НОВОГОДНИЙ ДЕКУПАЖ  бутылки шампанского | МАСТЕР-КЛАСС для начинающих своими руками Decoupage

НОВОГОДНИЙ ДЕКУПАЖ бутылки шампанского | МАСТЕР-КЛАСС для начинающих своими руками Decoupage

hello dear craftswomen if you
watch this master class it means time to prepare for yourself
joyful magic holiday to the new year I want to teach you to show you how I
decorate a bottle of champagne to the technique decoupage in a very simple way with even a novice will cope effective bottle elegant that is not ashamed to give or
to a loved one or colleagues for example a bottle is done quickly enough in total will go to her about two hours if you throw everything moments of drying here we are with a bottle we’ll do it, we’ll make a bow
surround decor make a stencil сделаем легкий градиент от светлого к dark and again pictures
well let’s get a bottle champagne
completely laundered labels below this one
cover to the neck that is here remove the tie remove the front and
I wash the back labels metal sponge with means for
washing dishes what do we do next bottle of course
need to be primed it is desirable to use it
special soils resort to art or just
paint because in decor can come off especially if you
would put sensible champagne in fridge in the freezer yes before
you get her a drink and there the whole picture slid so it’s not worth it
save what we do first of course a bottle
need to degrease degrease I can degrease ant alcohol
vodka if you have access to alcohol on the usual it’s possible of course with alcohol
new me only ant alcohol in principle, he copes with his task
we need to remove the greasy layer which leaves fingers
when we take this bottle in hand well well wipe daughter, too, I despise
I use a cotton pad for this the bottle must dry well in order
so that the alcohol is dry enough two minutes later we cover the bottle
I have special soil for all for all surfaces
I use this tikkurila soil attacks is
the soil is all that I’m afraid of buying big I pour all the banks into small ones
jars in them are more convenient they are more convenient use open the jar and here
me the primer which of course I am her mix
what is good exactly
the soil so that it dries very quickly to besides, it is itself leveling itself
it does not need the skin of which is not necessary somehow align himself absolutely evenly
lays on a bottle we cover with sponges ordinary sponge can be brushed but brushes
then you need to wash acetone primer
so I prefer the sponge to cover do not try two thin layers
apply a very dense thick coat immediately primers
let it be translucent thin layer and there will be two layers something will not be
lays down more firmly up-down-up-down is very important that
there were no scuffs where covered here I covered yes this hour
and such a section is no longer a sponge touch the whole bottle like that first primed on the bottom further for sure
also move up hold the bottle just by the neck primer the whole bottle completely not only
glass well, dad
video that the bottle is slightly visible especially if when before dark as mine
the bottle and the dark glass itself is visible let the first layer dry approximately
somewhere around 30-40 minutes is needed in order dried first layer then go
the second layer where it will be pasted the picture does not need to be primed with a second layer
the whole bottle especially as it will painted over with dark paint
if you will paint with light paint the bottle is better put your
paint than another layer of soil after second layer leave the bottle on
a few hours for the soil to dry
thoroughly somewhere for about an hour on
two three I leave for the night and so remove this
we have a bottle stomp well here our bottle is dried it
another yes there is already a second layer he made a picture so that under
picture bottle is whiter than the top the bottle is smooth and absolutely does not require
skins What pictures are suitable for
stick them on a bottle it can be decoupage cards
they are ready to be glued just take it and glue yes but more often than not I
of course still use it printouts of 1 plain laser paper
I print pictures which like find them on the internet and print
I want to stick on this bottle such a picture with snowmen
cut to shade it must be preliminarily of course
prepare a picture you need to do thinner than she is she printed on
plain paper 80 grams and now you need to make that picture as thin as
napkin how will we do it book book nothing will therefore
can take any obsolyutno book put the picture down on your book
print take a regular tape and glue our adhesive tape print
about half a centimeter overlap one strip of tape to another if you want
some folds are nothing they won’t hinder us in any way, that is, he will not
must be absolutely flat we glued a nice one, we take a card until
some kind of bank card or some kind of discount and so tightly
we press paper tape now gently tear this tape off
he along with a layer of paper thereby making our listing
much thinner to everyone she was initially watermen can be thrown away
this map has become thinner the picture needs to be cut off a little
leaving the floor somewhere in the picture centimeters we cut off and and in a circle
why do we crop the picture because the cut edges are much
more difficult hide will be than torn off torn
edge they are a little chroniclers racists they stick much better
less visible border of the picture even though we we will hide the border with putty
