ВЛЮБЛЕН ПО СОБСТВЕННОМУ ЖЕЛАНИЮ (советский фильм мелодрама комедия)

ВЛЮБЛЕН ПО СОБСТВЕННОМУ ЖЕЛАНИЮ (советский фильм мелодрама комедия)

LenFilm Second Creative Team FilmStudio LenFilm 1982 Oleg YANKOVSKI and
Alexandre VASINSKY Director
Sergei MIKAELYAN Director of Photography
Sergei ASTAKHOV Photograpy
Aleksey RUDYAKOV Composer Igor TSVETKOV Sound Natalia LEVITINA Directors V. Bychenkov, I Moskvitin
Camera A. Gorbonosov Editing I. GOLOVKO
Makeup N. JELENBOGEN, T. VOROB”EVA Assistants A. Morozova, N. Vasil’eva
A. Ustinov, A. Yhnovets, E. Martynova Lighting A. SMIRNOV
Costumes M. LIKHUN Administrators V. Ovcharenko
Z. Shkoda, O. Grigor’ev DIRECTOR
Petr ORLOV Starring: V. Shilovsky, I Reznikova V. Belousov, Yu. Dubrovin
Yu. Kopych, K. Kreilis-Petrova
I. Ufimtsev, S. Shersheva Z. Afanasenko, N. Egorova, N. Kononova
S. Losev, S. Mikhalevich, A. Moiseeva,
N. Skomorokhova, P. Smirnov Conductor’s Voice: ATTENTION,
THE TRAIN STOPS HERE Please exit the train,
the train terminates here Please help! Somebody, help! This train is going to the depot.
Please vacate the carriages. Get up! Sit down.
Shame on you. What are you looking at?
You should have taken a cab. Here. Hold him. Hold him i said! Have we met before?
Are you Olya? Wait. I was with
my friend Vitalya. Go, go ahead. I will not take a cab. Please take this cab. To be honest, I don’t
have the money today. How much is to get
to your house? 3 rubles. Your number.
I will give it back. Don’t worry. Then I am not going.
That’s it. Get in. Let’s go. Hey. Where is the stencil? Tomorrow you will do
an extra shift. And you take care! I do, I do. Igor, do you have a voice?
– Why? Help. We need someone for
a choir. – No, I am not in the mood. You’ll get in the mood.
There will be 200 people on the stage. Orchestra, public.
One rehearsal only. – Give me 2 rubles.
– To you, no way. -Hello, Matveevich!
-Hi! Have you seen the match?
-Yes. – Again 0:0 Do you think they should
change the rules of the game? -Yes. -Like in hockey?
-Yes. Over time. Exactly! – Substitutions? -Yes!
– And sendings off? -Yes. -Will you lend me 2 rubles?
-No. Hello! Is that the company
advertising medicinal leeches? Recognized me? Hi! Actually, I was very busy. Lyuda, maybe you’d stop by
with something drinkable? I got it. Sorry. Another failure! Where is your Tamara with her
fridge? She might give you a bottle? She does not allow
take-away. Anyway, you know,
I am getting married. Kolya, maybe you can
withdraw something from your account? No. Not enough for a beer! A phone number? Whose number? Vera.
-Who is she? The sales girl from
from the market? Go ahead. Call her.
– No, that one’s name was Nadya. What difference does it make! Call her!
You will remember who she was. Give me the number!
It is her work number? May I please speak with Vera? Vera, hi!
Guess who it is! It’s not good to forget
old friends! This is Igor, remember? Don’t joke. We saw each
other only recently we had quiet a meeting! I am very ill at the moment.
The Doctor just left. But I cannot go out to
the pharmacy. Can you help? No, don’t buy anything.
The prescriptions are here. What? Metro Semenovskaya,
Budenovsky 1, kv. 21. I will wait. She will be here in an hour. Is she young? Intelligent, educated? I remember, it is the
waitress from the cafe. Here she is! Hello.
-Come in! I am his friend.
Just stopped by. Please come in. Over there! Thank you for stopping by. Where are the prescriptions?
– I got them. I will go myself. Yes. But just in case I don’t
have enough. A ruble? 3 rubles is better. They think the dearer the
medicine, the better it is for you. Thanks a lot. Sorry to
have bothered you. I will be right back,
stay with the patient. But in case you are in
a hurry, you can go. I will
stay with him. -How’s your head? The doctor been?
– Let’s talk about you. What’s new? – Nothing new. -Me too.
– How is work. – Same. – What are these arrows?
-My travels. -Wow! Have you been to Australia?
-Yes. -How was that? – The referee
was terrible. Misjudged the
second round. It’s a mess in here because I’ve been unwell.
Six days I’ve been cooped up in here. Really? Do you have a
cloth of some kind? Igor, we’re sorted! Kolya, Kolya,Verochka
is still here. She is helping clean. Wonderful. How can
we thank her? Oh, that’s going to take
a long time. The poorly one needs rest Do you know how the Augean
stables were cleaned in a day? Of course! The poor guy
moved the rock up and down the mountain. And then he dropped it
into the river, where the stables were. Now I am getting sick. Ancient Egyptians thought
that your brain leaked when you had a runny nose. How do you know all this? Why don’t you go home,
Penelopa. Finally! -She gave me 3 rubles!
-I remembered. Last night. Metro. Taxi. Verochka, help! He just flew in
for a few hours. Will you cover me here? – The same pilot?
-No, he is an engineer. -OK.
-You’re the best! -Yes? Vera? One minute. It’s for you! -Yes. Of course,
I remember. -No need. Take your
stubborness somewhere
else. I regret giving you this number. People
work here. Don’t ever call here again. Yes. This is the library.
Oktyabr’skaya 12. You are still watching TV?
You will get a headache. Find yourself a husband and
move away from here! Mother can I help you?
– 20, so I can finish. -Ok. I’ll get it. Good evening. I told you
I am stubborn. How did you find my address?
