🌸Декор бутылки / Декупаж / Подробный мастер-класс от Ютты Арт.

Hello! I’m glad to welcome you on our channel. I’m going to decorate this bottle. This bottle has a pretty shape. I try to make dark and contrasty decor. First step I remove labels and wash the bottle. For decorate I’ll need white and black paints. Sponge Brushes Scissors Decoupage paper Pieces of lace PVA glue Gold acrylic contour and red contour And acrylic varnish. Let’s go 🙂 This is my washed and degreased bottle. The part whose on will be decoupage I’m covering with white paint. Leave to dry. Paint other side with black paint. After drying cover with varnish After drying I’m going to make decoupage. Chose and cut a decoupage paper. And apply acrylic varnish. Allow to dry and glue by PVA glue. Very careful smooth and cover second layer of glue. Well. I’ve waited to drying and now I’m ready for further decoration. I’ve cut different pieces out of old lace. In the course I’ll glue other parts of laces. I’ll paint the lace with gold color as I have the gold parts in my bottle. I’m adding white color Use dry sponge. It’s kind of vintage lace 🙂 Wet the lace with PVA glue. Glue well Cover with second layer of glue. After drying cover with varnish. I apply two varnish layers. I’m adding more details with gold acrylic contour. I’m decorate the cap. Glue the lace circle on the cap. Here’s a bottle turned out after I added the details. I hope you like the video! 🙂 Subscribe to our channel! Rate the work! Leave comments! 🙂 See you later!

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