味噌拌炒雞腿定食/Stir fried Chicken with Miso Teishoku|MASAの料理ABC

味噌拌炒雞腿定食/Stir fried Chicken with Miso Teishoku|MASAの料理ABC

Hi everyone, I’m MASA. Today, I’d like to share a recipe of making a delicious set meal (JP:teishoku) It’s called (JP) Tori no miso itame teishoku Stir fried Chicken with Miso Teishoku A set meal like this is often my choice when eating at a restaurant or at home. The recipe is really easy. You basically prepare whatever vegetables you have in the fridge and cut them into small pieces and then you stir-fry it with the meat you prefer. Afterwards, you pour in the prepared sauce and stir-fry a bit more. The dish is then completed. [Tip] This dish goes pretty well with rice, [Tip] so it’s suitable to include in a set meal. It’s really easy to make. Alright, let’s get started. (Cabbage—80 g) (Cut into bite-sized pieces) (1/4 Green pepper) (Dig out all the seeds) (Cut into strips) (Carrot—10 g) (Cut into julienne strips) (1/4 onion) (Cut into thin slices) (1 Chicken thigh) (Cut into bite-sized pieces) (1 clove of garlic) (Grate the garlic into purée) (Ginger—about 5 g) (1 tbsp of sake) (1 tbsp of mirin) (1 tbsp of soy sauce) (2 tsp of miso) (Mix them well) Ok, the ingredients are all set. You can see it’s really easy. Simply cut the ingredients and mix the seasonings you like together
then we’re done preparing. When preparing the sauce, I make use of a tool. Whenever I use this tool, I receive a lot of comments and queries. So, I’d like to respond to those queries and introduce it. Here it is. A small grater. The merit of it is if you only want to grate a small amount of an ingredient [Tip] It’s more convenient for you to grate on a grate like this size. You can get the purée you need pretty soon. My normal practice is that If you grate some ginger, which contains lots of fiber, the fiber will be easily stuck in the grater. [Tip] So you can use sake or mirin to [Tip] wash off the fiber when making sauce. There are many other types of graters available on the market. So if you can’t find the smaller one, you can use a regular-sized grater, which is also a good tool for this purpose. [Tip] This shape of grater has a bigger side for grating so you can grate garlic, ginger, or radish into purée you can also use it with carrots. For grating these mentioned ingredients this grater is very useful. The problem is, the fibers of the ingredients get stuck easily especially when you grate ginger. You can’t really clean all the fibers left on the grater. So, when I use this type of grater [Tip] I will make use of a sheet of aluminium foil. [Tip] Cover the grater with a sheet of aluminium foil first [Tip] and then start grating the ginger. In this case, when you finish grating [Tip] you can slowly remove the foil sheet [Tip] and then use a scraper to collect the purée. [Tip] By doing so, cleaning becomes so easy as well.
Next time, when you need to grate a ginger, give it a try. (Some oil) (Turn up to medium heat) (Preheat the oil) (Onion & carrot) (Stir-fry the onion until translucent) (Cabbage) (Stir-fry until all ingredients are evenly coated with oil) (Some salt & pepper) (Turn off the heat) (To prevent overcooking, take them out first) (Turn up to medium heat) (Chicken thigh) (Sauté until both sides are golden brown) [Tip] To check whether the chicken is ready, pick the biggest piece of chicken, [Tip] Stick the chicken with chopsticks to check the color inside~! (Put the cooked vegetables back into the pan) (Green pepper) [Tip] To avoid color fading, add the green pepper right before you’re about to turn off the heat. (Pour in prepared sauce) (Stir-fry evenly) (Turn off the heat) Ok, here is a plate of delicious Stir fried Chicken with Miso Teishoku Ok, we may now dig in. It smells so good. Let’s eat~ A set dish like this, including a main dish, a bowl of steamed rice and miso soup, is my favorite. We have all the nutrition we need on one table. Let’s waste no time. Look how nicely-cooked this chicken is. (JP) Dewa Itadakimasu This dish goes very well with rice the chicken is very tender Once you take a bite, you can feel the meat juices flowing The way I prepared chicken this time is that I did not marinate in advance. The reason is that chicken takes longer time to cook. If you marinate the chicken before cooking it by the time it is done, the skin will be burnt already. Thus, I chose to use another method Sauté the chicken to beautiful golden color first pour in the sauce to season the flavor and it’s done after stir-frying for a little while. Enjoy this dish with steamed rice It’s a greater combination. Simply a pleasure. When I was in Japan, I usually eat this kind of teishoku a set meal including the meat and vegetable I like going with steamed rice and miso soup. This is a very satisfying meal. If you’d like to try (JP) ajihen which is flavor-changing you can add some white vinegar. just a little drizzle of vinegar then you can enjoy a more refreshing flavor. You can use either white vinegar or dark vinegar. (JP) Itadakimasu It’s really tasty. Simply by adding some vinegar and it tastes like another teishoku dish called (JP) Kurozu Itame which is a stir-fried dish seasoned with dark vinegar It’s another option if you drizzle the vinegar after the dish is served like I do. Because if you add vinegar while you’re stir-frying the dish the acidity may disappear easily. OK, today’s recipe is super easy. Just stir-fry many kinds of vegetable and meat to make a main dish and make a combination of main dish, steamed rice and miso soup. Then you can enjoy such a delicious and nutritious set meal. If you are interested in this recipe. Feel free to give it a try. Thank you.