still better if they will maximally glued to the bottle itself on
at this stage our picture is now reminds a decoupage card on the same
thin so if you have decoupage cards then you will continue to glue it
just like we will be next do this with this picture
I’ll say the picture right away approximately 11 to 12 centimeters in height we will glue the file method take the file
take one picture take a little picture down and lightly
dampen our printout so that it is not wet
but wet soak the printout some light patting
that is, we don’t do like this this is how the spools from
which you will not get rid of later fingers up and down neatly
when you see that the picture is already good well soaked with water can and
grease already glues means I have glue tori but you can take absolutely any glue
which you have in your city and at your fingertips
put it on the picture so that you know do not greed profusely a lot of
and a little bad but if there will be a lot and you just have it over the edge and then
it looks and that’s all if it’s not enough always sticks to it better
the list of food here is also lubricated bottle in the place where it will be glued
picture so where will we have a picture probably here where there is less than any take a picture and apply her bottles gently press like this arch with fingers from the middle of the edges squeeze
all bubbles that could have formed while we glued the picture we check
so that the picture is even on moved a little and slowly light
by seeing the file in parallel remove the file the picture is now glued on top
walk a little more glue from the edges we squeeze air which if
there still suddenly remained press the picture and once again we coat it with glue immediately
make some important points if the picture is dark will it be
gather against a dark background a drop of any glue
so you take a brush then blot and some rag
lint-free such a prom get wet and with a cloth, wipe with a brush those
places where the glue is going but you here the picture is bright here especially nowhere
not going to glue but on the dark shades it is very clearly visible picture
at lei on now we need to wait until
she will dry the picture dries for about an hour and a half
maybe depending on what temperature in the room what do we do when the picture
you must have a picture cover with at least one layer
acrylic glossy varnish I use varnish tikkurila kiva glossy
70 means gloss sell 50 semi-matte is 30 matte
I use Kiev 70 he is on the water it is transparent, it holds very well and
sell a very beautiful gloss here it is naturally cast into a small
I coat this bottle with this varnish a picture on one or two layers each layer
need to dry well naturally now we need to do volumetric decor
on a bottle than we will do with you putty volume
putty on wood use putty tex firms very good
I really like her not thick and not liquid lays very well evenly
well skins in all plans she wonderful for what you need to do
volumetric decor in each picture its volume its nuances yes for example where
that is, somewhere there are no Christmas trees somewhere there are trees somewhere they do not exist and where
it may be a house or a big one tree trunk of a tree somewhere small
twigs so I took a picture which eat everything as much as possible snow
have christmas trees there are trees in general there are twigs yes here
here they will be therefore I will how to do all volumes that are only with
which only you will meet volume I make a palette knife with my usual palette knife
he is the one and only universal putty I have a little bit
diluted with water but she is in it in a new condition, it’s also like that without
lumps like thick sour cream very very good take a palette knife checks before
putty and quietly in the treasure these here we have here the fir tree here
before you create, as it were, twigs of natural the volume should go into the picture itself
and where this picture is not hereby we kill 2 hares first we create
voluminous herringbone that really does winning up your bottle is very
beautiful festive and secondly we hide the edge of our prints so she
as if the bottles were yes, so here we are;
times from bottom to top like twigs as if I know the preparations were snowing
we get here it should not be like pears
parties equally no it’s a living herringbone somewhere she has more somewhere less from the sky
somewhere branches more somewhere less and this side we have my tree so we
draw a trunk on it small volume and try to do
a very thick layer of putty let it will be yours not very thick between
metro-2 somewhere so a tree on a finger here it’s quite wipe some
twigs yes it’s clear that they are the parties are but they also gave some kind of something
the tree is a herringbone therefore simply let’s make it so small
the amount that can be taken for Christmas tree from behind the tree
something is growing sure to make snow snowdrifts are also a palette knife
leveling as if
go to the picture so right under your feet here are wolves and yes Santa Claus if
you Santa Claus on the edge of the picture is and to the very bottom of the bottle one on
another as if on a snowdrift below you can do a higher volume
the higher the volume should be probably smaller so that we
marked that we have such a bottle that is, the lower the larger the higher the
easier should be decor volume and we usually do this with putty, i.e.