What do you need? -Can I enter?
-No. – Who is there?
-It’s for me. – Then maybe you step outside?
– I am busy. We have an occasion.
Please buy this, 8 rubles. This is from Amsterdam.
For you, 6 rubles. -No. 5 rubles. -No. I don’t need
this thing. I will agree to 3 rubles. Deal? No. Go away.
-Just a ruble then! You have no shame!
You are a real lowlife! If you knew who I used to be! This lowlife had everything-
a car, a beautiful wife,
hi-tech goods, the lot! I was always abroad.
Now I have nothing. Except a boring job. I can’t even fall in love
anymore. So what am I to do? Work on yourself.
Control your feelings. What? We work on everything,
but our own feelings! They are like wayward children.
They do whatever they like! Someone insults you — You get insulted,
makes you laugh- you laugh. But where, where are you? What’s your choice? You have to learn to
control your feelings. If I want, I’ll feel happy, if I want,
I will love my job or fall in love. Do you see? -Are you happy?
-Yes. I read and think a lot. It is possible to be happy
on one’s own. I am sure of it. Vera, help me then. To be honest,
I’m drowning. Save me. I’ll help you too one day.
– Seriously? Give me a ruble. We will approach the
task from four viewpoints. First, you must learn to
love your boring job. In this book, learn the
method of autosuggestion. Yes. I know: “I will, I can,
I am sure…” Correct? You must identify correct
thoughts and repeat them until they
become your own. -Let’s not be so formal.
-Okay. For example, you are at your
workbench and you say: “I have a great job” “The power I have over metal, one
movement and the steel becomes… Well, I’m not sure what
happens then it turns into sparks, chippings… Here, i have written a detailed
example for each day. Take a look. Wow. Why don’t i just
find a more interesting job? You don’t need autosuggestion
to like an interesting job. You need to find a side interest.
-Hobby? Well, I like the word interest better. Tons to choose from:
collecting stamps, coins, postcards, tickets, bottles Here is a list. Look and choose. Choose some
craft, there’s needlework… Has there been anyone in your life? -What?
-Has there been a man in your life? I have. Don’t interrupt. Take an interest in nature:
fishing, medical plants… All right. I like postcards.
Enough. Enough. Good. Next. You must
cultivate altruism. Good deeds you can do:
plant trees, help elders… Carry urinary pots for them? Find relatives of those who died
in the war. -Aww like a little boyscout. -Why are you being sarcastic?
-Ok, enough already, I hear about it all the time on the radio, TV… The idea cannot be
corrupted by the media.
Fine, it’s not for you then. Why not for me? My dad was in the
war, an invalid, I agree. OK I agree. OK. Finding missing soldiers.
Finally, personal interests. If indeed you want to fall in love,
choose your subject, a good one. -Do you have someone in mind?
-No, that will not work. I don’t like good women. For example, you
you are good, kind, but to be honest, not to my taste. And you aren’t my knight in shining
armour. I’ve never liked handsome men especially ones who drink. But if I chose to, I could
fall in love with you. -Really? -Yes. If I decide, am i able to fall in love
with you? -Of course! -Let’s try then.
-Wait, wait. It has to be a mutual decision. We have to consider whether
we would suit each other. No, the other way round. If we fall in love,
then we’ll lnow if we are a good match. Deal? All right. So, if you are to fall
in love with me, you must find something good about me,
appreciate it, and admire it, using the same autosuggestion
method. And try to ignore the the unattractive features in me. We’ll meet often. It needs
to become a habit. And try to do nice things for me.
Tolstoy said: “We love people for the good we do to them, and hate
them for the evil we’ve done unto them. That’s all for now. But it’s not
going to be all that easy to fall in love after
first sight. Now me, I’m listening. You have a few tasks
to make you better looking. A) You need makeup And I like long hair, your eyebrows
should be a little thinner, you know… That’s what the courtesans
used to do during Leonardo’s time. Really? Yes maybe. Use mascara, and put
foundation on your cheeks. It’s stupid to waste time on this. You think its not a waste to
talk about seeing the power in having control over metal? Anyway, don’t interrupt, next… Get up. Up, up. B) dress fashionably
Walk, walk. The most important thing is
your figure. How do you walk? Where is your waste line? Why
are you stooping? You have a lot to do. I am sure there are some
exercises, gym, massage. Books on it, I am sure. But most importantly, you
must be confident in the fact that you’re pretty. Only the stupid ones are sure. It’s important to be
a bit stupid when needed. To have something devilish
about you- just a little. Some girls have too much of it. Imagine if someone heard our
conversation- it’s nuts! No. It’s life’s most interesting
idea. So, let’s start.
What good features does he have? a) sense of humour — highly
problematic. b) his soul – unknown c) character – unstable What else? So, what qualities does she have? The fact she’s mad is obvious. But I have to find something
to begin with. But what? Her legs? Like the horns of a
goat. Body? Find an easier question. Face? No easer. This is crazy.
