⛵️We are selling our MAST!! (winches maintenance after 22 years)#107

⛵️We are selling our MAST!! (winches maintenance after 22 years)#107

This week we’re gonna show how we’re giving maintenance to our winches. It’s like playing a huge dirty puzzle. So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But, guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So, we’re gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. New episode every Monday!! So, what is the plan? Well, we have great news. We bought a new mast! That’s exciting. But now we need to take this winches off. The new mast is not ready yet. We ordered a new mast that’s gonna take like 45 days to be done, but we want to start trying to sell this old mast. So, we want to take off the winches that is the only thing pretty much we are gonna use of this mast. Easy. You need to film that perfectly otherwise we cannot put that back together. We need to learn with our own video. It’s our first time opening a winch. You know what that means, right? We have one left. And of course the last one is gonna be the tricker one. Good news. It’s pretty good. That means the first
one is off without any trouble. Exciting day. We still have 3 more to go and one is
upside down so… We either need to turn this mast around, that’s gonna be too
much for us 2. I think it’s not an option. Let’s see if it’s heavy. No way. Impossible. No. Dangerous. No, we’re gonna do it upside down. So, after 22 years this is the condition of the winch. After opening the whole system and cleaning it… we’re gonna close it now just so we don’t lose the parts. We’re gonna leave it close. But… there is still water inside. That’s it. We did it. I mean… we didn’t do it. We took
off the winches. We still need to clean and give maintenance and grease and the whole thing. But at least we managed to take out them 4 and now we have around 8 winches to give maintenance to. By the way, one of those the small ones… no, this smaller one we’re not gonna use. So if you’re interested on buying a used winch… Because we’re gonna have only 3 not
4 on the new mast. So this one after cleaning and greasing can be yours. Let us know, you can send us an email. *it’s a joke, it will be a gift to a friend. Now we need to clean them all and we need to clean the mast to prepare to sell this. Yes, it’s deserved some love. Let’s start with the big cockpit winches We need a picture of this, just make sure
we know how to put it back together. The spacer broke I don’t know how we’re gonna put
this together but we’re gonna find a way. Next step: clean the whole thing. This mess. Using? Kerosene. It’s a lot of pieces. So, we need to clean all this and then somehow we need to figure out how to put it back together. The good thing is we have this one that we can copy. Kerosene + sand paper + wire brush + stainless steel cleaner It’s about time to… The weather is tough today. It’s about time to assemble the winch. Yeah, the good thing is that we have this old one, I mean they’re both old but we have this one that we didn’t disassemble yet, because we need to know how to put all this together. So now we’re gonna open this one and use as a sample as an example so we can see where each piece goes and then we assemble this one and then we can disassemble this one. It’s always good to have to this make sure we know what to do. I think it’s a good plan. So, we are trying to do the same as this
part. This was when Duca started doing things wrong. We’re not trying, we are gonna do this. Way too much grease And there is an easier way to apply grease Here we should have used oil instead of grease But we can talk about it later That’s pretty cool. And now the final moment. Not final, but that’s a good moment. Getting there. Moment of truth. Are you guys ready? You put the bottom first. Don’t say that. That was a joke. I have one last piece that I don’t even know if we needed to take it off but… Yes, we did need. That is gonna be hard to take it again to do the new pieces. This one is easier than the other. Time for the truth. Now we can do a proper comparison. We truly didn’t turn this yet. This is the old one, it’s turning but hard. Wow! That’s much much better. Nice job. Even with the broken part. The only thing we need to do is to exchange that broken part and we’ll need to open up all over again. We could not leave all apart, so we needed to do it. Time to try it in place It’s heavy. It’s not an easy job, babe. No. Just a joke. It’s not right. Now it’s gonna work. It’s perfect. It’s working. It’s really really good. I think we’ve never had a winch this well. We’re talking today that we had a
sailboat for 5 years, the 26 foot and we’ve never done this on the other boat. And it’s easy actually. It would be really good actually, because it works much better than our old one. That’s pretty cool. We still have some of them to do. This week is gonna be raining so we have a lot of time to do this. As we don’t have much to do with rain. Yeah, we thought we were gonna do all
eight in one weekend. But today is already Sunday late. So we need to start editing
this episode. That means we won’t finish all the winches on time. But we can do
that later. You got the point, that’s basically how it works. Most of them are always something similar to that. I believe we over greased this one. We put a little bit too much grease. I over greased. She said it was too much and I was always unsure if it was enough. As usual. But, as we are gonna open this one again to change this small spacer we can take some of the grease off. And for the next ones we are gonna get a little bit less grease. *and we will show a better way of applying grease So, that’s it for this weekend. And we need to welcome on board our new patrons. So, welcome on board Dave, Terry, CatSailTale, Kathleen, James, William, James, Sven, Scott, Tom, Ducan, like Duca, and Charlie. And we also want to thank the donations trough our PayPal. Thanks a lot, Janet and Paul. So, I guess we see you guys next week. We see you guys next Monday. Join the crew