not a special structural paste imitation of snow and just putty we
then we will paint over this so that she will resemble
we have snow and we don’t need now to imitate snow special here, too, it’s not clear there is a Christmas tree, yes
which is now better to do this and I like when there is another neck too
has such a certain volume here the rand is just putty down the neck
create a small volume in this condition our bottle should
go dry but I want more make a small back here too
some volume for example any stencils can be used any
you have an example here i have stencil happy new year ball such
Christmas trees here we think I do not fit this picture
if we have such birds here too there are no birds therefore it will not approach us
snowmen look what snowmen are very
smart and my favorite stencils this glue stencil is very convenient for them
working on a bottle here is exactly those pictures that are most suitable
for example, these bells putty is also applied volumetric decor I’ve never been here
fire to be straight neat remove gently even layer
stencil Now it’s hard to see but in
further and this highlight very bright it will be good all this
sends send me to dry putty should be dried for about an hour
three probably yes i usually do all this day and night again
putty and quietly go to bed to wake up in the morning and do already
paint the dryer blow dry strongly recommend firstly
putty on top may dry out but inside stay raw and then it will give us
cracks in the second it is not clear what become champagne she can explode
she may somehow misbehave myself I don’t know, therefore it’s better to make volume and
leave the bottle alone at least for a few hours when the putty is dry here you can touch it with your hands
putty is the same as temperature other items that is, if putty
cold means she’s still cheese if other items that is, if putty
cold means she’s still cheese if putty is already so warm enough
then it’s already dried up but if you left on on but what does it mean
putty dried one hundred percent here see how much we got
we will now be with this volume first we need to sand all the very
sharp corners that we have left on putty
otherwise in later in the process of decor these sharp corners will fall off and
leave us white spots that we completely unnecessary how we do it take sandpaper on fabric
sandpaper number 120 y each company has its own number, but approximately
anyway, the graininess is visible, I cut a small piece and like that on a piece of paper
I just walk around a little sandpaper our volume the sharpest corners they
start to fall off what we need on the streets here
neatly especially reduce it all with a brush to remove all this dust grooves
now it is more pleasant to the touch but at the same time our volume remains
the task is to make this volume visible I paint the paint in one-time
plates we need blue paint use palm paint
my favorite colors you can use any of your blue fc can
to be turquoise somewhere you will not need I know for sure black soot gas maybe somewhere purple
let’s take a look just in case just need a burnt umber
I know no work where not would a burnt Christmas tree umber naturally
green this company folkart plaid очень красивые хорошие краски отличного
качества сожалению у нас сейчас все harder and harder to find them in Russia here
I was not lucky from America the girl brought ocher golden and of course white white paint I
I use construction now I I use such a deluxe vinyl paint
matt wonderful white opaque paint
so matte the first thing we need to do is
interfere with the darkest color that is in our bottle we have it practically
black is blue fc with black I’m interfering with paint
the joints of plasticine are likely to us need a little bit of disk completely white
paint because the picture itself is a little slightly whitish
that is, this white paint does not brighten
us light makes her a little whitish take a brush and paint over everything where
we have the sky yes that is where there is snow we have a clearly lighter color
you need everything above everything paint over with this dark paint
which is very similar to black well, about one to one goal bfc
black paint should be so thin that it gets into everything in everything
in all don’t be afraid that you are painting over
you wow color doesn’t match at all there we are now picking the darkest
the color that we have in the picture is must not coincide with everything absolutely
the color that is the picture of this because there are many colors and we have
accordingly, there will also be many shades many colors many layers now ours
task to put the lowest layer below не закрашиваем потому что здесь у нас
будет цвет снега и снегу нет такого dark shade until we have a little different
look at the bottle from all angles so that you understand what you painted over
everything and anything in the depths of you no white putty you can under
even the color of snow choose the darkest shade as well
which are on the snow and his right here I see that I don’t
grabs purple just evenly coat
not in color, everything about snow синий до весят больше вот этого цвета
который у нас какой голубая были такую it’s a little dry
the paint should dry we now find a color that is a couple of tones
lighter than the darkest and do small accents on the bottle with this
color but paint for this should may not be completely dry
dry well, at least not as wet as we highlight just add white
paints in the color that we already have mixed in this blue color we add
white look at your picture pick color
it is to your picture that you are more to me now we need to take a brush
