МАНДАЛОРЕЦ и МАЛЫШ ЙОДА – Лепим из пластилина | The Mandalorian

МАНДАЛОРЕЦ и МАЛЫШ ЙОДА – Лепим из пластилина | The Mandalorian

Hi guys, you are watching the Video Modeling channel. And today I will sculpt characters from
new series Mandalorets. First, as usual, I will prepare all the main details of the figure. For this I will use sculptural clay of gray color. The figure will be on a frame made of aluminum wire with a diameter of one and a half millimeters. As you probably already understood, this will be a figure of the protagonist of this series – Mandalorets. Mandalorians (or Mandalorians) are a harsh people, consisting of representatives of different races, hiding faces behind stylish helmets with T-shaped visors. In the Star Wars movie series, the viewer was familiar with only two representatives of the Mandalorians, similar to ordinary people – Django and Boba Fettami. Initially, Mandalorians descend from the Taunga (or Tonga) race, who lived and ruled on Coruscant a few thousand years before the appearance of people. Taungs were tall, had a gray skin color and looked like a human body structure, however, they differed from people in their heads, reminiscent of the front of the Mandalorian helmet. In the distant past, the power war on Coruscant pushed the taungs together and thirteen proto-human races known as the Jell Battalions. In a bloody war, humanity managed to expel the Taungs from Coruscant, and they found a new home on the planet Rune. For thousands of years, the taungas have eked out a miserable existence there, until one day their leader Mandalore the First led the taungs in a war of aggression on a neighboring planet, which was later called Mandalore. From here came the new name of the Taung people – Mandalorians. And all these ferocious humanoids would have been fine if not for their innate desire to fight all in a row. As a result of numerous Mandalorian wars, the original Taung race has almost completely died out, however, the word “Mandalorians” did not disappear – a militant organization began to call them, consisting of creatures of different races that were divided into clans, strictly adhered to the principles of behavior of the taungs and honored their fighting traditions. Something similar happened with the Siths, who had turned from a separate race into an order of worshipers of the dark side of the Force. During the Mandalorian Wars against the Republic, many clan members were scattered throughout the galaxy. The only thing they knew how to do was to fight and track the target, therefore, the Mandalorians have become excellent hitmen and bounty hunters. The glory of the harsh warriors and butchers always rushed ahead of the Mandalorians themselves. Just seeing the sparkling helmets with T-shaped visors, the debtors were in a hurry to turn out their pockets, and those sentenced to death understood that they were finished, because it was useless to negotiate with the Mandalorians. Due to the fact that the Mandalorians ceased to be one people and began to stray into small enclaves, gradually many of them were completely atomized from their communities. Each of the single Mandalorians was an absolutely independent combat unit, having a maneuverable ship and a huge arsenal of weapons, with which it was possible to destroy a small army. In addition to rockets, flamethrowers, as well as all kinds of blasters and grenades, the Mandalorians were very well versed in vibration swords – blades, that vibrated with ultrasound, and in conjunction with a substance called cortosis could reflect the strokes of lightsabers. A thousand years before the advent of the Empire, a man named Tarr Wiessla became the first of the Mandalorians to be accepted into the Jedi Order. During training, he created a special dark sword, which seemed to absorb light, but not emit it. Subsequently, he became one of the symbols of power on Mandalore (along with a mask), however, after Wieszla’s death, the dark lightsaber was deposited in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. After the fall of the Old Republic, the sword was stolen by the descendants of Vizsla. Already during the Clone Wars, he was taken over by Pre Vizsla, who desired to become the new Mandalore, and during the time of the Empire, a dark sword was hidden on Datomir by Darth Maul. Since the story of the sword includes several timelines, fans are still not sure whether the dark sword is canon or not. Django and Boba Fetta – one of the last Mandalorians (and the first in the history of Star Wars) Django Fett first appeared in Attack of the Clones. This silver-headed bounty hunter immediately