⚓Origami BOAT That Floats on water 🚤(by Hare_ru)🛳️🚢 ENGLISH✦ Yakomoga Easy Origami tutorial🛳️🌊♥️

Hi guys! Today I will show you how to
fold an origami boat. This model was invented by Hare_ru.
I recommend you to go to his page on the link which is in the description below
the video. For this model we take a square with a side of 15 centimeters. If you have one-side colored paper put the sheet with the white side facing you. Fold and unfold along the diagonals Fold in half vertically Divide each part in half Unfold… and unfold. Fold the right and
left corners to the crease Fold in half vertically… and fold and
unfold the right corner to the middle Unfold the paper I will draw the line that we have outlined. For the bottom of the square to
its middle. Unfold and… fold this part in half Unfold turn the sheet to the right We have four parts which needs to be
folded in half unfold These corners are from above Fold up to the bottom part. Turn thesheet upside down. Retreat of the two parts of the sheet edge Folding the upper side to the second fold… and make a little crease. Repeat step on the other side let’s bend the folds in the right direction Fold the triangle inward Fold along the folded line … and wrap the right. We attach the inner triangle to the upwards… and wrap the inside of the top edge Repeat this step on the other
side I congratulate you – the boat is ready! Friends if you liked this video please write about it in the commentary
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