How did she get me into this? Vera, please do me a favour-
register me tomorrow at Leskov’s meeting. Tomorrow? At nine. In the name of Dolbolobov.
Will you remember? Why does he need Leskov,
with such last name as his? Vera. He is a wonderful,
intelligent man, but his last
name has been the tragedy of his life. Please don’t be late! OK, I need to show myself that
I am extremely lucky to have this job. Who am I? A master of metal.
I can make anything I want from it. I am a sculptor. Yes, a metal one.
Why not? Rodin. And you are…Moukhin. What nonsense! Come in. How are the exercises going? Working? Not really. This is for you.
A course for beginners. Written by an academic.
Be careful. Sure.
-Don’t tear it. No worries. And this is for you. Thank you. Here is the start of
your collection. This one is nice. What
do you think it is? England. The start of
the century. A fox hunt. What do you think when
you look at it? Look at the postures of the men,
women, the groomed tails of the horses. Amazing! You don’t find it interesting? But of course! You chose postcards
yourself. I didn’t make you. I’ll think about it.
I will look and think about it. It’s hard working with you,
you don’t try. You didn’t do what I asked.
It’s hard to work with you too. The figure takes time. But you could
have taken care of your eyebrows. It’s what’s on the inside that counts!
– Please! Only real beauties can afford not to
think about their appearance. Tolstoy, lists of good deeds…
But we all think about one thing. -Primitive.
-Scarecrow. Loser! Get out! I am sorry. OK, it’s all forgotten. You know. A writer once said that
people are like a group of porcupines that move in an ice cold valley.
They are cold and huddle together but hurt each other
with their sharp spines. Why don’t i try a different angle.
Does my work have a purpose? Absolutely. Is it useful to people?
You bet it is! So I should be thrilled? No, not like that.
It’s just like at the Party meeting. What if instead of this poster…
POSTER READS: Value A Minute of Work We put Venus. Naked. The boss will die, for sure. What if I recite poetry?
“Once upon a time… [RECITES PUSHKIN] No that doesn’t work. Brother! Nothing works! Bragin, why didn’t you come? You are the only one who
didn’t sign up for their quota. Ok. Write here 102 %.
-But what if I don’t make 102? Then you won’t make it. No, if I am not sure, I cannot
promise 102 %. Why are you playing the fool? Have you
read about the importance of competition? Have you read about the damage
of a formal approach? Ok. We’ll need to have a chat again. No, he must have some
good qualities. Concentrate. He is in the limelight.
Right there! Go! He is direct and unreasonable.
But is it bad? He left sport. Just like that.
He doesn’t look for money. That’s a good beginning. I must like his direct,
honest character. I like it. I like it. I like it. No i don’t! Excuse me. Where can I find
Vera Silkova? It’s me. Verochka. Please, Irina suggested
I ask you. I need to pick up my mother from hospital. But the TV
repair man is stopping by. Can you stay at home instead
of me this Saturday? I’m sorry, this Saturday
I can’t. Please try. I will give you
my address. It’s easy to find. -I can’t.
-But what am i going to do? Ask the them to come back
another day to repair it. It’s no use talking to them. I’ve been waiting a month! Then ask the hospital to release
your mother at a different time. What do you mean?
It’s so strict! Well i can’t, I will be away
on Saturday. Strange. They told me you
were a different kind of person. Hey!
-Come in. Does your player work?
-Why? I need to listen to something. Something fun? Last night, they gave Tamara
a doll and some Georgian art. This isn’t a flat but a museum:
dolls, artwork… Everyday she gets presents.
I’m afraid. What’s the tune? Autosuggestion. Heard of it? A person
can control their own feelings. The author is an academic. I am calm. Completely calm. The spirit of calm fills me up. All worries and thoughts have
left, have dissolved. What the hell? Introduction. I am listening to my muscles.
They are free, light, relaxed. Relaxed. That’s appropriate.
Let’s relax. My muscles have rested well,
I am ready to meet a new day with enthusiasm, with energy.
Be careful: I am lightning. Strike! A funny guy! My body is filled with electricity.
I’m shaking. Oh, let’s shake it! Hello! No, this is not Igor. Sorry, I forgot to say I gave her
your number. Hi! Good. We are listening.
Good exercises. Energetic.
-Have some energy! Tomorrow? Where?
Whatever you say. At the station? When? On the dot.
Bye. I am calm, amazingly calm. Sleep well comrade. Whatever Igor. A person needs money.
Without money, no training will help. I don’t like it, Igor.
You are becoming a Yogi. Nothing will change. Whatever you
have made of yourself by your thirties will remain. Please. You have been here
for half an hour without saying a word. Let me make a call. Leave me alone, I’m talking to
my wife. Hello. What? Oh, it’s you. At the station? At 10?
I don’t understand. I woke up ages ago.
I did all your exercises. That’s right! Yes, the clock
has stopped. Sorry. Maybe Maybe we can postpone it.
Ok. Ok. Ok. I’m on my way. I’m dressed. -Here. -What’s this?
-Postcards. Some are interesting. -Well, they’re not that great.