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  1. You could make a replacement spacer out of Delrin (polyoxymethylene) any engine/machine shop would make you one for a few dollars.

  2. I take a lot of stuff apart. When it comes to old stuff ,diesel fuel is an excellent penetrating lube,cleaner and rust inhibitor. Kerosene is a lighter fuel with less detergents ..good cleaner and penetrating

  3. I think you guys should consider running some/all of the lines to the cockpit as you dont want to be up on deck when it is terrible seas!

  4. Maybe when it's all complete there could be a DVD on the complete history of the restoration of your beautiful boat, I'd pay good money for that as part of my DVD collection, I love sailboats above any car or fabulous houses, I hope to own my own boat very soon, a complete DVD would inspire people to do as you have nearly done 😊😎😍

  5. My personal opinion and thought would be build the top half of the winch first put it back together then open up the bottom half and rebuild it separately

  6. Theres a Diniepier tropic 1200 for sale in Antigua Barbuda which seems to be in very good condition…..price $89000.Does your boat have the unusual centre board arrangement?.

  7. You need to keep the extra winch as a spare some of those old winches you cannot get parts. Better check to see if yours are still made and supported or you will be replacing them everytime one fails and the mounting holes do not match up on new models.
    tink tink tink think…

  8. 0000 steel wool makes good stainless cleaner to old stainless fixtures, used on antique cars to refinish bright-work and some Mother's polish.

  9. Use water-type marine grease that is resistant to water wash out, the winches are always in the weather. Check with magnifying glass your plastic thrust and rotary bearings for cracks/checks, the plastic that holds the bearings is what fails first, Should be able to source new ones from a quality industrial bearing supplier.
    Cut down (shorter) the bristles on your grease brush to make it stiffer, you are doing okay.
    If mounting through decks at potential water-leaks, seal bottom around screws with butyl sealing tape.

  10. You can never have too much grease and oil on a winch that's been neglected maintenance and exposed to the elements, not to mention, un-used for the past 2 decade's.

    Great job and video again guy's 👍-up.

  11. Don't sell the used whinch!! Keep it on the boat for spare, you never know when you will need parts for the other whinches.

  12. Olá Duca e Roberta !!! Como estão ? Pessoas inteligentes e que sabem usar a tecnologia a seu favor é outro nível. Legal que compraram outro mastro. Quer dizer que o Odd vai sair aí da minha terra velejando e não no motor como pensei. Bacana que em breve finalizarão o projeto de reforma do Odd. Parabéns, vcs são feras demais. Não esqueçam de avisar se forem passar por Cananéia. Irei lá conhecê-los pessoalmente. Abraços e bons ventos !!!

  13. Olá Duca e Roberta, já acompanho vocês a bastante tempo, quero dar uma sugestão, o apoia.se e o support.us são conflitantes, eu por exemplo vejo crescer o numero de apoiadores no support.us mas tive dificuldade de encontrar o link dele nos vídeos, e ao visitar a página do apoia.se poucos patrocinadores aparessem. Aos menos informados que acompanham seu canal e veem no final de cada vídeo uma lista grande de novos apoiadores se deparam com uma informação no mínimo estranha ao visitar o apoia.se, os números não batem, e como é difícil chegar no support.us se não entrar pelo "sobre nós" fica esquisito. Sei que o número que cresce são apoiadores estrangeiros mas não sei se de alguma forma uma boa colocação não poderia colaborar com o aumento dos apoiadores.

  14. Bom dia amigos do mar td bem com o casal 20.parabens fizeram uma bela desmontagem e montagem .show um forte abraço bons ventos sucesso veleiro catarina cabo frio RJ

  15. Winch rebuild kits are available from Amazon for 39USD. Includes bearings, bushings, races, seals and, pins. Includes Timken bearings. I tried to post a link but, it said link posting was blocked.

