Hello guys! My name is Roman and you
See the channel Video Lepka (Sculpt). Today I will sculpt Ricochet from the game
Browl Stars, and in the next video will be Nita with a bear. So if you haven’t
signed and don’t want to miss the following videos then be sure to subscribe. By the way, in the past video, we sculpted new characters from the game Slendytubbies 3. If you’re interested, this video is on our channel. I will sculpt Ricochet from this picture. As I understand it, Ricochet –
robot and made of metal, so for modeling I will need
plasticine gray. The stomach, arms and legs, I will make from plasticine of dark gray color. The remaining elements are from light gray. Brawl Stars is a new game from Supercell. Out in
the beginning of June 2017, but from the first day received support from the players. Test launch of the game took place in the Canadian Appstore and only on iphone devices.
Currently, this game is also available for Android devices. The essence of the game is to control one of many different heroes and defeat opponents, either in a team or in mode, every man for himself. The fights are very simple, dynamic and interesting. Ricochet – a ranged fighter with him,
huge shooting range and bullets that bounce off obstacles. This makes him a unique character with a very difficult mechanics of aiming and shooting. But if you master it, then Ricochet becomes a powerful hero, he shows himself best on maps where there are many
walls and obstacles. But also not bad in open spaces because of the firing range. A challenging hero that is recommended
experienced players. In order to gather legs and connect
them with the body, I will use soft aluminum wire. Next, mix the blue clay with
purple. And the resulting color will sculpt boots. That’s the way I got our feet figure. Connect them with the body. Ricochet figure stand I did
from orange plasticine since this color I have left a lot. As usual, from below I will stick a circle of cardboard so that the stand does not stick to the table. Now I will sculpt the head. At the ricochet one eye, it is located
center. and on the sides of the head there are holes for the ears. Rikoshet wears a cowboy shawl around his neck.
It is the same color as the boots. On a scarf, I will try to depict the same about the pattern as in the picture. Here is a handkerchief turned out. Basically
a bit like. I put a handkerchief on the neck of ricochets Next, blind the cowboy hat. Over the shoulder of Ricochet thrown here
This tape is green on which is mounted yellow grenades or cartridges. By the way guys
if you know what it is, write in the comments. Further, with the help of aluminum wire, I will sculpt the hands of our figure. Ricochet in his right hand holding a gun. I
prepared all his parts in advance. Will also collect on aluminum wire. So guys, this is how I got a figure of Ricochet! Thank you all so much for watching if
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Mr. Rubik, TV Donuts and Dreamlord. Guys, I give you a huge hello! At this we say goodbye, we wish everyone a great mood. See you soon!

100 thoughts on “ЛЕПИМ РИКОШЕТА из игры БРАВЛ СТАРС | Brawl Stars

  1. Очернь похож, сейчас новый вышел слепка его ещё! Я не только играю, но и снимаю его так что заходи посмотри

  2. Рамзан слепить пожалусто ртуть или карнажа сегодня😁😀😆🤗

  3. Вау! Очень похож! Я думаю что тебе надо слепить Ворона феникса

  4. Не хочу тебя обидеть но это не рикошет а больше похож на барли

  5. Рикошет это старый Рико -_-СДЕЛАЙ РИКО(он с шариками)

  6. Хватит бомбить на то что он другой ! Два месяца прошло!

  7. Желтые мешки это специальные шары наполненые гелием, но внешний вид состоит из легкоотскакивающего металла

  8. Когда я смотрю на твои фигурки,мне хочется плакать.ПОЧЕМУ ТВОИ ФИГУРКИ ТАК ПОХОЖЫ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. После обновления Рикошет стал Рико он без шляпый и внутри есть шарики

  10. Вот у кого руки из плеч растут!Идеально шикарно вообще великолепно!

  11. видео лепка-лучший канал,кто согласен лайк
    кто играет в бравл старс-лайк

  12. Пока баг роборубка 13 минут пока рикошет пока акция хохохо привет февральское обновление

  13. Смотрел много твоих видео по игре бравл старс. Что сказать – просто золотые руки! Подписываюсь! Не бросай тему с бравл старс!

  14. Кстати,Рикошета уже нету в Бравл Старс.Появился новый перс Рико!

  15. Я учюсь липить по твоим видео ты очень красива лепиш молодец

  16. Жаль что рикошета убрали из бравл старс и заменили рико

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