✔ Minecraft: How to make a Sand Castle

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Sand Castle

How to make a How to make a Sand Castle. Hello again! Another short video! It’s just a great little decoration for your beach! The pots are supposed to look like small buckets. You can imagine they were used to shape the castle! What do you think about these tiny idea videos? Voice your opinion below in the comments or by rating! See you next video!

100 thoughts on “✔ Minecraft: How to make a Sand Castle

  1. This is a very cool mini build! When I make maps or mc things in general, I use your tips and ideas! (Yesterday I built the Starbucks you did! I loved it TYSM!)(also, I subbed to u for so many years! I can't count, bc time doesn't tell me what to do!)

  2. ben turkum adam olun lan turkler baskin tur bayraklarini koyun amerikanlara boykot piç amerikanlar sikim sizi oçlar turkce konusun lan ⭐🌙

  3. love the undertale music :3

    My reaction to undertale songs:
    Ruins Cries

    His Theme – Cries-

    Megalovania DOO DUH DOH DA DEE DA-

    Waterfalls I want to be at peace forever…

    Undertale This is life.

    Bonetrousle YAYYYYYY

    Asriel & Asgore's Themes These sound the same but they are perfect.

    All of Undyne's Themes THIS WILL SUM UP MY LIFE SOME DAY

    Im just going to keep typing u should leave

    Temmie's Shop This is so nice :3

    Muffet's Theme I love this song but… WTH IS THIS SO HARD TO BEAT

    Chara Umm- OW MY EARS

    The one spooky song you hear when you'r in Gaster's room oOh

    Annoying dog icanlivewiththis

    I think this is enough but tell me if you want more reactions!, Stay determined! -Frisk

  4. Oh yeah with the next update you can surround a 2×2 box with stairs and waterlogge them and then fill in the 2×2 boxk with sand stone fences, they look like towers

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