I LOVE SLIME…I LOVE SLIME…I LOVE SLIME Blue glue! I think Amazon glue is making huge bubbles, Mary Woah I have a big bubble and you have a big bubble! Hey guys! Welcome back to our channel! I’m Mary, and I’m Izzy and today we’re gonna be doing 1 gallon of Glue-All vs 1 gallon of Amazon basics glue. So the ingredients we have today: I have a gallon of Elmer’s Glue-All and I have a gallon of Amazon basics school glue I have a bottle of blue glitter and a bottle of neon bright blue food coloring I have a bottle of pink…pink neon glitter and then I have a bottle of neon bright pink food coloring And I have a can of shaving cream and I also have a can of shaving cream, mine is sensitive skin And we have 2 gallons of Tide activator slime today Well, we’re not gonna use it all or our slime is gonna turn hard Guys, let’s make our slime! I just hit myself in the face with a gallon So the first step is to pour in your glue, which we already started doing Amazon glue is really hard, like the container is really hard to squeeze I got some glue on me Done! Already finished So the next step is to add in our food coloring Let’s see who can draw a heart faster It’s so fun using food coloring like this in the bottle we could just squirt it out That’s too much Okay, let’s mix it up, it looks like a blue chocolate drizzle Woah, guys, come here, look how pretty it looks! I think mine looks pretty too Oh my God, this looks soo pretty! Woah, I just made a pink bubble! Oh my God, that’s cool Okay, so we got it all mixed up, now it’s time to add our shaving cream. Now let’s add it in I like that you didn’t get me this time Smells good How did you do that, Izzy? Well I don’t know It doesn’t stick to my hands! That’s cool, let’s add it in…for real this time Izzy I wonder what happened You didn’t know what side you squirted it? Is there any on my head? No, it’s good Mine’s empty Why are you laughing? I don’t know Is that why? No That was not funny Ahh, Izzy stop! Okay, now let’s mix in out shaving cream Turn this way, look at that way (2x) Look that way, no this way, the other way! This way? She wiped it off Wow, this color’s so pretty I know, I like mine…cause it’s pretty I like mine, mine’s more pretty It’s so fluffy! Okay, let’s activate it and we’re using free and gentle Tide Thank you…can I have more? What? You added more to yours and I want more There you go Oh sorry…It’s not funny Let’s go in with our hands Lemme just add some more activator to my hands, do you want some more? Yes There you go It’s so fluffy! It’s already turning to slime…oooohhhh Look at this, guys
It’s so fluffy! It’s already turning to slime…oooohhhh It’s so fluffy! It’s already turning to slime…oooohhhh I have the Glue-All. I have the Amazon basics school glue. Comment down below which one you like better Guys, so while it’s our dad’s birthday go comment “Happy Birthday!” in the comments Just spam the comments and say “Happy Birthday, dad!” So you’re just gonna work your slime until it’s not sticky Woah, it’s already slimey, it feels…it’s really cold. Why is it so cold? Maybe it was in the fridge It was not in the fridge This feels so cold, it’s so cold Okay guys, we got our slime all worked together, just kidding And this is the Glue-All and this is the Amazon glue So now let’s add in our glitter! Ready? You could do the prettiest design. And I like when you mix in the glitter and it’s activated because then when you crunch the glitter glue doesn’t get on your hands and it’s more sparkly So let’s mix it in…wow guys, look at this! It’s so pretty Okay, now it’s time for the best part Oooh, blue! Wow, it’s so sparkly and glittery Woah, look at all this glitter…I’m gonna try to make a bubble This is so much bubble Put a lot of glitter on it and violla! My glitter bubble Bubble contest, Izzy. Oh my God I got a lot of glitter on me Me too! Let’s have our bubble contest I think I won Comment down below who won I think I won. I think it’s a tie I think the Amazon glue is making huge bubbles, Mary Woah, I have a big bubble and you have a big bubble! I still love Elmer’s. I like Elmer’s too but today I like this glue Woah, let’s see how this looks mixed Unicorn slime! It’s unicorn slime I don’t know what you said Woah, look at this, guys She tries to make us work…oh lemme see. Oh I like your slime, it’s stretchy! Take this and add some more pink. Noo I need that slime! Oh, I need to make my round 5 bubble. I didn’t either I think I won (2x) Noo… Izzy, let’s dribble our bubble, we haven’t done that in a while Okay, let me just mix this into purple. I think that will look really pretty Let’s dribble our bubble. Oh it’s turned purple! Izzy, come on, ready? Okay, let’s see. I’m gonna try to get a goal of 4 1..2..3..4 Yay, I did it! I don’t know how much I’m gonna do, i’m hoping 10 Let’s mix them up. Woooo! My bubble! Yay, unicorn slime! I love unicorn slime. Guys, come here, right now! Mom, pass me the camera, pass me the camera Guys, look at this, I just stretched the slime like this Woah, this is so pretty UNICORN BUBBLE! Look, this is the purple it turns into Let’s turn it into purple. Woah, did you see that? Wait, nobody move This isn’t a drill. Unicorn bubble. Woah I wonder if I can stick my hand in Put your hand there, I’m gonna make a unicorn bubble Wait, don’t pop it Here come the hand that makes slime You should try crunching it while in the bubble. Yeah! Wait, that had a hole. It’s okay, I covered it I wanna try that Woah, let’s flip it over and then we can make a bubble over there Ah, stick! Mary just folded the stick into the slime Okay, let’s stretch this out again Put your hand right here Izzy. Wait, wait, wait. It’s a cotton candy Oh that was cool, okay Okay, I’m gonna try pinch it Okay, wait, wait don’t take it off Oh, look at the hand, it was unicorn Bye guys! Thanks for watching! Please remember to give this video a big thumbs up and Subscribe! And don’t forget to comment down below if you liked the Glue-All better or the Amazon basics or if you liked them better mixed. And don’t forget to comment down below “Happy Birthday” for dad.

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