ДЖОКЕР 2019 – Лепим из пластилина | JOKER 2019

ДЖОКЕР 2019 – Лепим из пластилина | JOKER 2019

Hi guys! You watch channel
Video Modeling. My name is romance and today I will sculpt the Joker from the new film of the same name. By the way, recently on our second channel Bendy a new video with Animatronics was released. If you’re interested in what you can see, the reference will be in the description. As usual, I will sculpt the Joker figurine on an aluminum wire frame. I will make this frame according to such a drawing. Also, the drawing will help me to comply with the proportions when sculpting. I mold the interior of the figure from sculptural plasticine, In the meantime, I will sculpt
I will tell a little about this character. The origin of the Joker is a huge secret and there are several versions. The plot of the movie “Joker” is one of the versions of the origin of the supervillain Joker, which is one of Batman’s key antagonists in DC Comics comics. This film was directed by director Todd Phillips, written by Phillips in collaboration with Scott Silver. The main role is played by Joaquin Phoenix. The premiere took place on August 31, 2019 at the 76th Venice Film Festival, where the picture was awarded the main prize – the “Golden Lion” The film “The Joker” tells the story of Arthur Fleck – a man who was very unlucky in life. In fact, Arthur is an extra card in the deck of society. Fleck has serious mental problems – he suffers from bouts of spontaneous causeless laughter. In addition, Arthur lives below the poverty line, every day fighting for survival. A hero who dreams of becoming a comedian is forced to take care of his mother, which, like himself, suffers from megalomania. Although the action of the “Joker” is not happening these days, the picture reflected many contemporary problems, for example, cutting back on medical and social care. In the reality of the film, all circumstances literally provoke the appearance of such a character as the Joker. This is a vivid allusion to modern society, in which it seems more and more distraught loners are attacking people. The film makes you wonder if these aggressors are ordinary villains. or society itself inevitably gives rise to such monsters. Initially, the Jokers were invented by Batman authors Bob Kane and Bill Finger, along with artist Jerry Robinson in 1940. Batman fans consider Alan Moore’s version of the Joker to be the most canonical version in the graphic novel Killing Joke. In this novel, we see the Joker, the comedian-loser, who embarked on the path of crime as a member of the gang of Red Caps, to make some money to help him support his pregnant wife. However, in an attempt to escape from Batman, he falls into a vat with chemistry, survives, but receives serious injuries. This incident and the death of his wife drive him crazy, turning him into a Joker. The Joker is known for many reasons, but its unique appearance is undeniable: his red lips, green hair and snow-white skin. Also an integral part of the image is a crazy smile. The Joker is a confident maniac, and despite his apparent frenzy, he has a fairly high coefficient of intelligence, cunning and ingenuity. The clown does not trust anyone and is equally cruel to both enemies and temporary allies. The Clown also has a favorite victim – Batman. In him, he sees not only the quenching of revenge, but also a worthy opponent, with which you can compete in cunning and play deadly games. He’s a “wild card” in any deck, an outcast in any company, absolutely no one is controlled and does not give in to any influence. Those who consider him an ally are usually simply used by the Joker. And those who hire him for “dirty work” must be prepared for unpredictable results. He is absolutely ruthless, ruthless and simply insane. He is ready for anything for the achievement of his goals and the implementation of his plans: dangers, torture and even death do not scare him at all, although the instinct of self-preservation always works at the right time, saving the madman from imminent death. Nevertheless, he, without particularly delving into the essence of what is happening, is guided in a dangerous situation much better than mentally healthy people and knows how to turn the tide of any fight with a seemingly predetermined outcome: his crazy brain always prompts unexpected, witty and right decisions. He has no equal in the ability to find the weaknesses of his opponents and use their own weapons against them. And finally, the Joker does not care about such stupid things as the honesty of a duel. However, his terrible aura and terrible reputation cause respectful fear and almost reverence for most criminals, and his power within the walls of Arkham is unlimited. The main movie jokers for today are: Cesar Romero – he played it in the movie “Batman” in 1966 and in the subsequent series. Jack Nicholson – “Batman” 1989. Heath Ledger – the most magnificent trilogy of Nolan (“Batman: The Beginning”, “The Dark Knight” and The Dark Knight: The Rebirth of the Legend), whose Joker became the new canon. Jared Leto played the Joker in the movie Suicide Squad. And the new film is the Joker of Joaquin Phoenix. In all adaptations, the image of the Joker in one way or another differs from the canon, but is always recognizable. It was a short story about the Joker, and I continue to sculpt. Now I blind the clown’s mask, which
The joker will hold in his hand. The clown mask is ready
further I will sculpt the face of the Joker. And so guys, this is such a figure of the Joker from the new film I got. If you liked this video, be sure to like it – support our channel. You can also write in the comments
whom we blind the next video. Also do not forget to subscribe to our channel and put a bell, not to miss new videos. I also invite everyone to join our VKontakte group and subscribe to Instagram. Links are in the description below this video. Hello from me today
gets Sasha Kat, Foxy Fox and Saule Sagimova. Guys, I give you a huge

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  2. быстро поставили лайк под видео и падписались а то к вам при дет джокер и сьест всё што в холодилнике

  3. Тварь лучше бы ты его не трогал! Такого шедеврального персонажа испортил!

  4. Привет!!! Меня зовут Марго. Я тоже смотрю твои видео очень давно и мне так нравится как ты лепишь всякие разные фигурки особенно СКП у тебя очень необычно получается и я пила тоже некоторых героев Салли, Балди!!!!!! Мне очень-очень нравится как ты делаешь эти необычные фигурки!!!! 😻🖤💟😍😮Ижэлают больше подписок и лайков!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💝

  5. Классно получилась , я бы хотел на этот фильм сходить но он с 18 лет а мне11 я минимум смотрю с 16 лет

  6. Сделай пожалуйста кепа из фар края Ньюдон или 6 пажалуста ну сделай это пожалуйста

  7. Зделай эрана утебя харашо палучается я бы атправил ресунки но незнаю как

  8. Слепи пожалуйста Джейсона Тода красным колпаком или Аркхем Кнайта

  9. А вы как то укрепляете или покрываете фигурки. Расскажите, пожалуйста!

  10. Слепить в следующий серии маньяка крика или монстра чужова

  11. Здравствуй, Роман
    Слепи пожалуйста Рэйдена из Мортал комбат 11

  12. Блин Дружище то что ты делаешь реально достойно, замечательный контент, замечательные работы достойные лайков и просмотров.
    Ещё + к процессу лепки прикреплены интересные рассказы связанные с персонажем которого ты лепишь, это очень круто.

  13. Добрый день. Спасибо за хороший ролик и прекрасный канал. Сыну очень понравилось. Подписка + лайк. Дружим. Приглашаю в гости. )))

  14. Сдраствуйте Роман меня зовут Екатерина я такая же леплю из пластилина и у меня вопросик зодался а как вы лепите руки персонажа человека , это я одно не умею делать и кстати😻😻😻😻


  16. Я товом падпішік+ лайк как ти ета делаєш ета нереальна ти топ я тебя А бажаю я толька вчора толька начал смерть жаль то ти самого не жевош ти топ

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    лайк везение
    подписка бесконечное счастье

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    Слепи пожалуйста тётю Зину из клипа о ней!

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