  16. You both did a great job removing those winches and rebuilding that big one.
    Are the big winches in the cockpit controlled by electric motor or are they all
    controlled by hand cranking?
    Thank you for another interesting video.

  17. Have you put any thought into bringing all the lines back to the cockpit? You have enough hardware and winches now. Just curious. Great video.

  18. What was the reasoning for replacing the mast? Lots of miles signs of issues like lots of corrosion? Or just going for a new high tech carbon fiber racing rig?

  19. You did a good job there, just a tip, when I take anything like that I use a 150mm Gutter with stop ends also I use the brackets to fix it or a wooden cradle then you can lay all of the parts safely in it cleaning as you go if you like. Hope this is useful to you. Good luck and cannot wait to see you launch your amazing Boat.

  20. Hey duca and Roberta, it is so good To be back and to watch your videos again. The deck looks wonderful!!! Come quick to Floripa. We are waiting for you.

  21. Hi guys, I've been watching your videos and I just realised how much time you guys could save by acquiring some battery powered tools such as a drill and impact driver. I know it might be expensive in Brazil but maybe you can give it a try, it will save you heaps of time. Keep up the good work!!!!

  22. Don't forget the winch mounting brackets on mast you might need with new mast and the clutch blocks on mast and any other parts  .  down load service repair manual for all winches that way you will have parts list and should use a good oil not grease it gets dirty quicker and can cause more wear ,  what is wrong with old mast are you going to in mast  furling ????????????

  23. Parabéns, muito trabalho,mas valeu a pena.Adoro os vídeos de vocês 😘🥰💙. Sempre fazem tudo com alegria e bom humor.Uma boa semana,um abraço e beijos, Até 👍🔝⛵🌺🔝🔝🔝

  24. Dont forget to retrieve the clutches from the mast they cost a fortune to replace and once your out at sea spares are always useful to have with you

  25. Good job on getting it back together.. sucks that the spacer broke. If you can find the name of the manufacturer, try and get an exploded parts diagram. This will also show you the assembly process. Great to have onboard for the future. As for grease, may I suggest to stock up on an aviation grade grease which is red. Has much better water repellent properties. And you will enjoy that while cruising. But yeah.. any and all exploded parts diagrams you can get your hands on will be a blessing down the road. Make yourself a binder and place them inside acetate sleeves or document protectors. And be the time your boat is ready to sail, you should have a full and complete library onboard.. he he he he! And while at sea, don't be dependent on digital information. That crap will get wet and you'll wish you had some paper copies. Trust me on that on lesson.. LOL.. Thanks for the another upload. Oh and the unused winch you want to sell, will make a great paper weight in rough water or a lantern stand… LOL.. Just had to through that in. And get some snap ring pliers for your tool box.

  26. Hey Duca, was that a Lithium-based grease? If so, you might have to redo the job! Lithium greases absorb water and will corrode your components in the damp atmosphere at sea. You might want to make sure the grease you use is a waterproof grease. Please double-check!

  27. I liked how professional Roberta looked when the winch was completely disassembled and laid out on the towel. She had her hair down, sweat dripping and hands dirty. I'd say she could be a professional winch rebuilder! Good job guys! I'm still anxiously waiting to see you put this boat in the water and start sailing!

  28. Duca talvez você já saiba, se não, em 6:06 você pode entrelaçar uma Chave Estrela com o cabo da Allen pra aumentar a alavanca e aliviar na força. Grande abraço, admiro muito vocês!

  29. Should you not have consulted a manual on how to service those winches? Quite possibly there are refurbishment kits for them and the correct grease you should be using.

  30. I noticed that you guys are using WD40. It's widely misunderstood that WD40 is a penetrating oil. I don't know if they have this in Brazil, but try to get some PB Blaster. It's truly a penetrating oil and does SO much better than WD40. Just a suggestion.

  31. I would advise you to have a minimal number of winches on the mast – where you can, run all the running rigging back to the cockpit. Much safe to work when you are in rough weather at sea. If absolutely necessary have your headsail halyards at the mast (I assume you will be using roller reefing for the headsails), but main halyard and reefing lines would be better handled from the cockpit.

  32. Couldn't you check the winch manufactures website if they still make them for greasing instructions when assembling? Love the videos and I don't even have a boat….its best to know people that have boats!!!! lol

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