-Bored with it already? Yes I’ve decided to collect
matchboxes instead. Your choice. Shall we go? Where are we going? We have to wait til the next train.
Here, look what a friend gave me. The received a letter.
Please read it. It’s difficult to read. [Reads a letter from the wife
of a missing soldier] Dear museum director,
please tell me if it there is a grave with the name of
my missing husband. We will look for it until we find it. Every Saturday at 9 we will
meet here and look for this grave. Here? -Yes.
-Lets go. So, let’s start. Feel your muscles fill
with energy. What’s the topic today? An optimistic outlook on life. I’m all ears. Many don’t feel the joy of life.
-Don’t slouch. But the fact that we are here,
moving, seeing, is already joyous! We speak, that too is wondrous. Look! I am always surprised at the
bored people around me. Doesn’t he understand that
he is the chosen one. It’s crazy! The chosen one of creation. He was
taken out of nothingness for a second And in a second he
will be gone again. He must feel joy for that one
second, yet he feels bored. You’re not listening. What’s going on in there? Nothing gets
to him. No sympathy is possible like this. What if I pity him? For women, there
is just one step from pity to love. I need to imagine him breaking an arm,
no, better a leg, no, the neck is best. It hurts. He is in a cast. Poor,
poor thing. No, that doesn’t work. What else can he break? Why am I
making up things? He is unlucky enough He drinks. He suffers from this
wordless pleasure, from the shame. Their red faces- the eternal
shame of drinking men. Step evenly! Straighten your back!
How many times do I have to tell you? This is hopeless. No desire even
to kiss her. And she walks like a man. What is there to like? Not a single
feature, nothing at all. Why is nature so cruel to intelligent women? I’ll tell you again- stretch your toes
a bit, will you ever remember? Start moving from the thigh
and not from the knee. I remember.
-Then what’s the problem? I can’t do it. Just try. Concentrate. -It’s hard.
-Is it easy to run in sand?! or to lift weights every day?
or to run 5km on one leg? I don’t care. I’m tired.
It’s too hard. I won’t do it. What do you mean you won’t?
We had a deal! I can’t under pressure. If you can’t, then let’s quit
this training. Fine. I am also under pressure to
imagine you as Miss Universe. I knew it was nonsense, just
talk. I’ve always hated it. He is right. He is right. He is right. I should have listened.
I should have from the start. I should have. Otherwise,
what’s the point? What will I be left with? Myself?
Always alone. No, I can. I’ll make it. I’ll make it. Anyone called for me? No. Have you been away?
-For a cup of tea. -I knew it! Whoever wants to call
will call back. What’s up?
-I came to invite you. My treat. I don’t want it.
-I got my wages! -I don’t want any.
-Just a glass! -No, I’m tired. Are you ill? Ok, you can just sit then.
Let’s go, don’t offend me. Last night I was at Tamara’s,
trying to understand. There are men around her.
Smiling, talking. A lot of them. They invite her for tea,
to birthday parties. Some bring her chocolates,
others – flowers. One Japanese guy bought her an album with paints,
another a shirt that didn’t fit in his suitcase, he says maybe
your husband will like it. And I am right next to her,
reading a newspaper! And Tamara was just laughing. Igor, won’t you change your
mind and have a drink? I don’t want to. Drink by yourself. No, I’m not an alcoholic
to drink alone. You are drowning, Igor. This crazy librarian is
messing you up. [champions are congratulated] [about an expedition to catch
a rare butterfly] All right. Give me a drink. Hey, easy! [incoherent drunken speech] I can do anything! I can go to the North! I can save a granny from a fire! Where is a fire?
Who needs to be saved? Because I exist. I am.
Do you hear?! I exist! Hello!
-Hello. Let’s go. The train is in 7 minutes. Don’t be mad at me. I get like
that, but I regret it later. After the sports, I worked at Berezka.
But I eventually told their manager what I thought. I quit sports because I always finished
second. I wanted to be first, the first. I went crazy trying to finding excuses.
The doctor’s fault, the track was bad Then they stopped taking me.
My life became a nightmare. You know, I even worked as a lowly
cargo loader, with vodka as a wage. How did you end up
at the factory? After that, I didn’t work
for a long time. I was looking for something I might enjoy.
Then I decided to take whatever I just opened the newspaper and
picked the first ad which said ‘wanted’ Why did you feel the need to
be first all the time in sport? Second place is for losers. Did you love sports? I trained 4 times a day, they used
to chase me off the track every day. You were a happy man! Everyone has his own podium. But the
majority try to climb someone else’s. Find your own point of view,
your own style in everything. Don’t join the queue, if people
push others to get a share, leave, It’s not for you. You don’t have the jeans,
fine you can live without them. There is a special charm in
not following the fashion. But what if it is fashionable
to get ahead, to become famous? What then? READS: Here are buried
soldiers of the 17th division. Alas, not a single surname Since they were all privates. If it were a general or colonel, there’d
