah, we need some red clay. You can mix it, of course. I already mixed it. You have seen that I am collecting old clay stuff sorted by color and this makes it pretty easy if you just need a tiny bit of red like you just saw for the nose and for the ears so you don’t have to open a whole new package of red clay. This will be the hair and this is funny because this poor boy can’t see because he has too long hair. I would say the girls are his vision, his eyes, so they tell him where to go and where to fight with his wooden sword. This is the last detail for the first layer of the first part of this creation and we can put it onto the plate and we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Rascal boy, but he’s still naked so let’s dress him, let’s get him dressed and I start with the trousers which is pretty simple. I’m using my scissors for the details. They look a bit ragged and this is okay, because he is a rascal I think. Just placing the thin layer, also on the other leg. And here we go. The trouser part is almost finished. Now, we are mixing some blue clay. it should be a bit brighter so I mix in some peppermint green. And here we go. This, will be the color for his dress. I think it’s a great color, not too strong. Well just making his belly a bit thicker and we will cut the clay in order to make it fit onto the body. So here we go, also work on the backside of the character and just working on some different layers to make them even a bit thicker. It was a bit too skinny I think. Somehow it reminds me of a sleeping dress. Is it called sleeping dress? So, some more black clay for his foot. We will create it. It’s a bit curved and we will also use the scissors, again, for these tiny details. Just place it onto the creation and this is the hood itself. And after that this was one of the parts I love the most of this creation. We will add some of the details, very tiny details for the hood. Also, there are these screws I think, yeah. Somehow it reminded me of screws. And we will place them on the hood as, well. Yeah I posted this image on Instagram. You can see me how I am creating the Rascals and I wrote beneath that it’s not always about the finished creation. Most of the time it is also about the process, which I just love and I love to challenge myself. And I also wrote that it sometimes takes some time that I feel confident enough to start with a creation and when you’re into clay and you’re into modeling the best way to start and this will be the wooden sword, the best way to start is to look for great reference images. This makes it way much easier and to just get started. So it just takes some preparation and if you have good images the start is way more easy. So, this is the bubblegum we will use and he is holding bublegums and also some tiny stones, so, we will mix a dark grey as well and I’m using my knife in order to get tiny stones with sharp edges. So, here we go creating them. I don’t know how many of these I used I just tried to fill his hand. Yeah, so that the girls, the rest of the girls can just take the stones and the bubblegums to use them for shooting. Now let’s work on the stand. This is the muddy part of the stand. It’s the technique I used for almost all my Clash Royale tutorials. Still like the process of creating this stand because it looks very unique and still after I have created it like 20 times it is still some fun to create it with a grass on top. Before you’re wondering the next Fortnite tutorial will be the Tilted Towers location I will create out of clay but it still takes some more time. I think maybe three or four more days. It is way more difficult than I thought it would be, but stay tuned I will publish it next week together with the Rascal girls, but for now let’s go into the oven! Freshly baked Rascal boy, and well I think part one is finished. Guys that’s it! This is the end of part 1, part 2 will be uploaded next week. I hope I’ll finish editing very soon. Next tutorial will be about Fortnite again. I will create Tilted Towers our of clay. I guess that’s it for today. Thanks a lot for watching. Guys, take care. See you next week. Bye!

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