🐈 Gato-Lámpara DIY Geométrico para Imprimir Papercraft Kato-Lamp 3D

🐈 Gato-Lámpara DIY Geométrico para Imprimir Papercraft Kato-Lamp 3D

Hi everyone! Here you can see our new cat-lamp we have thanks to a collaboration we are doing with Studios Renate Design In this video we are going to show you how to assemble it and give you some advice to do it easier If you want the template the link to buy it is in the video description If you want to enjoy a 10% discount (or 25%) just look for it in our blog: Manualidades Muri to obtain the coupon Once we have the template is better if we use a Din A4 carboard sheets to print it Now we cut all the pieces trying not to mix them to do so, we can cut the pieces one by one or write the letter corresponding to every piece Now I’m going to show you two ways to fold the lines One is using a ruler and the other with an awl You can use an awl or a small needle even a smal screwdriver, but being careful not to pierce the paper too much so that the flap doesn’t break Before you assemble the pieces notice that there are two types of line One that has short stripes all together and folds down, making a valley And other that has separated stripes and points and folds up, making a mountain Is better start assembling the pieces from the ears, head and then the rest of the body To do so, we have to paste the flanges looking for the same numbers (1 with 1, 2 with 2…) The best glue for this kind of work is one that dries fast but not too fast, so that it allows us to mold the piece And with this last piece our cat is finished! As you see this piece is the basement and has a hole to introduce the light bulb As always I hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to suscribe and give me the thumb up

12 thoughts on “🐈 Gato-Lámpara DIY Geométrico para Imprimir Papercraft Kato-Lamp 3D

  1. Y si no tienes nes plata pero queres hacer una bonita manualidad para regalar a alguien especial que haces para conseguir la plantilla

  2. Yo no tengo esta plantalla creo la verdad es que no me a cuerdo de pero tengo muchas de todo tipo de animales si quieren paso domas digan cómo?

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