be names and a separate monument! And you were saying? Everywhere there is such respect
for the grave of the unknown soldier. All governments, presidents, prime-ministers,
kings always carry flowers to such graves. Those who gave their lives but
did not leave a trace. An anonymous heroic deed
is the highest heroic deed. There is nobody by that name here. Not here. Go away! Get out! Hey, what’s the matter? Can you please take your
dog off the grave? Is she in your way?
-This is not a place for a dog. Leave him alone. Why don’t
you mind your own business? Get out from here. What’s the problem? What’s
he doing to the grave? You don’t understand?
-No, I don’t. He’s not doing any harm.
Watch out for people instead. I do. And you should be ashamed. In front of whom should
I be ashamed? You? In front of your son! Please, we’ve heard this a million
times. Lecture someone else. Hey, don’t touch the dog.
What are you doing? Bastard. Drunk. Idiot.
-Sorry, I didn’t catch that? You’ll catch it in a second.
You’ll know who you’re dealing with. And who am I dealing with?
-You’ll find out Please explain. I’d like to know.
-Let’s go. Don’t you see. I don’t see. I’d like to know very much. Go! Get away from here! Go, go.
-Hands off me. – Go away.
-Hands off. What are you doing? Let him go.
– It hurts. -Papa! Let him go! Here! You didn’t think about
this. One call and you’ll be sorry!
You’ll remember me! All right, show me,
what’ve you got there? Don’t come near! Hooligan,
you belong behind bars. Let’s go. [insults follow] Look, what an amazing condition
nature is in, undecided neither water, nor land Don’t you feel it? The composition, the sounds.
Do you like the noise frogs make? Look at it! Just look at this wonder! Look! Take this! Oh, yeah? Oh wonderful! What did you do that for? Nothing. What happened? And it wasn’t
unpleasant. More than that his gesture was nice, even if
it was so sudden, savage, by surprise. But it was pleasant. That’s the power
of rational psychotherapy. So, to continue, why did I begin
to like him? Why? I think I know. He is changing, becoming different.
And in part it is because of me. Is it too bold to think that? Too
self-centered. Yes, but I like it. Excuse me! Please! Excuse me! Can you advise me?
– It’s all there. What do you think,
is this a nice shirt? There is nothing good here. Would you like a foreign shirt?
-Fashionable? Of course! Only let’s step
aside, or everyone will want it. Wow! Gorgeous! It’s your size! Take it, you won’t regret! -How much? -45.
-Oh, expensive! That’s what I paid. It’s too small,
otherwise I wouldn’t be selling it. And I need the money.
Take it, you won’t regret it! Wait, the police. Ok, quickly.
– Here. Enjoy! Thank you!
-Thank you! Mother, you won’t be mad at me?
-What happened? -No, first tell me you won’t be upset.
-I won’t. Guess what, I spent all my salary.
Look. What’s this? I don’t know. It should be a shirt. But
the woman must have mixed up the bags. You bought it from someone
in the street?
-Yes. I’ll go back. She’s probably still
there, worried about the mistake. Oh my God. How will
you live in this world? People like us are in need.
Without us, no work can be done. We are respected, honoured. So what? Everybody has to know
one’s place. What did she say, find
your own podium? I’m all mixed up.
So, the show must go on. I am also an unknown soldier.
Well, he gave his life, but me? I would too. If needs be I can
go and do my duty I am ready to be a private and
die without leaving a name or a trace Ok. Then work like the rest here. No. That doesn’t work. Funny.
I am ready to give my life, but not 8 hours a day. That’s too
hard to give. Why? Bragin, sign here. Tomorrow
you must go into the countryside. Two days, don’t sigh.
It’s not that bad, actually. I am not on the right list.
-What do you mean? I used to be chosen to go
to Amsterdam, and now I’m going to the village of Kubyshka. Hey, brother! How’s the
cultural life here? The usual: lectures, movies,
cafe, dancing. Not much! You are taking too long! Come here! Give me your hand! Right or left?
-Both. Hey, where are you
dragging me off to? Right there!
-What for? Should I explain now or later?
-Now. Since a very long time ago,
humanity has had to deal with the threat of being extinguished
prematurely. With this in mind it was decided that a
foodstuff be preserved A product that would feed animals,
goats and cows, and… Look at it, it’s a hayloft! That’s what I was talking about! Where you going? There! Why? Should I explain now or later? Now, of course. For a very long time, humanity
has been observing the skies. They were counting mysterious
objects called stars. Through glass, eventually through
telescopes. -Where are you going? We can observe the stars from
these holes in the roof, isn’t it great? I don’t think so. Hey! Go away! Leave him, he is unhappy.
-Unhappy? -Alone, red, a loser.
-He doesn’t give a damn
about being a winner! There is pride in being unlucky!
Long live those who have nothing! Hurrah for those who
break the mould! Hurrah for those who have
their own rooftop view! There’s no need to pity him! What’s your name? Natasha. You? Igor. Please kiss me. Do you think he understands? This one understands everything. Come here. Jump. Natasha.
Come here. It’s so simple. Of course,
I like him. He is ike my creation. He’s my beloved creation.
