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I’ll start with the body I will make the inside of sculptural clay. BUT
while I will sculpt, I will tell you the story of this character. Ghost Rider – the name by which several fictional are known
characters supernatural antiheroes appearing in comics by Marvel Comics. The original name of the ghost rider
belonged to the hero of the western comic company Marvel. However, he was later changed to the Night Rider, and then to the Phantom Horseman. The first supernatural Ghost Rider was motorcycle rider Johnny
Blaze, made a deal with the demon Mephisto
to save the life of your father. The second was Dani Ketch. Unknown to what kind of account a ghost rider or more specifically a ghost rider was a Texas Ranger. by the name of Carter Slade. But he performed the duties of the Ghost.
the rider even before how mephisto made a deal with johnny blaze.
As Slade himself said, he succumbed to the service of Mephisto for noble reasons. To poison the souls of sinners to hell
contained on earth. However, after another assignment, Slade betrayed his employer. and disappeared with the contract for a thousand damned souls. To return the contract, Mephisto made a deal with Johnny Blaze. Ghost rider
was a stunt rider named Johnny Blaze who, in order to save his father’s life, sold his soul to the demon Mephisto. Instead, his soul was associated with a creature named Zaratos. Using the power of Zaratos, Blaze turned into a flaming skeleton. And in his possession passed hell motorcycle and the ability to emit hellfire from any part of the body. He was the hero of the comic book of the same name.
leaving from 1973 to 1983. In the next series of Ghost Rider 1990 – 1998, Blaze took Daniel Ketch. After that
how his sister was attacked by bandits Ketch found mystical contact with his motorcycle, in which the Spirit of Vengeance was concluded. This spirit was once a Puritan called the Pious Kane, ancestor of both Blaze and Ketch.
Johnny Blaze was also the hero of this comic, but minor and later
turned out to be Ketch’s brother. Phantom racer Robbie Reis, who worked in the auto repair shop
teenager from los angeles gains strength from the Spirit of Vengeance of Eli, gives him the ability to Ghost Rider. During one of the street races, the military drive him to a dead end and kill him. It was at this moment that Eli appeared, in particular, he turns
your Dodge Charger into a flaming car. Next Ghost Rider was Frank Castle – a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, who had the rank of lieutenant and was one of the most experienced fighters in his squad. After his family was
killed by criminals he took the nickname Punisher and declared war on the underworld. The ghost rider has different super abilities: at any moment it can turn
powerful demon – at this time everything except the skeleton disappears, the skeleton itself will be
embrace hellish flames. Ghost rider possesses
superhuman strength – the strength of the spirit of retribution allows its owner to lift more than 25 tons of weight. The ghost rider is also not vulnerable to any physical
damage he feels no pain and is able to survive falling from a great height. The spirit of retribution feels comfortable in extreme temperatures, in places with high and low pressure, under water and even in open space. Since the body of the Ghost Rider consists only of the skeleton, then the bullet does not harm him. Thanks to the hellish flames, most
bullets melt before they reach him. Ghost Rider is capable of causing
Hellfire from the Underworld itself. It can emit flames from any part of the body –
whether eyes, mouth, arms, legs and so on. Also he is able to sense evil on
the distance. This ability helps him to feel that the blood of an innocent man was shed. But does not allow anyone to know
Spilled blood belongs and whether the owner is alive. The punishing gaze is the ultimate
ghost racer weapons. If the Spirit of Retribution is near the enemy, he
may use Punishing Gaze. Looking into the eyes of the Ghost Rider,
the villain is in terrible pain equal to the one he caused throughout his
life to other people. The motorcycle is the main vehicle of the Ghost Rider. Under the force of the rider gains a lot
supernatural properties such as – fire form.
A motorcycle becomes enveloped in a flame of mystical nature. Telepathically
control – Ghost rider can drive a motorcycle mental
teams. Huge speed – the driver can drive at up to 500 miles per hour. High strength – the bike is very difficult to damage. Ghost rider on it can
punch walls. Chain used by ghost racer in
as a weapon has many mystical possibilities: obeys
telepathic rider teams, can change its length, has tremendous strength, can strengthen, becoming something of a staff or spear. If the chain is unwound, it can serve as a circular saw or
a fan which can catch the wind. The chain can be divided into many sharp discs, like ninja throwing stars. If desired, the rider may be enveloped in fire. Also, by spinning the chain, the racer can
create a fire tornado. So guys Ghost Rider figure
almost ready it only remains to make the spikes on the jacket and the chain. But before you do this, put a figure on a motorcycle. In general, guys, the figure is ready. to all
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