Африканки из бумажных трубочек: 2 часть (роспись и декор)

Африканки из бумажных трубочек: 2 часть (роспись и декор)

Hello dear friends! Today I am with you the long-awaited 2nd part of the paper-tube African workshop “! For a long time they lay in my workshop and finally their time has come. And to be honest, I have a lot of blanks that are waiting for the right mood and the right moment, but you will only know about them
then when the stars converge and that moment will come 😉 Now back to our Africans. Before doing painting and decoration, all the blanks need to be prepared. I cover them with Sonnet white acrylic primer. Naturally, you can use any other primer or, in its absence, mix
white acrylic paint and PVA. In addition to the fact that the soil levels the surface, it also additionally fastens all the tubes together. I ground in one layer and let all the blanks dry well, after that I ground the lower parts of the figurines. We bend our hands to the Africans to our taste and fix them with hot glue. If desired, and for extra strength, you can insert wire into the hands – tubes. Now you can move on to painting African women. I will paint with Decola acrylic paints. And I want to share my wholesale work with them, maybe this will be useful to someone. Most likely, these paints will not be suitable for painting, but for the decor of objects and painting various blanks, I safely recommend them to everyone. But, note that I paint with artistic colors, by the way, they are glossy and matte, I prefer the former, but here it’s a matter of taste. Both of them have a palette of 26 colors. They are sold both individually and in sets. Decola also has acrylic paints for glass and ceramics, and I cannot recommend them for my master classes, they are very liquid and some kind of translucent. I would say that they are somewhere in the middle between art paints and stained glass. Frankly, I bought them by mistake, as they are very similar both in design and in color, and now they are standing in my closet and waiting for the moment when I mature to paint the dishes. Artistic paints on the package have a list of colors with their light fastness – that is, how long the color is durable and does not fade. For understanding, 1 asterisk is from 10 to 25 years, 2 – 25-100, and 3 – over 100 years. Some of my street crafts are already more than 5 years old, they are standing under the sun, and in general, the color has remained the same bright and juicy. And, if you do not plan to create masterpieces for your great-great-grandchildren, then the light resistance of Decola will suit you. Covering Decola – in simple terms: this is the number of brush strokes for which the paint covers a black strip. Here everything is more complicated: some colors from one stroke can overlap the black color, for example, such as purple, brown, sky blue. But the yellow paint does not overlap the black color until white is added to it. That is, even after 20 strokes, the black color will be visible. But this is also characteristic of expensive acrylic paints, just yellow is the most poorly hiding and you need to add white to it. If you are interested in the topic of a review of materials for creativity and the nuances of working with them, write in the comments and I will shoot a separate video on this topic. Now back to the Africans. Brown paint the face, hands and exposed areas of the body. Let me remind you that synthetic brushes are best suited for acrylic paints. By the way, their softness also affects the result, that is, the softer the brush, the denser and smoother the paint lies. Please note that acrylic paints become a little darker after drying. Of all the brown varieties of acrylic paints, I most like this particular Decolovsky one, since it is very similar to
real milk chocolate. After our chocolates have dried, paint the skirt, top and turban in the desired color. It is to this African woman that I make a yellow outfit, but also I did green, and purple, and burgundy …. And to be honest, frankly, absolutely all colors are suitable for brown, as well, by the way, as for the color of wenge in the interior. So, feel free to choose the color that you like best. Since I prepared the base, covering it with white soil, the yellow paint went perfectly even in 1 layer, so the preparatory work is very important and do not save time or material at this stage. This is the key to your good