Beloved? Yes. My work. It’s my work, a part of me,
my creation, my rib. Are you alone?
-I am never alone. For example, right now,
I am thinking of someone. He is somewhere. But I think
of him and we are together now. We are together in this moment
of existence. Do you see? Natasha too thought that I am
a champion cyclist. She’s like everyone else. I’ve heard it since childhood:
become a laureate, a winner a diplomat etc. And if not,
what, are you a failure then? No, I will become a different person.
I must, I can, I want, I will. There are, millions of unknown heroes.
Yes, I am at a workbench, yes, my face is dirty, yes,
I work, I exist, I am working. Your majesty worker! We are needed.
If we are asked to, we could give more. Call us, and we will come, rise
up, rise up and be a force. Enough. I’m getting dizzy.
Do I believe that or not? I don’t know. Something is missing. Who has
the answer? Who can help? Mama. Mama, please hear me. You were
happy. You lived for others, always. And that’s why you were happy.
I am your son, but why can’t I be like you? Why do I suffer?
Why can’t I find my place? Mama, help. Where is Semyonov? He left. Here you can write about him.
He’s started working well. Hello. Sorry, I’m a journalist. Please, can you tell me
your job title? Grinder. What’s your name?
-Why? My name is Bragin, Igor. Only don’t write anything about
me and don’t take photos. I skip work, like wine, and my grandfather
lived in the occupied territory. Why did he recommend you then? We drink together. Yes! Hello.
I recognised you. Yes i remember,
and think about you. Natasha, not on the phone. Shame on you! Natasha, stop it!
I want to. It is convenient? Ok. I’ll be there in a minute. Who is it?
Ah, you! No. It does not work.
I can’t find the right hobby. If you know I’m coming
tomorrow then why call today? Stop controlling me. You have fallen in love over
there. No, it’s not nonsense. No, I can feel it. Like a child. Out of sight,
out of heart, then. Right? Goodbye. Out of sight, out of heart. I am calm. My heart is calm.
I look at everything philosophically. I thought he was mine. How
silly I was to be so confident. It’s for the best. Let him leave.
I am happy that he loves her. Love her, kiss her, have many
children, 2 boys and 2 girls! What can you say, Vera.
He simply does not like you. Vera, your uncle wrote to you. He
has invited you to visit him in the country. -I hate.
-What? -I hate myself, everyone.
-What is she saying? -And you too. -Goodness!
Your father would turn in his grave. -I hate him too.
-A dead person?! You’ve committed a crime!
You shouldn’t have had children! You should not have been allowed to.
Who did you give birth to? Two ugly ugly, people who are doomed to suffer. Sooner or later, they will be reminded
of their ugliness. Where did I get this skin
from, this forehead? Why? Hello. You were having me on,
Mr Bragin. We didn’t know you were a
silver medalist champion. What do you want? It’s a small world. Mikhail Petrovich
remembers you and wants you to call him. He’s my uncle. But I am here
to write an article about you. A former sportsman breaks records
in a different field. Please don’t. I have gathered all the material,
in the library, at the factory. You used to be more open in your interviews. -May I come in?
-Bragin, come here! You’ve aged. But not too badly. Remember when I lured you
into the Torpedo team? I do. I always could tell talent. Why did
you quit? The Euros? Of course. I won, but someone else
went, because of his connections. Stop it. I too find myself in a
different position now. Sports supplies. My recent appointment. Listen. I need you.
I have an idea. You’re a factory worker? Good. I have a post, small, but with
prospects. 130. One trip per year. Later on we will see. You might develop. But tell me how are you with the drink. No problem. Not anymore. Good. And your family? Divorced. Not so good. But it’s ok. We might be able
to do something. I’ve always valued you. Fill in the form
and come back the day after tomorrow. It’s urgent. There are a lot of
candidates for this post. You understand?
I need my own people. It’s hard to find friends. How many
years have we been friends? When did you move in? I get it. Now you’ll be important,
different interests. You are distancing yourself from me. Distancing yourself. Stop it! But I’m happy for you. If only Tamara would change
her job, but she likes it. She says [quotes] I see so
many different types of people I’ve seen so many different cities now. The most interesting people in
the country are staying in my hotel Maybe I should give her an ultimatum?
Tell her to go to work in old dresses,
with no makeup? He hasn’t called for 5 days! 5 days! -Vera, have you tried your training?
-Of course. It’s not helping. Try to be disgusted with him. Don’t harbour another noble feeling, they’re useless, but be disgusted with him. Do
you like boiled onions? No. Excellent. Imagine when you see him,
you bite into this horrid, slimy onion. How can you compare a person with
an onion? Then take ten days and go
to Gagry, meet someone! You’re a beauty now! You’ve
changed. You are so lovely, I would remove your head and
put it on a stand to admire! Get rid of him! Substitute
with something! I’m not going anywhere. But I will cheat on him. Do you have someone in mind? No. Vera! A friend of mine would
