☆ How to Make Origami Lucky Stars ☆ | bunnifulwishes

☆ How to Make Origami Lucky Stars ☆ | bunnifulwishes

Hi everyone. So, today I’ll be teaching you how to make some stars. They’re pretty simple to make. All you’ll pretty much need is some lucky star paper. I got mine a local Korean store, and I’ll have links in the description of where to get some, But you can always make some of your own, using paper and a paper cutter, and just cutting out strips of whatever paper you are using. It doesn’t really matter what kind of paper you use. And if you do not have a paper cutter, you could always use scissors. So first, you are going to take your lucky star paper; and with the white side facing up, tie the paper into a knot. And then you are to tighten that knot, resulting in a pentagon. Just be sure not to tighten it too tightly or else the paper may rip. And then with the remaining paper, you are
going wrap it around the pentagon that you’ve formed. Once you can no longer wrap the remaining paper, you are going to cut off any excess with some scissors. And once you’ve cut off the excess, you are going to tuck in the remaining paper into the pentagon. And now you are going to pinch the five
points of the pentagon to form the five points of the star. Repeat this step for each of the five
points. Once you’ve done that, your star is done! Thank you for watching and have a wonderful day~

9 thoughts on “☆ How to Make Origami Lucky Stars ☆ | bunnifulwishes

  1. Great video! This helped me a lot as I have always wated to learn how to make one but I always get confused after reading the instructions on the paper that it usually comes with;) thankiew

  2. i cannot do it i tried it 18 times it did not work please help me 😟😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😴

  3. bunniful wishes, I would like the I bloom jumbo peach squishy. I don't have any squishes.. my house caught on fire now I have to live in a hotel for a month

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