wider here is such a number 18 20 approximately wipe well okay wipe well
a rag not a course brush to be almost dry so a little bit
wet take the paint wipe and and he a piece of paper on the brush should be a bit
paint and light movement the dark color that we had originally
put the bottle and appears in the same part color which sky color do not forget
and wipe if you’re not both that is, the probability is even that dark color
you will override the color with this color that is, the probability is even that dark color
you will override the color with this color then the whole depth will disappear here
a very important point if the paint is small dried up you will understand
because applying brighter paint she will not lie on top of the dark
paint and when mixed it will not they absolutely everything bottles should be everything
beautifully all parts now we are almost invisible
the edges of the picture we are already harmoniously merging with the background but
we see that in the sky we have except of this color that we have now applied
there is even more light of this make some accents
even brighter especially interested in herringbone
the Christmas tree here is voluminous therefore they still doing and then we will
paint it with color exactly the same in light paint we did not plan yes
for example, that there will be such a spot as when the paint dries again
go lightly in this color now let’s take the lightest
color and he has such a shade forest
black therefore it is known and we need it will mix somewhere separate a little
for example, add blue mouse prices I want to pick a white shade here
the color that is near the moon and with this color also a semi-dry brush
I think that the leg is still quite straight walk then we take up the snow in the same way
looking for brighter moments and knead the paint, I think we’re like this
color also works, maybe not everyone the snow is already a little dry
so I can safely pass the snow when brush
can draw with thick stripes this then wash the steam somehow with us
it got a little colder here I wanted to warm up a little but
continue what we do next делаем то же самое что мы делали с небом
нам нужно это сделать бизнеса снегу long color added it light here
By the way, this listing I had she gives some kind of pearl therefore
quite possibly the blue that I am now prevented have to add
ocher otherwise shines with snow and matches Now let’s see the hour applied naturally
there is more white light snow here than dark to dark only tan tan
tan deep so whether here more generously apply light shades than we are
did on believe this snow which is in the background to us
of course will remain was face to the snow keep these accents we have on
the picture will wait for the foreground light the background is darker so we do Well here, as I said, there is
the need to add a little bit is not even yellow lemon but here I have it with
by itself, that’s why we’ll add buffy slightly yellowish tint
a little bit though in the sheet and of course will it is necessary with a picture that we are not considered
we can hang it on our own some color which is not present on
picture and such veterans brush here the picture we have is therefore protected letters
which we painted over, I painted over I then clean them with a damp
wipes with paint are good immediately the bottle began to play
immediately there was some light on from the book a little bit in the shadow of the board
among we go therefore there are less light shades will only really
picture before or here in the picture already well and now the moment of transition transition
ultimate back it doesn’t have to be sharp so now we hide it we take
we go color which despite the fact that there is a snowdrift and he is a snowdrift sharply
goes right here is a snowdrift here is the sky slowly descend
thinks color down and light he rise up now you need to paint another Christmas tree
I will do it with a thin brush sixth number to us on
suitable for this green shade here this shade
map file, it directly matches the Christmas trees I’ll take this color directly and
made as of sky as with snow Christmas trees paint the darkest color
it’s a black dumpling green here I am I’ll take a little dark here
navy because Christmas trees they don’t all black clouds mutants
to a blue tint and painted over the whole Christmas tree я настоящий велась какой пока мы
закрашиваем другие елочки этим мужичка at the same time while in our hands a thin
tassel will work through the moments that with a wide brush was uncomfortable for example
weighs around the inscription snow will turn out to highlight in detail where you know I want to
even pure white color add of course slightly yellow anyway the main thing is not
forget to wipe the brush it’s very bottom color
wipe it straight and a piece of paper plate but the main thing is to do it like this
add lighter to green to whom a dry brush calls the dry method
brushes if you can’t get right where to whom a dry brush calls the dry method
brushes if you can’t get right where this method the dry brush method is called
and look at all all the nuances and here the main thing is that the bottom layer be
dry and 6 thousand was not quite a lot just contained it so well I think there is
these layers must dry thousands we paint with an inscription because this inscription
I think this is very direct to the place fulfillment of desires I do not want to paint over
although what’s left there is a little wipe coated with 2 layers of varnish what is needed next
make this Christmas tree lighten up

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