like to meet you today. He can’t come here, meet him
at the Lotus cinema at 9. How will we recognise each other? I described you to him. You just sit
on the bench, he will come meet you. Ok. I hope I feel bad and it will
substitute a month of autosuggestions. Don’t move. Giotto, Madonna, Avicanti Amazing. Don’t turn for God’s sake! I am afraid that only your profile
has such a startling appearance. For fear that it disappears, this image,
the essence of your soul, the idea… I have a poster of Giotto’s work.
It is not far from here. You don’t know it yourself but
your style is not common. Your style is not popular,
people don’t get it. I am not surprised if you are
not that popular with men. To like you, one has to be a person
of taste, a bit French. You are not for a crowd.
You are not for that. They want the cute ones,
they don’t understand! You are not a mass product,
you are an imported product. Do you not find that Mozart is an inhale
and Beethoven is rather an exhale, an action! It is power! The tenderness of a predator! A barbarian who is not ashamed
to show his, erm… tears. The smile of Ivan the Terrible. This is not before,
it is after! Thank you! That is it. Think of it as if
it has happened. Thank you! How come? What do you mean
“think of it”? Well, imagine that
it has happened. It happened and we are done. What do you mean by imagine,
are you making fun of me? Please don’t insist. Or else
I will tell Nina about it. What Nina? Nina, who called you today. What? Nonsense! No Nina
called me today. Stop screaming! Stop making noise! Your coat! Wait! Your coat! Hello! Vera! Is that you? Please wait! You don’t know how to behave yourself. Vera, I know it’s you! What’s happened!? Where are you? Take your coat! I wanted everything to be beautiful and
you call the police. Shame on you! I called the library. But nobody
is picking up. Nothing will happen to your sister!
Go to sleep! Sleep! You won’t believe it, but I found it. When
you were away, I searched everywhere, on the obelisk it says Mustafin,
and then the other, Mushtakov. It was very dark and scary. I wrote
a letter to his wife. She’ll come. She’ll come on Saturday. What has happened to her? Her eyes,
what eyes! How did i not see, I did not notice her eyes before! I think something worked. Yes! Warm.
I am beginning to feel, to believe! Funny. It seems the more one thinks
about others, the easier it is to live! It’s a pity I am leaving this job.
Pity that I got this new offer. It’s a pity that I won’t find out for
sure if I can do it, if I can believe. Everyone, it’s a pity! Mama, it’s a pity!
I wanted to run my own race. My own. A track where there is no first,
second, no last place because I am the only one, the only one to
evaluate myself and to give prizes. I am strong. I would have made it.
But it’s not my fate. Pass it here. Good. -The job is with people or papers?
-Both. -Travel?
-It depends. -Do you have a pillow?
-No. Close the door. -Are there many supervisors over me?
-Well, yes. For now you are at the bottom but
you can work your way up. In half a year you’ll join the section, then the department,
and from there the directorate It’s very shaky up there,
ready for a change. OK. Right here there is something. I think I won’t fit in. Don’t be afraid! No, I can’t. What’s wrong with you?
Showing your character again? Has life taught you nothing?
And think of the position you put me in! I spoke to so many people! Do you remember your last move?
Didn’t you regret it later? Honestly? I did regret it, yes. So don’t do it again.
And stop this. Can I think about it? All right. Go and think.
You’ve got until Saturday at 23:00 I’m leaving that night. If you
decide, call me, at home. And remember, Saturday is tomorrow. Did you get that?
Before 23:00. She is getting fitter, some curves,
legs. Stop it, again. What did I forget? The eyes! And in them kindness,
depth, my dear un-pretty ones, who is hiding in you? A beauty. Hello. Hello. They will be there at the platform
at 2. We have lots of time until then. I just need to make a
business call at some point. Excuse me! Excuse me! We’re having a little argument.
In your opinion what is happiness? Are you ready to order? Muffins, ice-cream, coffee. I think it is simple. Happiness is
to love and be loved. -…back -What? -To love
the same person who loves you. – Of course! How else?
– You are too young yet. READS: Here lie soldiers killed in 1941.
Among them… Mushtakov I. I. Here he is! Here he is! Ivan, Vanechka! My dear! Look at
your children, I brought them up! This is your son, Minya.
And here is your Nusya. [Sings a Cossack song] Hello! Hello. No. I was busy. No. I am well, no. Natasha,
I am sorry, perhaps I don’t understand. I can’t do this. Natasha, you are a great girl. I am
to blame. I don’t understand. I don’t get it, but I can’t.
You’ll forgive me, won’t you? Thank you. Thank you.
You hang up first. Take care. I like you. Is that an autosuggestion? You asked me to remind you-
you needed to make a call. Why aren’t you saying anything? Verochka! Now I can die. What do you mean? Nothing! It’s scary. As if it’s the
beginning of the world. Nothing exists yet. No time, no space. That’s it. It’s begun. The end. This production was shot using photographic film provided by ‘Svema

