✓DIY Cum Facem un  Vapor din Carton | Vapor din Carton DIY 2019

✓DIY Cum Facem un Vapor din Carton | Vapor din Carton DIY 2019

Slutare !! and welcome to the “ideas” channel. How do we make a cardboard ship? Enjoy . We need cardboard, We begin to draw and draw the center of the ship. We cut with the cuter or scissors. We tailor the top of the boat. We cut. We attach the two pieces with the soldering gun. Next we measure and tailor support elements. After cutting we stick to strengthen the frame of the ship. Over these frames we paste strips of cardboard with a width of 2 cm. We tailor the front of the ship. Next we cross the deck in front of the ship. I use scripts to make the mast. We’ll stick more in one place. Then I’ll stick it on the front deck. We make small pieces of cardboard, of different sizes, which we attach to the deck, giving a timber look. We glue cribs on the edge of the front decks, a few layers. Then we glue a strip of cardboard to the back of the ship. I use the box of ribbons to give a more beautiful look. I glue it on the front deck. We make two smaller rectangles and glue them over the box. I cross the back of the ship. In the meantime, I cut two masts one in front and the other in the back. From paper I cross the fabric of the steam. Measure the center and glue together, we glue 3 pieces of different sizes. Then I’ll stick them on the mast. I will fix the cloths with yarn and sticks. We glue the ship’s guard then on each mast and canvas. We stick to each canvas separately. I will color the deck front and back with acrylic watercolors. Then we paint the boxes in black. We make some black decks on the deck surface. We stick the ship on a piece of polystyrene. We make a small cut for a better attachment. I use brown lacquer to paint the outside of the boat. I use the hook to stick the sand on the polystyrene. Dry sand. Croim vasle. I’ll stick them on the boat. I draw a flag of Romania, which I will stick to the front. I’m sticking it on a stick. I’ll color the flag. I color the polystyrene sides. We make a staircase of sticks for fridges. We stick it. I made another staircase that I stuck to the mast. And I finished the work. Thanks for viewing. SUBSCRIBE AND DISTRIBUTE MORE FROM.

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