Линейка для шаров шдм / hand sizer (ruler) for twisting (Eng subs)

Линейка для шаров шдм / hand sizer (ruler) for twisting (Eng subs)

Hello everybody. I will show You how to make such a ruler for measuring a bubbles it is worn on the finger it has a semi-circular ledge
it is worn on the finger it has a semi-circular ledge which rests on the begining of the bubble Measure out how much you need and twist I use it for making baskets, daisies and other places where you need to follow the size It is convenient and more accurate than measuring by fingers we need two pieces of izolon It is an insulation material. Sold in DIY stores. It’s thickness of about 8 mm piece of plastic Plastic can be taken from such panels. or from plastic bottles is not a problem if you use a hacksaw or knife Plastic can also be found in advertising agencies And a piece of drawing paper (whatman) The width of these pieces is 3 cm Length is 20 cm
The width of these pieces is 3 cm Length is 20 cm let’s first make a template divide a piece of paper in half lengthwise that is, measure out one and half of cm. (15 mm) Draw a line down the middle and draw a quarter circle cut out transfer the pattern on to izolon I took a thin marker. You can also use a pencil turn over and draw the same thing on the second piece obtained as a mirror image now on plastic does not want to draw… cut plastic and cut izolon. In a special way: hold scissors at an angle of about 60 degrees In order to get the groove when we glue the two halves as if the roof this piece cut with a slope to the right on rounding can be cut directly, without tilting see, it came with a slope it was in the right then it will lean to the left when we combine we get the groove to lay a good on the balloon and not to move out but in between we attach this piece of plastic Now it is important to do one thing: Plastic should be inside izolon without going beyond izolon outside and inside plastic (at a depth of about a millimeter) plastic nowhere to go beyond the edges see, here we drowned plastic inside and it went on this side therefore, now we will make it narrower by about 3 mm (plastic needed for rigidity) It now remains to glue glue called “moment” apply check that the plastic was drowned, and outside izolon to plastic was inside that the balloon was in contact with the soft material Izolon groove obtained. Izolon outside. Plastic inside. well presses sharpen this one tip here is plastic stands a little it can blunt by a file long used this ruler see plastic comes out but never the balloon does not burst It now remains to apply markup whatever you like. I measure in centimeters someone may want to measure in inches here a little ugly. Turned a small step markup draw on paper, then cover with Scotch tape and attach the paper to Izolon So I drew a scale with the value of division 0.5 cm so here we attach it there will be zero, one, two, three, and so on but first sticking it on Scotch tape that the scale does not spoil over time that has not faded, and it was as good as new again take the glue need a wand to smear glue I did not think to find a wand So took this piece of plastic presses. And everything is ready lets take a scrap of balloon that’s all. We can work The original version. Here I draw directly on Izolon scale permanently erased. Had to constantly update it is a more reliable option thank You for Your attention. Bye now 🙂

12 thoughts on “Линейка для шаров шдм / hand sizer (ruler) for twisting (Eng subs)

  1. Ну Вы мастер Сергей!!  Мне такая штука очень пригодится… то я все на пальцах да на пальцах…

  2. Честь и хвала Вашей изобретательности!!! Низкий поклон Вашей щедрости!!!Наконец-то мои проблемы с размерами шаров РЕШЕНЫ!!!
    Я объясню от чего такой восторг : у меня непростое неврологическое заболевание с нарушением координации и соответственно ровных линий, равных размеров и т.п. А с помощью Вашей чудо-линеечки мне не нужно постоянно прилагать усилия для максимально точных измерений. Теперь все просто !!! БЛАГОДАРЮ ОТ ВСЕЙ ДУШИ!!!

  3. Сергей, вы не продаете ваши инструмены? Если вдруг да продаете, то в каком городе вы находитесь? Ох много чего бы я у вас купила…

  4. After watching this tutorial Sergey, I know I won't be able to make any because my hands suffer with Arthritis, could you make some I can buy from you? I would be forever in your debt.

  5. можно вопрос для уточнения? расстояние у вас ровно 1 см или половина? На видео показалось что пол см расстояние между цифрами

  6. мама занимается моделированием. Попросила сделать вашу линейку

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