日式便利商店風-雞蛋沙拉三明治/Egg Salad Sandwich|MASAの料理ABC

日式便利商店風-雞蛋沙拉三明治/Egg Salad Sandwich|MASAの料理ABC

Hello Everyone I am Masa, i would like to share with you a yummy Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich This is called Tamago Sando Egg Salad Sandwich in chinese Every time when I return home to Japan, I often visit my neighbor convenient store, I would buy drinks, snacks and food including sandwich they have many different sandwiches to choose from but my favorite is Egg Salad Sandwich! You can make this sandwich with my easy to follow steps and everyday ingredients So let’s get start on this yummy creation. 2 Eggs Start your egg with cold water and bring it up to boil Boil the egg for about 10 minutes after boiling Masa’s Tip: move your eggs from time to time will keep your egg yolk stay in the middle. 10 minutes later place both eggs into ice water smash the egg with potato masher Masa’s Tip: don’t over smashed your egg so you will have better texture instead of mushy egg salad 2 Table spoon of mayonnaise 1 Teaspoon of condensed milk Masa’s Tip: condensed milk will bring added sweetness and dairy flavor to the salad Sprinkle of salt and freshly grounded black pepper Masa’s Tip: it’s delicious to eat as is! so our Japanese style egg salad is ready now Masa’s Tip: you can prepare boil egg your way as well I used potato masher this time this is used to prepare mash potato Masa’s Tip: it works great with boil egg as well as red bean paste if you don’t have potato masher you can also use egg slicer you can easily slice boil eggs into egg slices where you can incorporate them in many dishes first place the egg in the middle press down to slice it one way then turn it to slice it again Masa’s Tip: cross cuts will produce better texture egg salad if you don’t have either masher or slicer, you can also use strainer place the strainer over a bowl and place the egg in the middle, then use spatula to push and break down the egg Masa’s Tip: using the strainer will result in finer egg Masa’s Tip: it can be use on all kind of salads if you don’t have any of the tools i used so far no problem we will just use our old and trusted glass bottle wrapped the bottom with plastic wrap and mash the egg with the bottom 2 slices of toast trim off the crust Masa’s Tip: you can either trim it or leave it on as you prefer Masa’s Tip: you can make bread crumbs from the trimming with food processor now lightly butter the toast which we trimmed off the crust Masa’s Tip: butter will prevent the toast from becoming too soggy Masa’s Tip: wrap the sandwich tightly to keep it’s shape Masa’s Tip: put it in the refrigerator for about an hour will do an even better job Masa’s Tip: cut it with knuckle side down will prevent indention from your fingers OK!!! here is my take on a simple but delicious tamago sando hope you enjoy it This is a very simple recipe, can be made quickly and it’s perfect for breakfast let’s start eating! hmmmmm Yummy!!!!!!! because i didn’t smash the egg many times so it have that lovely texture and you can really taste the egg yolk and egg white D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! pair up with cup of coffee makes it a perfect breakfast couple You can also add some yellow mustard to give it a kick while you butter up the totast and it’s equally delicious Masa’s Tip: kick it up with yellow mustard will bring it to another level! Masa’s Tip: you can also substitute toast with croissant or hot dog buns cut it in the center and stuff egg salad with lettuce and tomato in the video I wrapped my sandwich with clear wraps, but if you don’t like clear wrap, you can also use lightly moist cloth Masa’s Tip: using lightly moist cloth will prevent toast from drying up make sure you lightly moist the cloth without excess water, so it will be moist and tasty like you just made it. if you make them for picnic or lunch box you can use baking paper Masa’s Tip: baking paper makes it perfect to pack them and eating them without creating a mess There are lot of selections for baking paper You can find this easily in all stores just tear a piece and wrap your sandwich in it but if you want to step it up an notch Japan also have a large selection of fancy printed baking papers to chose from Let me show you how Masa would wrap his sandwich This make it a perfect snack to take with you! or cut it into halves and serve them on your favorite plate finger licking good and won’t make a mess Masa’s Tip: You can buy them at Japanese Department stores like Daiso or Hands and if you ever travel to Japan, you can pick them up while traveling Japan so this time we show you how to make a simple yet delicious tamago sando If you want to make a quick and easy breakfast please try it at home and leave me a comment to tell me how you did, thank you very much for cook with Masa!

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  1. 日本便利商店的蛋沙拉三明治真的很好吃

  2. 孩子是超爱鸡蛋沙拉酱做出来的吐司面包,外面买也不便宜,谢谢老师,我又多了一个加了练奶的鸡蛋沙拉酱。

  3. 這超好吃!!!去日本便利商店除了會買炸雞就是喜歡逛麵包類的食物了!自己做也是簡單快速!

  4. 重點在於方包,在香港根本買不到像日本那麼鬆軟的~老師如知道配方可分享一下嗎?

  5. 請問老師使用的美乃滋是台灣的還是日本的呢?因為聽說日本美乃滋是酸的,台灣的不是,如果用台灣的是否會影響味道呢?

  6. 水煮蛋 建議用電鍋蒸 一張餐巾紙灑些水放蛋上去蒸 蒸氣的溫度比水高因此熟的速度也更加的快速

  7. 每次去subway,都会买鸡蛋沙拉的三明治,这也是我的最爱,明天有早餐啦,谢谢Masa老师

  8. masa老師做菜的每個步驟都好優雅細緻~~今天又學到更多除了好吃也很好看的料理小撇步了!

  9. 請問在水煮蛋的時候要用針戳雞蛋的氣室嗎?我煮的蛋時候蛋白都會從蛋殼爆出來@@

  10. Masa老師,希望可以教「炸肉餅Menchi」メンチ? 看到卡通「我們這一家」的花媽買來吃好像很美味!

  11. 前天做了烤炸豬排 大成功。昨天加做可樂餅 也一樣超好吃!誰知道炸豬排可以只用兩三匙油就做到酥脆又清爽的口感!

  12. 做到保鮮膜包起來那一步 然後冰在冰箱一整晚 不知道隔天吃的時候 會不會麵包軟掉不好吃…?

  13. 老師~因為有看到老師稍微放在冰箱讓他定型,所以想請問這個是不是也可以前一天晚上做好,用保鮮膜包好冰在冰箱冷藏,隔天早上再拿出來當早餐吃?

  14. MASA老師好貼心,連雞蛋壓碎的各種方法都親自示範而不只是用口述!

  15. 雖然是普通的雞蛋沙拉三明治, Masa老師還是如匠人般的用心細緻的對待. 讓人感受到簡單的幸福美.

  16. 耶✌✌!! 愛吃🥚🍳🍣料理的我们,终于等到 Masa 老師烹制🥚🍞三明治了,喜番啊😄😄👍👍💖💖~
    謝謝 Masa老師🙏🙏💖💖。。。。

  17. 这种简单方便带出门的料理真的太棒啦,希望masa能多出一些这样的视频,上班族的福音

  18. 麵包邊緣切厚一點點,再用煎鍋不加油慢火烘脆,也很好用呢,切小片可以配沙拉,不切可以沾醬食

  19. 自從在“深夜廚房”看到後就超愛這道料理,製作簡單又好吃,配上一杯咖啡就是一份不錯的早餐~ 不過我之前做的都沒加過煉乳,下次試試看~

  20. 昨晚看完很想吃, 剛好家裡有材料, 早上做來吃很好吃🤩


  21. Omg those sandwich sheets is so nice!! It’s true, we eat with our eyes first.. presentation is just as important!
    Thanks Chef Masa!

  22. Chef Masa, your recipes book sold in Malaysia, if only in bilingual, Mandarin and English Language too.👍

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