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  1. 一聽片頭音樂,就開始期待了,流口水了! 跟你學習到許多作菜的小祕訣,謝謝你。我也很喜歡味噌,有家的味道。

  2. 素敵だな、ありがとうございました

  3. 真的是一道菜包含了所有需要的營養👍🏻很適合自己一個人不想煮太多菜的時候,簡單又美味😍

  4. 来日本以后,不会做饭了,调味料都不认识,后来遇到了MASA老师的频道,学到了很多,像是之前的日式咖喱炒面还有奶酱炖鲑鱼我都试着去做了,味道非常好,明天打算做烤箱版炸猪排~希望能成功^^感谢您的分享!

  5. MASA, I love your concept of your “four seasons” cook book, but I don’t know which link to choose, can you provide me the link to purchase from USA ? I just recently found your YouTube video, I love all your cooking, so easy and not too long video, thank you

  6. 其實我吃自己做的料理時,臉上表情也會像老師吃料理時的表情ㄛ,好吃就是好吃,不需其他言詞形容😊😊😊

  7. Masa San, love your cooking ❤️❤️❤️ love your interpretation on some Japanese words and your expressions are so delightful and cheerful 😀 ! Arigatogozaimashita 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. 无意间发现MASA老师的美食视频,一下子不能自拔了!太享受老师的切菜手工和最后品尝美食的表情,太迷人了!多多发表视频,我已经是你的铁杆粉丝啦!

  9. Love all the dishes that you cook, simple, delicious and healthy. I have questions to ask you, 1st about Miso, what kind of Miso is suitable for making Miso soup ( bcauz i saw there is so many kind of variety in supermarket ) 2nd is about Sake, can i use Chinese rice wine to replace this Sake? Thank you so much! <3

  10. 哇!加白醋或黑醋!

  11. 今天跟著試做了,非常好吃下飯,謝謝老師 😀 之前買了一瓶味淋 Mirin用了好久都用不完,發現了老師的頻道後,現在味淋已經見底了 XD

  12. 老师的风格细腻清新,我感觉自己每次看老师的视频都会情不自禁的露出笑容😊我还把吐司披萨和舒芙蕾松饼的那两期推荐给妈妈了,她也很喜欢😁

  13. masa老師真的很謝謝你呀!(´⌣`ʃƪ) 我今天做了這個給男朋友吃,他很喜歡😍還有味增湯!

  14. miso實在太好用了,最近我把masa的yakisoba recipe中的豬排汁轉成了miso調成的醬汁,有非常大的驚喜!

  15. 每天早上都很伤脑筋要为孩子做便当带去上学,自从看了masa 老师的视频,就学到好多样健康,不复杂的料理,谢谢masa 老师的用心教导。🙏🙏🙏

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