hey guys today we are going to look at
two very cute allo bags from Just Nile so Just Nile distributes a bunch of home
products decor and kitchen and bathroom things as well they are a variety of
things now I found these bags on Amazon and I thought they’d be very fun and
useful so let’s focus on this one right now this one can be used as a purse or a
tote it is waterproof you could definitely feel it water will not come
in and it has a distract dispatchable strap right here you can take it off if
you don’t want it and you can leave it on if you like having it around your
shoulders now it matters eight point one by eight point or a point 1 by 7 point
one by four point four so it is um it’s a medium sized bag especially if you
like carrying around maybe a small wallet and a few snacks maybe a small
book too just in case you’re going somewhere it has a front zipper
compartment right here that you can put it up in and it has an inside zippered
compartment as well it has inside zipper compartment as well side pockets now it also has side
pockets for not not for a drink it’s a little too small for that but maybe
something a paper and word paper or something small that you can’t fit
inside it this is the inside this has the long zippered compartment on the
inside there are also pockets as well so you could put in various you make small
make of products or in important things that you need to keep in so very roomy
free tote like this now we will look at the other one so now we have this
smaller bag it is very very cute and it’s practically designed it has a very
long strap in the back just like the last one where you can adjust it to a
desired length and it be used as a shorter or crossbody bag it is coated in
canvas material so it’s stain and water resistant just like the one I just
showed you and it’s a very practical and versatile especially if you do not want
just a bag or a large tote it’s just the right size to carry small things
comfortably this is this is the inside now there is a zippered pocket back here
right here and there also a couple more pockets and nearly long before there’s
about three pockets and they vary in sizes and then there it’s it’s pretty
roomy in there what I like about these products is that the zipper on the end
is very cute it’s a little owl with big eyes and owls are just cute and so
that’s why this bag is so attractive to me they actually called this one the
dolly bag and it measures about eight point one by seven point three by four
point one inches now this bag could easily go inside something beads for
luggage carry your toiletries and separate supplies you want to keep
separate I think this would be great for me I use the totes all the time to carry
my personal things like toiletries and shower stuff as well so these are the
two owl bags by Just Nile they’re very cute very durable water resistant and
stain resistant thanks for watching you

4 thoughts on “🌺TOTE BAGS/PURSES/CARRY ALL (Waterproof) OWL DESIGNS 🦉👈

  1. I bought this bag to my gf and she loved it ❤❤❤ and saved $103 💰💰💰

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