reminded fans of another mercenary with the same surname from classical tetralogy – Bob Fett. And it turned out that Bob was not even the son of Django – he was his clone, whom Fett Sr. demanded from Camino residents as a supplement pay for your genetic material to create an army of clones. But it was Boba Fett’s popularity that ultimately led the Lucas Arts screenwriters to to create not only his “father” Django, but also all Mandalorians. Initially, Fett was only one of the bizarre mercenaries, of which there were a dime a dozen on Tatooine. However, after the capture of Han Solo, Boba’s figure began to sparkle with new colors. After the release of the films, small viewers wanted toys not only for the protagonists of the saga, but also a mysterious mercenary in a cool helmet. The people at Lucas Arts had to rush to invent not only the story of Boba himself, but also his memorable costume. And so the Mandalorians were born, who were all dressed as one in that kind of armor – their image was partially copied by the authors from the ancient Celts. Thus, Boba Fett is one of the last Mandalorians, survivors after endless civil wars – in reality, became the progenitor of his entire warlike race. The series Mandaloretz takes place five years after the fall of the Galactic Empire, but before the appearance of the First Order. The plot focuses on the adventures of a lone Mandalorian shooter, a representative of the once mighty race of noble warriors, now forced to eke out a miserable existence among the dregs of society on the far reaches of the Galaxy, away from the authorities of the New Republic. The current Mandalore is a mercenary wanderer who never takes off his armor and helmet. Brutal, laconic. According to the actor Pedro Pascal, his hero is somewhat similar to the bodyguard from the film of the same name by Akira Kurosawa. The parents of the Mandalorian died in childhood during a droid attack, so the boy grew up an orphan. The writer and director of the new series was John Favreau, known for his films about Iron Man, Happy Hogan’s roles in Marvel Universe movies , as well as work on full-length Disney films “The Jungle Book” and “The Lion King.” Even at the stage of writing the script, he said that he was going to return Star Wars to the roots. As a result, he is the author of six episodes of the “Mandalore” out of eight existing in the first season. So if you like science fiction and Star Wars, then I think you will like this series. To sculpt the Mandalorets helmet, I mixed gray and
silver plasticine. Here is such a Mandalore figure from me
it turned out. Next, I blind another hero from this series – Baby Yoda. First, from sculptural plasticine, I blind the capsule in which the Baby Yoda was located. Baby Yoda, as the audience called him, appeared at the end of the first episode of The Mandalore. It was after him that the main character was sent. Little is known about the touching character. The series takes place five years after the events shown in Return of the Jedi, which means that the 50-year-old alien was born before the start of the clone war and the development of intergalactic conflict. We also know that the baby has Strength: in the second series he tried to heal the wound of the Mandalorian and managed to raise a huge woolly rhino into the air. There are no details about the connection of the character with Yoda or other representatives of the race. Star Wars creator George Lucas has said many times that created Yoda as the most mysterious hero of Star Wars and deliberately hid his origin and past. To sculpt Baby Yoda’s head
I will mix green plasticine and gray. I also decided to add some more
dark green. Next, I blind all the basic elements of the figure. The figure of Baby Yoda is quite simple to sculpt, so I did not make a separate video for it. In order to blind my head, I will first stick my ears. Then, using a tool, I make a deepening in them. Now I make a deepening under my eyes, roll up a thin sausage and make
cheeks. Gently highlight the nose and stick
the lower jaw. Next, I make a mouth and folds on the head. For modeling eyes I will use white and black plasticine. I’ll tint the inner surface of the ears with beige plasticine. And so guys, this is the kind of Baby Yoda I got. Thanks to everyone who watched this video to the end. If you liked it, then
can like – support our channel. I also invite everyone to join our VKontakte group and subscribe to Instagram. All active links are in
description. Hello from us today receive Dimas Pro, Roxy Roy and Catherine Knaus. Guys, I give you a huge hello!

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