🔥 When an epic adventure goes ALL BAD [PART 1] 🔥 ► All 4 Adventure: Unleashed TV

🔥 When an epic adventure goes ALL BAD [PART 1] 🔥 ► All 4 Adventure: Unleashed TV

Yeah, my biggest concern… we, like I said,
we’ve overloaded the tinnies this time. And we haven’t got a lot of free board. Jase has got less than me. His quadbike’s heavier than mine, so we’re
really worried about his his tinny with his weight. But the free board’s a big thing. You’ve got to be careful when you slow down,
careful when you turn. They’re punts after all said and done. They’re just sort of sitting there on top
of the water, and we’re very top-heavy. My quad bike seems to be a lot heavier than
Simon’s. The nose of my boat or the front of my boat
seems to be a little bit lower in the water, and I’m sort of yelling out to Simon. Simon, what’s the depth, you know, how much
free board have I got in the front? Because my boat seems to be filling up with
water. There’s no hole in my boat. How low is it at the front of my boat? Oh, 6-8 inches? Pretty similar to mine from what I can
see. The water’s splashing over the front. I just can’t seem to get that nose up, and
I’m getting a little bit concerned here. I got a bit of water
in my boat. It doesn’t look like it from here. I’ll keep an eye on this water level. Simon seems to have heaps of free board. His quad bike seems to be a lot lighter. We spent quite a few hours getting out of
all the shallower part of the river, because obviously we’re up the headwaters of it. So the further we get, the less sticks there
is. We get out into the open water–a bit of a
sigh of relief. A bit of plain sailing now. Get on the gas a bit. It’s some nice, twisty, open, beautiful water. But looks can be deceiving. So I’m behind Simon. We go around the turn. So you sort of you lose sight of Simon who’s
out in front. Come around the corner. Tight corner on the gas a bit. So it’s sort of leaning over a bit as I come
around the corner. And then without warning, their trip to the
coast turns into a fight for survival. Simon’s just yelled out. And he throws the word ‘sinking’ in. I’ve come round the corner… …and here’s Simon standing on the upturned hull of his tinny, and I’ve just gone… Holy sh**. In my mind I thought I’m still gonna be alright,
but it the felt like it was gonna go straight down. It literally started going straight down,
and then it rolled. I’m just thinking I’m gonna be swimming. I couldn’t see Jase, and here we go. Time to start freestyling into the bank. Heaps of crocodiles in this river system. **** It went straight under. Like in an instant before I could back the
throttle off, it just went. Straight to the bottom in a heartbeat. Where’s the quadbike? You know where the quadbike is. Aww, no! It’s on the bottom of the river up there somewhere. It’s gone. And my gun. My .30-30. What about a .30-30, there’s a quadbike on
the bottom of the river! Yep. A realization at that point is: Oh, the quad
bike. It’s not tied in to the tinnie. It’s gone. Oh, my rifle… it’s strapped to the quad
bike. It’s gone. The whole mission, the whole next few days
getting up to this plane wreck, it’s gone. It’s just the realization standing on the
tinnie, it was too much to think about. It was too much.

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  1. It can happen to anyone. Insurance will cover all the lost property but not your life !. Notify the police about the sunken 30/30 with gps way point for piece of mind if ever its recovered by an un-know person.

  2. Bigger barges and magnet fish for the bike and recover all at a later stage. Sometimes jingling a tow hook or similar in the water you may be able to snag them, gone for now. At least you blokes are ok. Bravo from Victoria Australia

  3. I am 12 years old and I love you and what you do I was just at Fraser doing some 4×4 and fishing hoping to see you but we didn’t.

  4. Who in hell would give you guy's a thumbs down?
    Two thumbs up from me reverses the one that d-head gave you guy's.
    Always a pleasure to see your episodes, keep up the good work.

  5. Entertaining and spewin for you mate, but there was no way that was gonna end well.. id love to know the kg-capacity of that tinny and what you actually had in there 😂😂 Reminds me of some motos i saw in SE asia…

  6. 🔥 When an epic adventure goes ALL BAD [PART 2] 🔥is now available! Don't forget to subscribe to the All 4 Adventure channel for more exclusive content.

  7. If you boys are looking for a camera boat skipper that knows not to wash out a over loaded tinny
    I'm available
    I also have a magnet that will pull up that 3030

  8. Just goes to show you that even well experienced people can get shit wrong. Let that be a warning to you once a year weekend warriors

  9. i can really understand jases reaction i went accross the barron river today course way and pushed my bike accross i almost got swept off my heart was racing if i went off i would have lost my bike a guy who went accross offered me help to chuck it in the ute i should have taking the help stubborn me im gonna take help allot more now im kicking myself for how stupid i was im never going accross flooded course ways again unless its ankle depth

  10. "His bike seemed to be lighter"
    He also didn't have a trunk and a heap of kit on his bike…..
    It's all fun and games till you get skin cancer.

  11. Good actors those blokes, and they do it all with straight faces!… nobody seems to care for reality anymore, truth has turned into toilet paper!!!

  12. …but then the camera boat rescued them and they all went home and had a beer and a laugh…..

  13. "….then, WITHOUT WARNING!!!!" Are you having me on? You could see this coming from the International Date Line, Mate !! 🤣

  14. Adjust the outboard trim to bring the nose up. Two-minute operation. Problem solved. All that information is in the owner's manual. They should have read one.

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