1. FIRST! [email protected] thanks you sir!

    Question actually… Your Male Shoulders… How do they fit with the Chest armor? Do i strap on the shoulders first… then the chest so the cross chest straps are under the armor?

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  3. I've only made your bracers so far and I can't wait to make the next piece let alone the whole fantasy armor set. Motivating and inspiring videos.

  4. I noted, in the buckle video, that you didn't skive the straps beforehand and I figured that it was probably either a difficult process to control (to avoid cutting too deep primarily) with hand tools, or that you hadn't got a suitable tool. In this video however, I note a very nice tool (presumably using a single edged razor blade) which seems to do the job better than the back-skiving machine I used to operate.
    First, what is the name of the tool (I need to look into getting one); and second, is there a reason you don't back-skive your buckle straps?

  5. I almost watched all your videos. You're really good and you gave me the idea to make my own leather armor. Could you make a video on the boiled leather technique? (or another technique you know about hardening leather) Keep up your good work! I really like it!

  6. That looks amazing, love the black mail ,you are gifted ,great video .
    Your videos make it easy to follow along and build these master pieces, thank you for the video uploads

  7. I love someones idea of family armor, that would be cool to get good enough to make a couple suits! Thank you for these, it is fun to watch and inspires us to go try it for ourselves!

  8. Wow another master piece 😲It's always a pleasure to see a new video .Thank you so much for sharing your art.
    Greetings from Portugal 😊

  9. This is AMAZING! So well done! I'm floored by how easy you make crafting armor look.

    I have to ask though, why did you pixelate your hands at 8:00?

  10. Amazing work !! Where did you get the stamp that you used for the golden border ? Can’t seem to find in on the website.

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