result. For which I love glossy paints, this is the effect of such patent leather or super gloss. When you hold the craft in your hands, you really get the impression that it is made of very smooth and shiny skin. The only thing is that this effect is obtained only on absorbent materials, that is, on fabric, paper, cardboard. On other surfaces, a very smooth and shiny film is simply created. But with the Africans, because of the primer, the effect was super gloss, as if they were already covered with several layers of varnish. But again, this is a matter of taste, and if you do not like the gloss and gloss, take a matte paint and varnish. Let the African woman dry completely and the painting is finished. It remains to make only decor. But, before decorating the figurine, I advise you to glue felt or fabric to its lower part, so that later your Africans do not scratch the surface on which they will stand. It is best to choose a felt or fabric in the color of the skirt, so that the craft is perfect from all sides, even from those that are not visible. You can glue it both with fabric glue and with a thermal gun. For decoration, I like to use gold accessories most of all – usually I buy inexpensive jewelry, buttons, elastic bands and other small things of gold color on Aliexpress. Napkins with animal skins or ethnic motifs for decorating African skirts are also useful. If there are no such napkins, then you can print your favorite pictures from the Internet. Acrylic contours – I have from Decola and Tair, also complement the work well and allow you to work out small details. You can draw volumetric elements of clothes with contours, draw bracelets and earrings with them, although real chains still look more interesting and effective. You can also use various glitters, ribbons, lace, braid … But I’m afraid to overdo it in the design, so I do not use any of this. But I recommend acrylic gold and bronze paints, they add depth and nobility to Africans. We disassemble the available jewelry into its components – I used a rubber band for hair and a pseudo-gold chain – and create a unique and memorable image of our beauties. Beads, earrings, bracelets, perhaps you will come up with something of your own … Here is a matter of taste and imagination. I glue everything with a thermal gun, and I buy the rods in Fix Price. In general, they do not do poorly with their task, but they need to be very well heated. That is, to glue not immediately as soon as the glue melts, but to wait a couple more minutes, then these rods are glued quite well and firmly. But, perhaps, this is characteristic only for my low-temperature thermal gun, and if your thermal gun is not low-temperature, then the rods will melt and glue well. But I do not recommend buying a thermal gun in Fix Price, Once I bought it for a test, and as a result, it exploded right in my hands, almost breaking through the stretch ceiling. After that, I even began to be very wary of my tested thermal gun. Still, try to take quality and proven tools, and you should not save on them, as they will serve you for more than one year and will fully pay off their cost. But again, I was distracted, so back to the decor. And then such balls went into play, to be honest, I don’t know what it is. I gathered them on the shore of the lake, pine trees grew nearby … And maybe it’s something like drops of resin? Who knows, write in the comments. They can be safely replaced with small wooden beads, or you can skip this stage altogether. Choose your favorite motif for the decor of the skirt, cut out this part of the napkin and leave only the color layer. I have three-layer napkins, respectively, I removed 2 unnecessary layers. It is better to cut a strip of napkins from above in several places so that it lies more flat on the skirt, otherwise your napkin will gather in ugly folds from above. We dilute PVA glue with water, if your PVA is liquid, then you do not need to dilute it with water, and glue a napkin to the skirt. As you may have guessed, this is a simplified version of decoupage. Simplified – because we do not need to achieve a perfectly smooth surface and the accuracy of the pattern, just try not to tear the napkin, but otherwise – how it works out – it’s just a picture on a skirt, so don’t worry. Contours add details and volume to some elements, you can simply draw lines on clothes or create fringe and convex patterns. Gold or bronze paint a little tinted clothing, it is better to do this with a semi-dry brush. By the way, I used gold paint only for yellow clothes, bronze is better for all other colors. Also, contours can fill small gaps and gaps between paper tubes, on all colors except yellow, they remained invisible, but on yellow they were very conspicuous, so I decided to fill them with a gold outline. Our Africans are ready, I decided not to decorate them with anything else, but if you want to add such elements as trays or jugs, then making them is not at all difficult. Trays are curled from paper tubes just like the bottoms of African women. And jugs consist of several elements: 2 bowls and three plates of different diameters, all elements are glued together in the form of a jug. Experiment, and you will surely succeed! You can decorate trays and jugs with natural materials: cones, acorns, nuts, coffee beans, shells, dried flowers – in general, as your imagination tells you. I hope you enjoyed this video and you also want to make such a bright and unusual decor. Put “likes”, subscribe to our channel and do not forget to click on the “bell”! I was with you – Evgenia Vashchenko and our channel “Family handmade”. I wish you creative inspiration and see you soon! Bye Bye!

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