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  39. Есть актёры, о которых можно сказать, этот актёр – зеркало души,
    так вот к таким актёрам относятся Анатолий Папанов, Олег Янковский
    Екатерина Васильева. и актёры этого необыкновенного поколения.
    Смотрите фильмы и наслаждайтесь этими шедеврами

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  41. В конце фильма Янковский, и на заставке в синей майке это фирмы "BLACK HORSE " производство Финляндия, кто имел счастье носить фирменные шмотки помнят. У меня была майка той же фирмы только более тёмная, а в рукаве был ещё кармашек с молнией.

  42. Я в шоке! Сколько комментариев от людей в возрасте 30-40 лет которые говорят что никогда не видели этой картины!
    Вопрос!? А вы с какой планеты???!!!🤣🤣🤣
    Оч достойный фильм!

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  44. сейчас все такие как те кто кричали "быдло" и их любимые четвероногие обгадили все дома и улицы

  45. ну какая из Глушенко уродина? она красивейший образ славянской женщины.
    "вы не ширпотреб, вы инпошив!"

  46. Подруга у Веры – огонь: была б возможность, голову бы твою отрезала и на шифонер поставила

  47. Сейчас ужасное время… люди, как звери в основном… никакой чести и достоинства нет…

  48. Шикарный фильм, море удовольствия от просмотра, сколько доброты, искренности, позитива, такое приятное послевкусие после просмотра

  49. Пусть советские фильмы были наивными и далекими от реальности, но снимать в СССР умели талантливо. Они показывали КАК НАДО ЖИТЬ, пусть реальность была несколько другой и не всегда люди и справлялись и хэппи энд наступал.

  50. А техника безопасности? На токарном станке без защитных очков? Там же стружка металлическая летит.

  51. Совдеповский сесксизм, он ее обозвал – а извиняется она Еще пьянчужке дает денег, можно ее выставить на раз. Чуть ли не вытолкать. Ничтожное существо алкаш, может осокорблять образованную женщину. А она ведется.

  52. Был в свое время врач ГААЗ,девизом которого был лозунг-спешите делать добро

  53. А девушки все с алыми губами и румяными щечками! Здоровый румянец отличает девушек 70х от нынешнего поколения, увы! И пухленькие тоже были в моде. А скромность украшала пуще всего!

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