Hi guys, my name is Avet In this tutorial I’m gonna show you How I made this beautiful hollow pendant with faux leather effect I needed white and brown polymer clay and a little bit of scrap glass cabochon 1,5 sm cutter texture for clay round modeling tool blade mika powders and enamel for shading gloves and gold leaf first I’m gonna make a hollow shape I made this cutter from a round one, cause I like irregular shapes then i use 2 sheets of scrap clay, to make a hollow bead I want my form to be a little deeped in centre, so I’m not cutting it out of a surface now using round tool I’m making it deeper, for having enough place for cabochon bake 15 min 120*C Now I make faux leather surface for that I use mixed beige colour sheet 2 mm also use gloves to keep it clean now we need to fold clay in some plasec and fix it using fingers i want these fold to be irregular, not in a certain order, and close to one another make this effect on the whole sheet put some fimo liquid on the shape then make a little hole on our “leather” sheet and put it over base cut out extra clay on the back put some shades using enamel also use mika gold to make texture more visible now we’re gonna make a centre part roll a sheet of dark brown and cover it with gold leaf then sprawl it to get some crackled effect cut out a round shape bigger then cabochon and wrap around put some lined texture by the blind part of a knife shade it with gold powder put the detal on the centre and fix it then bake it again 15 min 120*C till it bakes, we can make textured sheet for behind put some liquid on baked bead and cover the back, cut out extras make edges rounder, and give some shade with mika powder take a piece of textured sheet and make a link after we need to bake it last time 25 min 120*C then I covered my pendant with varnish, to keep shadings safe, and used a simple cord Job is done! We’ve got a really beautiful lite artwork Using this method of making leather effect, you can make your unique things If you enjoyed this tutorial, please, like, share and comment it!!! and do not forget to SUBSCRIBE, bye;)


  1. очень необычно и стильно смотрится!! оригинальная техника. и еще мне понравилось колье в самом конце видео. жаль только, что оно мелькнуло всего на несколько секунд))

  2. Оригинальная идея, с кожей. и само изделие очень єффектное получилось.

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