【UVレジン】100均ねんどの雲とレジンで虹空の雫を作りました!cloud of clay, resin DIY

【UVレジン】100均ねんどの雲とレジンで虹空の雫を作りました!cloud of clay, resin DIY

Hi, This is POPOKURO! So far I used soap or kneadable eraser as the material for “cloud-resin” I received some questions about whether clay can be used to make clouds So this time, I’ll try to make a cloud-resin that is imagined the rainbow sky using clay! I’m going to make clouds with “SOFT CLAY” from DAISO The main material of this clay is microcapsules and natural fiber I use a little because it is hard to make when there is a large amount About this Knead while tearing over and over Loosen it If you knead it for about 3 minutes, it will gradually dry and fall apart Keep kneading it together About 6 minutes after starting. It’s gradually fluffy The goal is getting closer! About 10 minutes after starting They have become like clouds😊 If you knead too much, it will be powder, so this is the end! Like this Since materials containing water can’t be put in the resin Let them dry completely for a day or so Dried! Crush too big lumps moderately If you use them as they are, they are too scattered So make units by hardening with resin Quick-drying UV resin liquid (Clear color) from DAISO Put a very small amount Mix gently so that the fluffy remains I added some resin because the resin was too little Divide it with the image of making small clouds A lot of small clouds! Cure Irradiate with UV-LED light for 1 minute Cured I will use these as clouds ☁ Let’s make a rainbow sky! Silicone Mold for resin (Round) from DAISO Add a little clear resin in the first layer Spread to the whole Cure Irradiate with UV-LED light for 1 minute Cured Add some clear resin of the second layer Spread to the whole Put a little cloud Putting clouds in a transparent layer makes the clouds look white 😊 Adjust the position Cure Irradiate with UV-LED light for 1 minute Cured Add clear resin of the third layer up to 70% of the mold Spread to the whole Put clouds Since I’m going to make a rainbow in the upper part, I put no cloud Sky Blue UV resin Put a little in the middle Adjust the clouds position while mixing the border color Cure Irradiate with UV-LED light for 1 minute Cured Next, I will make a rainbow! I’ll introduce the color resins for the rainbow Quick-drying UV resin liquid (Light pink) from DAISO Lemon Emerald green Deep blue I used another silicone mold as a pallet Light pink Lemon Emerald green Deep blue Make purple by mixing deep blue and light pink Use these five colors to draw a rainbow I used a toning stick to draw the rainbow You can use a toothpick etc. Draw a loose arc line in light pink Irradiate UV-LED light for about 10 seconds Draw a line with lemon color Express intermediate color by overlapping with pink Irradiate UV-LED light for about 10 seconds Draw a line in emerald green Irradiate UV-LED light for about 10 seconds Draw a line in deep blue Irradiate UV-LED light for about 10 seconds Draw a line in purple Irradiate UV-LED light for about 10 seconds The colors are too pale, so repeat Fast forward The rainbow is complete! Next, add clear resin of the fourth layer (last layer) Extend to the whole Put a little cloud on both ends to make the bonded part feel natural Put a little sky blue in the middle Cure Irradiate with UV-LED light for 2 minutes Cured Did it go well…? I was able to make it as I imagined! Next, make another drop.
It is almost the same until halfway 1st layer: put clear resin and sp1st layer: put clear resin and spread it thinly and cureread it thinly and cure Second layer: Put a little clear resin,
Put a little cloud and cure 3rd layer: Add clear resin,
Put clouds, Put sky blue in the middle I’ll add crash holo to the third layer😊 Add a little bit of crushed holo Let’s paste it with the other I cut the earthquake-resistant gel mat and pasted it so that the other drop would not slip when I put it Gently put it on
Align the position Cure Irradiate UV-LED light for 2 minutes,
Turn it over and irradiate for another 2 minutes Cured They did not slip😊 Cut the excess resin with nippers Almost cut out I shaved the rest with a router This time I will set this diamond point on a mini router It seems to be able to shave better than the whetstone used until now 😊 Shave it until you feel smooth by touching it with your hand Lightly shave with a coarse file This file is “craft buffer” Polish even fine file I set the 1mm drill bit to the mini router and opened a hole. Remove the powder This is “toothbrush type brush” for makeup eye pin (8mm) Fix the handle of the tongs with a rubber band Next, coat with clear resin and give gloss First, add plenty to the whole Next, Extend it thin while dropping the resin solution on the brush Because it was applied evenly, I’ll cure Irradiate UV-LED light for 1 minute while turning the drop Irradiate for 2 minutes, turn it over and irradiate for 2 more minutes Cured Glossy✨ Finally, attach the metal fittings and finish it as a charm Claw Clasp, Round Jump Ring (Silver) Ball Chain I use silver Open the round jump ring Through the heaton Through the claw clasp Close Attached to the ball chain done! I think It has become a bright and refreshing sky that suits the rainbow 😊 The shape of the cloud on the back is also interesting ♪ The Rainbow Sky Charm has been completed! Thank you for watching to the end!

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  1. 素晴らしい!

  2. すごーい!虹まで作れるんですね!

  3. 多分初期動画からこっそり登録してみてたんですが初コメです😃



  4. Looks so beautiful!! Also playing with the colored resin, I think you can make sunsets or dawns too.
    You are a great artist ♡ and a great teacher too!

  5. I love your work and how well you explain the process 👍🏼👍🏼 I would like to know what kind of brush do you use to give the last gloss and how do you clean them? Thanks

  6. このふわっと粘土は電子レンジでチンすると(様子を見ながら)モコモコ膨らんできて、冷ましてから(修正→固まってから)パラパラにほぐすと雲っぽくなりますよ

  7. すごく綺麗✿゚❀.(*´▽`*)❀.゚✿

  8. POPOKUROさんは誰でも簡単に手にいれることができるような材料を用意してくれるし、説明も丁寧で分かりやすくて良い

  9. いつも参考になります😊

  10. 発想と根気、センスがすごいし

  11. きれいですね(*´ω`*)

  12. 主さんが思った中で雲のレジンを作るのに、

  13. 半球型のものを重ねる時どうしてもズレてしまうのですが、耐震マットで対策できるんですね!

  14. おはようございます(❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈))

  15. いつも見ています。😊とてもきれいで、上手だからいつかグッズ販売してほしいです😆

  16. いつも素敵な動画を拝見させていただいております🌈✨


  17. 素敵な作品を作られるPOPOKUROさんにご相談です。

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