微電影 私人补习 李添兴James Lee导演

微電影 私人补习 李添兴James Lee导演

This is your last chance. Miss Chen is a good tuition teacher. If you still fail your exams. Me and your mom will send you to a boarding school. Got it? Get off. You are Wei Tung? Do you want any drinks? Milk. Warm. With honey. Ask if you have any questions. Remember to finish your homework. I’ll see you next time. Why didn’t you drink it? I don’t feel like it. Let me make it clear. During our lessons you should obey my instructions. How old are you? It’s not of your concern. You’re just slightly older than me. What can you teach me? To be honest, among my students you’re the oldest. You can go. Why are they not finish? I’ve got no time. I think you don’t intend to do it at all. I’ve said that I’ve got no time. That’s not a valid reason. Then I’ve got no reasons. Stand up. Hands out. You think we’re in primary school? Hands out now. As you please. Did I say I’m done? This is for not finishing your homework. You crazy? I’ll tell my mom! Call her now. Sit and we’ll continue with the lesson. Sit down. What are you trying to achieve? Nothing. Do you intend to retain till you’re thirty? Why do you care? Don’t you have an ambition? Only losers have ambitions. You’re wasting everyone’s time. My father paid you, so just do your job. Hands out. I’ve already completed half. Just a little bit left. It’s not an excuse. My hands are hurting me, I can’t write properly. I don’t care. If you continue hitting me, I won’t be able to finish it. Where are the rest? I’m really working very hard on it. Sit down. Show me your hand. You continue with the homework. I’ll come back in a while. Why are you not doing your work? What are you trying to do? What am I doing? I’m studying! What’s the point to study?! Still have to work in a crappy job! You think you’re smart?! Look at you! You’re just working for my dad to teach me! What’s wrong? Do you know why we drink cow’s milk? When we’re born we drink human’s milk. As we grow we drink cow’s milk. Cows are animals. How can we drink animal’s milk? In my opinion, we should stop drinking cow’s milk. It makes us stupid. What’s your problem kid? It’s none of your business. Hey! How do you teach your student? Got no manners. Stand up. Stand here. Hands on the table. Ask him to come over. Wei Tung… Come here. Take it. Hit her. No. Ask him to hit. Wei Tung… I’m not… HIT! Do you love him? Want to kill me? Come! Kill me. Go ahead! What are you waiting for? Come on! Go ahead! Kill me! Don’t you want to kill me? Go ahead! Listen clearly! Don’t let me see you ever again. Got it? Okay? Fai! You piece of shit… Get him!! Today in KL, Chung Siew Fai a gang member was murdered in broad daylight. Police believe the killing is related to an ongoing turf war between the triads. The victim previously was under investigation for extortion and gambling activities.

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  1. seriously i don know wat is the fucking point of this video.
    study? parents love for kids? good teacher? student start to turn good? violent? gangster? prostitution? true love for a fucktart? consequences of gamble? getting a tuition teacher as a girlfriend from a fucktart after he die !!!????? blablabla shit???

  2. Something that our society does not want to admit. Those from Asia like myself know that there are areas that are taboo and quite sensitive. I believe that it was not the intent to be offensive-as openminded viewers one must see that what is shown here would be in the famous idiom 'do unto others what you'd want others to do unto you'.

    Portrayed in this fashion, the tutor-for that is what she is, merely showed him why she takes offense in how he slacks off: for though they maybe of the same age, her situation is such that she is stuck in an abusive relationship, and she wants him to strive harder so as not to suffer her fate.

    The duchebag of a boyfriend on the otherhand, showed us that his being abusive and cruel has its own bad karma-he paid for it dearly.

    Then the pupil and tutor's part.
    She tries to instill discipline, hard work, and responsibility to Wei Tung. Although in the beginning he hates her as the 'hired help' eventually he realizes that he can be better.
    And though to others it might not be the ending we all like, he has changed over the course of the film. And thus he achieved what the tutor wanted him to be. A responsible man.
    Them becoming a couple is a bonus.

  3. Thanks again for another touching film.
    Wish it were longer that wau Wei Tung's full transition would have been appreciated.

  4. Am i the only one who thinks this tuition teacher has such a monotonous style of communication and lacks synergy with the student?

  5. Let's not be too harsh on these indies guys. There are shortcomings which is why they are indies (read: not qualified for silver screen, yet). For this one, too much failed stills. Bear in mind that still scenes need to be composed and structured properly. Script writer tried too hard to be smart, and failed horribly. Script is the root of any movie. Script fail, movie fail. When the script is stupid, the movie ended up a comedy, and this is the case. Sorry but this indie makes me laugh at what's in the script writer's brain. Lighting is good, could be more dynamic. Editing too crude. Both teacher and the student are fine actors with plenty of potential but severely bounded by the director. Teacher if given more acting freedom and the student more expressive acting façade both will shine. Everything else nondescript.

  6. Interesting film but I don't know what to think of its message! Discipline is good but too much discipline is bad perhaps getting into sadism. It sort of crossing the line! The ending, do people get what they deserve? Karma!

  7. 很不好意思的说,我真的看不懂这部电影的意义在哪里?现在社会的老师已经够恶心了。你还企图写出这样的剧本来落井下石,那么是不是女老师也可以做出妓女的行为?那老师这个神圣的职业不就被冠上没有思维品格的人?就算是补习老师,也是老师。我是一位老师,我看了,我不吐不快。

  8. Hi Doghouse73,

    Can I make a little suggestion?

    I enjoy your short horror films a lot and when I go through the list of your videos to look for one, unfortunately you mostly give away the climax or the face of the ghost/spirit in your thumbnails. When watching short horror films the viewer doesn't want to rightaway know what the ghost/demon etc. looks like. That takes a lot of the suspense away before watching.

    It would be highly appreciated if you could choose the picture for the thumbnail of the video from a different scene in the film.
    Thanks! And keep up the great work!

  9. 站在社会价值观的立场,难免有很多人无法接受这类的剧情,因为人性的丑恶总是被埋没的,但并不表示它不存在。。。站在艺术电影的立场,恭喜你。。。我只能说这一部电影的情节充分地表达了这部电影想要表达给观众的那种感受,特别是老师被打的那一幕。。。心脏真的负荷不了。。。成功的电影就是把你带入到情节里面去。。。很棒的艺术电影。。。thumb up~

  10. Was just here to watch the video and then i noticed the boy looks super familiar. Lol one of my course mate in college. Like wow

  11. the teacher sees the student looking at them kissing but she continued. what the f? then she acts like nothing happend

  12. Everything is wrong I this video, but that's exactly what we are doing and do not think we are doing something wrong. Think about all the conversations

  13. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I felt the point of this was to show where a lack of ambition and hard work can land you? Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this film.

  14. I didn't expect to like this as much as I did XD I bust out laughing at 19:24. My favourite character is the teacher! Glad her boyfriend's gone 😛

  15. Tout faux ! Dès le premier coup de baguette. On ne touche pas à l'enfant des autres, surtout adolescent. Il frappe, c'est un faible, un lâche. Elle frappe par facilité. Elle se sait en sécurité à cause de son mec. "Des branques"?  Il n'ose pas corriger "l'homme"; il utilise "le milieu" (mafieux). A la fin, qui aime qui ? Leur amour ne tiendra jamais. Fondé sur leur fragilité (sables mouvants). (P.S. Je tiens à m'exprimer en français. L'anglais nous envahit.)

  16. I just know your short film from horror.i don't know how i reach here to see this short movie. In my opinion , you guys should keep to your horror movies instead of this …….

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